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  • Lou Cozzolino


  • simon temple

    Trump’s paymasters also own the establishment and the media. The only thing he has done is give a two trillion tax cut for the rich.

  • DRB

    Good honest reporting! How refreshing!

  • namur 1990

    These people are not ‘armed protesters’. They are Trump enabled domestic terrorist.  Renea Turner was a well connected Ohio Republican with solid ties to the state legislature. How solid? A few weeks ago, Renea Turner met with State Representative John Becker to demand the imprisonment of Governor Mike DeWine, a Trump-backing Republican, but a Republican who had come out in favor of minimal restrictions on facemasks.
    In a Facebook Live feed delivered on October 22nd, Turner announced that she was the new governor of Ohio, that Mike DeWine had went beyond his authority and she was taking over the government. This is before the plot even gets started.
    The story in Ohio mirrors much of the rest of the country, were supporters of Donald Trump want to contend that those who would like to save lives are apparently the problem.

    “I think it’s incumbent upon all of us to denounce that and say that’s wrong, whether it’s coming from the left, whether it’s coming from the right, that is wrong,” DeWine says.

    Before she resigned in Junein her neighborhood. And recently, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was the target of domestic terrorists who authorities say wanted to kidnap her.

    In article after article, Renea Turner and these militia members are referred to as “armed protestors” or “activists”. These individuals are neither of those things. They are domestic terrorists. They are domestic terrorists who have been given a voice by the Republican Party that has chosen to embrace a junta type attitude and speak in terms that label other 

    Americans in ways that divide us so deeply that they would prefer to burn everything down rather than do anything productive.

    Donald J. Trump owns this attitude. He has encouraged this attitude. He has spoken out-loud about this, with his statements attacking governors, mayors, and state governments. 

    These people are not activists. They are domestic terrorists, and that is the only term we should consider when discussing groups that plot against America.

  • James Cosby

    My wife and I truly believe Hunter Biden should be arrested and jailed period.
    Joe Biden should disqualify himself from running in ANY office and RETIRE before he finds himself behind Bars!

    • Taylor Parker

      Joe, biden turned off (comments) on new videos? Come on Joe let the
      voters give their opinions. You said you want to be transparent.

  • Taylor Parker

    Joe, biden turned off (comments) on new videos? Come on Joe let the
    voters give their opinions. You said you want to be transparent.

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