Daily Working in the Kingdom with Our Eyes on the Ultimate Prize

Doing God's work in light of the eternal purpose

It’s of importance to take into account the fact that Jesus did many works during His time on the earth that weren’t obviously connected to the overall purpose of God for mankind.

He would cast out devils, heal the sick, raise the dead, and model the type of humanity He had in mind when creating us. Yet, His purpose for being manifest in the flesh was to die on the cross for our sins, be resurrected, and be taken back into heaven where He was sent from, ruling and reigning from that time on until His enemies are made a footstool for His feet.

God’s purpose

There are two major things to consider in regard to God’s eternal purpose, the first being that we were created in the image of God, and are called to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

Second, Jesus Christ after His complete victory on the cross, is now ruling from heaven, working toward the end result of His will and kingdom being established on earth.

As my long-term readers know, the image of God includes embracing God’s character, learning and walking in obedience to His commands, and having or taking dominion over the planet.

Daily work

Since we were created to bear the image of God, it means we are to take responsibility to building God’s kingdom on earth within our calling and gifting from God.

At times this can be repetitious and seem to not bear much fruit; but our job is to plant and water, and leave it to God to give the increase. He is in control of all things, and is more than capable to generating the results He wants in conjunction with our faithful planting and watering.


The point I want to make here is while we fix our eyes on the eternal purpose of God as it relates to man – meaning bearing the image of God by being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ – we are to put our hand to the plow and not look back with any uncertainty or regrets concerning our work.

Our job is to be faithful within our specific calling, and no matter what is happening in the world, to keep focused on discharging our specific responsibilities and callings.

We of course may be required at times to make adjustments based upon circumstances that may arise, but we should never abandon that which God has given us to be and do unless we are guided by the Holy Spirit to do so.

Usually this won’t take the form of doing something totally new, but rather within our callings, adjusting to changing situations as they unfold.

Jesus did many different things on earth, never forgetting the reason why He was sent.

At times it may not be obvious to us how it fits into God’s overall plan and purpose, but as long as we keep that as our vision, the things we do on a daily basis will work toward God’s final goal long into the future.


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