Dealing with the SJW Threat

Some people ask or consider what they can do in response to the SJW threat, which has the goal of permeating society with the wickedness of their ideology and worldview, not allowing for any opposite viewpoints, and ultimately, resistance.

They don’t allow contradiction, opposition, or anything that undermines the evil world they want to create in their own image.

Their strategy is to quietly enter into various groups, churches, businesses and institutions, and once they have a foothold, work to add to their number until they have the influence to change it into what they want it to reflect; which is their way of life.

At that point they support tolerance. But once they are in power, that is quickly abandoned and they device the tests to root out those that would generate resistance against their agenda.

Christians must understand that there is no room for this evil in the churches or in our lives in any way. These people of good will searching for the truth, they’re people that want to destroy the remnant of true Christianity and eradicate it from the public arena of ideas. Eventually, if they aren’t resisted, it could easily come down to increasing jail time for their opposition, or possibly even death at their hands.

The brutal attacks by the antifa underscore this is a strong probability.

As for saving your family, church, business, or any other organization or institution, the only answer is to watch closely for them and get rid of them as soon as they’re discovered.

If they’re so rooted in it’s impossible to extract them, then leave the group and find another.

Assuming you haven’t been converged yet, then you should have a basic plan in place to keep them out. Don’t ever think by being nice and reasonable you’re going to change their agenda. They only want one thing: to turn something into them, or converge.


For the family, that means seeking alternative means of education. I have a family member that homeschooled some children and allowed others to go to public school. The one going to public school is competely brainwashed into the progressive worldview, and acts in some ways like an SJW.

We’ve got to keep our children out of the public school system. Either send them to a private Christian school, or homeschool them. There are quality online programs with a Christian worldview.


For the Church, the key there is to drop the idea of Church growth and volunteerism, at the expense of everything else. To just be people gatherers without no measures in place to determine whether or not they’re people that should be allowed in (narrow is the gate) is to set yourselves up for failure. Jesus just didn’t take anyone into His inner circle, and neither should we.

That isn’t to say we shouldn’t reach out to the community and increase the numbers in the church, only that it needs to be done based upon expected aligning with the beliefs of the church.

Another significant thing to watch for is those that want to volunteer. Many times this is the method used by SJWs to gain an entry point they can work from. Once they’re in and accepted, they bring others like them in, or work on the weak to influence to accept their ideas.

Finally, the church needs to once again look to excommunication as a legitimate function of the leadership. If someone is a heretic or of a spirit that tries to destroy from within, than it’s the responsibility of pastors and elders to deal with it if there is no repentance after being confronted.


For business or work, it’s a little different because of strategies have to be different than those used in families and churches, because they have some inherent defense mechanisms at the legal level that aren’t included in other institutions.

Since it’s much easier to deal with SJWs before they enter the work place, having a plan in place in your HR department, or in the case of a small business, the owner, it’s best to use questions that can’t be misconstrued as discrimatory in any way in order to avoid lawsuits.

Questions designed to ferrot out the worldview of SJWs aren’t that hard to figure out. I don’t want to give ideas out in public here for obvious reasons, but just think through what you want to know about the person in regard to these issues, and perform the interview with that in mind.

If the person isn’t clear on things you’re looking for, I would pass on hiring them. You need to know if that person is going to come in and totally disrupt your business; turning it into a nightmare by focusing on issues outside the core reason for existing.

In cases where they’re already embedded in the business, it wouldn’t be hard to do things like cut hours or other steps that will encourage them to leave. Again, there are many other things that can be done to remove them. Just be creative and do it in ways that are difficult to interpret as getting rid of them in ways that could trigger a lawsuit.

I’m not saying to be paralyzed by fear of a lawsuit, only that if it’s done right the chances of it being filed or won are minimal. Why ask for trouble when it can be done wisely?

Everything else

Since there are so many variables involved with different organizations, it’s difficult to give an outline that can be applied to all of them.

That said, there are characteristics these snowflakes have that can be used against them. A key one is their herding practice. They think they can hide in numbers and not be singled out for retaliation. But when you start to focus on individuals within the herd, you find them much less apt to defend their positions; at least publicly.

So when working to undermine their strategy, making fun of them is an effective tactic. They want to be considered serious because they delusionally believe they have the high ground. To mock and laugh at them is one of the most important ways to cause them to lose confidence.

When talking of mocking and laughing, I mean by making fun by using memes and other tools to show how rediculous they are. Most of them crumble under the pressure of being reduced to a joke.

To prevent it from spreading further, writing and communicating with those on the fence line is important. There are a lot of people that don’t know what to make of the war that has visibly broken out in the public square, but I think they are increasingly realizing it will eventually spill over and have an effect on their lives in some way.

We must patiently and relentlessly keep revealing the evil that they are and what their endgame is, or we’ll find ourselves in a world that is run by the morally and mentally insane.

Our job is to eradicate this wherever we can by taking more aggressive steps to remove them from influence, and eventually expose the evil of what they intend for mankind, and specifically for real Christians, who are all that is left standing against the flood of darkness trying to overtake the land.


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