Dan Ball Interview W/ National Security & Foreign Affairs Expert, Walid Phares

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  • Christopher

    The Bidens have clearly been compromised by both China and Ukraine….

  • Robert Mackay

    Trump 2020 and beyond!

  • mary mcatee

    Don’t hold your breath that D O J or F B I will do anything. They themselves are compromised.

    • GiGi's Pride & joy

      We need to be more positive, we need to keep these stories alive!! Keep posting these on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.
      Let’s just blast this and other articles, maybe if people see it enough, they’ll start to realize it’s true.

  • MJA

    The Bidens were passing around largesse before Trump was ever elected. If Joe Biden can look a camera in the lens and say it’s purely disinformation, how can he explain the billion-dollar loan guarantee squeeze for the firing of a prosecutor? Man, that’s right out in the open.

  • janie krig

    Thanks OAN!

  • Smiling Bob

    Democrats are getting desperate now. They are pushing fake covid numbers to try and keep people away from the polls. Even Fox news is pushing propaganda. They know they are losing and will try everything to stop people from voting.

  • Terrie Dotson

    I hope they both end up in jail Joe Biden and her his son Hunter Biden I know there’s a whole list of people that should be in jail but they’re Democrats so they won’t end up in jail only Republicans well

  • Fishin’ With Fritz

    When Trump is re-elected, they will get nailed.

  • Unknown Unknown


  • Darriel Spruce

    ‘Merica 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Airman 66CES

    Joe Biden says, “I’m voting for George Trump Nov. 3rd.”

  • S A M

    Don’t forget Harris ties with the CCP thru her husband, plus being a reference for Biden loan contracts💥 Marxists Biden and Harris are both security risks with CCP💥 PRESIDENT MUST REMOVE SECURITY CLEARANCES FOR ALL DEMONRATS INVOLVED WITH CCP💥

  • tntbmoab Allard Brouder

    I SEE IT AS “ S E L L I N G O U R C O U N T R Y “. . . “ T R E A S O N “ . . . 🇺🇸🇺🇸😡😡👎🏾👎🏼👎🏿

  • Keith White

    Vote RED. What does that mean?
    Remove Every Democrat.

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