Costco Survival Shopping Shelf Stable ESSENTIALS

EDC and Survival Shopping at my Local Costco to see what Items you can Pick Up before Lockdown! (More Videos and Links Below)

*After the Events Yesterday.. We have decided to by applying FULL PPE moving forward. Be safe out there everyone!* Check all our social Media for reference!

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  • Sheila C.

    I work at Walmart and three weeks ago we asked about wearing gloves and mask and we were told no, it would scare the customers…. A week later they started giving us gloves, hand sanitizer and that’s it… Now all of a sudden we have people in this town testing positive (1 who works at our store) but we are not shutting down, they want that ever loving $$$$ .

    • Christian Pilgrim

      My wife and I work CAP 3 and she also is an overnight CSM part-time. Walmart sucks at protecting their employees and you’re right they just care about $$$.

    • alish alish

      If they dont close, you close and stay home. They keep business open only if stuff available,

    • L Blake

      I am so sorry they did that to you. Without you they could not survive. The workers are the MVPs!

    • 2fathomsdeeper

      Check OSHA regs!  They may have to provide you with PPE by law!  I get $26 added to my paycheck for new filters at one venue every time I have to wear my respirator because a show used pyro and I have an allergy to sulfur in the smoke.

    • AlphineWolf

      We wear them anyways in Canada. Because no one likes dealing with sticky donut abs meat juice

  • John Kerbaugh

    It’s time for prepers to start planning for a depression level or secondary emergency on top of covid. Also get some investment capital ready for the recovery growth, no better prep than financial independence!

    • Kenny G

      John Kerbaugh You are correct. They want to shut society down for 18 months. Stock up people.

    • Dean Firnatine

      Look for second wave in the fall like Spanish Flu, maybe even third wave in late Winter like Spanish Flu, Use August -September to prep for a likely long rough Winter, fish and hunt in that window if you can and certainly garden.

    • tom11zz884

      @Dean Firnatine
      They will have a vaccine by then…
      Enough of the DOOMSDAY tactics

    • Carsten Langrock

      tom11zz884 Agreed. Some people are really getting a bit too much into this end-of-the-world narrative.

    • Jacob Dawson

      100% agreed, people think they’re ready to be without food a month, what about 6 months ? 2 years? For 150 bucks you can get enough beans to least you that long. It’s mind blowing how unprepared people are.

      People buying paper towels instead of water filters/respirators/beans smh,

  • Michael Goains

    Walmart’s actions are the reason we are ordering everything for pickup from H.E.B.

  • Rick Sousa

    I have one cat one dog, They have more food than I do.

  • DropForgedSurvival

    *What are you stocking up on Last Minute?* Also… WE DID ALMOST EVERYTHING WE were TOUCHING! Even the Diapers for a friend. Since the Disturbing Events from Walmart yesterday! My family and I have decided to wear Full PPE leaving our House Moving Forward since some retailers don’t consider public safety a priority yet. BE SAFE out there. Please check our social media for reference.

  • mac740

    As if WalMart EVER CARED about their EMPLOYEES?? It’s about time they get called out!

  • David Gomez

    Seems like Costco is setting a standard

  • IrelandVonVicious

    People don’t make runs on expensive items. They just wait to see if they need to loot them later.

  • Nitrous Diecast

    Here in canada a lot of snowbird travellers are coming back to canada, and instead of going straight home to self isolate for two weeks, they are stopping at walmart to get groceries, and walmart is allowing them to park their campers in the walmart parking lots over night… its these types of people that might push the govt here in canada to enact more stringent measures…

    • DropForgedSurvival

      Interesting information

    • Take America Back From Isяael

      Stop falling for this soft MARTIAL LAW bullshit that yes wont go away because they will tell you the THREAT is REAL and coming to get you and wont go away unless you follow their rules and laws…ughh

    • Jacob Dawson

      You are completely right these assholes in their campers that ruin it for everybody else it’s so common unfortunately same with coronavirus prevention people just don’t care

    • AlphineWolf

      They obviously weren’t listening to the government telling them to go straight home

  • DjS

    I noticed the same thing while shopping at Walmart. No self checkouts were being cleaned. No PPE was worn… it was business as usual… and that is unconscionable.

    • DropForgedSurvival

      It freaked us out.. My family is now in full PPE mode.

    • Jacob Dawson

      DropForgedSurvival Same here, people are showing up to work straight up sick, complete disregard for people around them. I don’t wear goggles but I’m using a 7500 + p100s if I’m outside my house.

    • Kitty Kat

      they should just make it like the gym.. have disinfecting wipes next to each self check out. At the end of the day, everyone should be responsible. After this pandemic, I would hope we don’t live in a world where we have to go out of the house prepare for a war each day, for now, it’s better to just stay home you guys. If u wouldn’t take your own kids outside, stay home if necessary

  • Nuyki

    our Walmart has token big measures, so not all walmarts are like that

  • Meowlody

    It’s true!!! Im disgusted by Walmart and any store that doesn’t allow their employees to wear masks and gloves!!! Also last time I went to Walmart the sanitizing wipes by the carts were totally empty!!!

    • DropForgedSurvival

      We stopped shopping completely during Co Vid 1-9 and we are also now in FULL PPE Mode.

    • Dakota Winds

      most likely they don’t have any due to people freaking out and hoarding the stuff. We still have trouble finding toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, bleach, hand sanitizer, 90% of canned meat and veggies, and more in our town of 180,000 and we are in the dakota’s. People are acting crazy with this hoarding instead of using common sense. It is all about the me,me,me attitude and this “crisis” is proving it in so many ways. If you want to stock up just grab 1 extra of the items you need (like 2 packs of toilet paper or paper towels instead of the normal 1 pack), not walk out with 3 damn carts full of one item.

    • DropForgedSurvival

      ALL Toiletries are still cleaned out all over our city for sure.

    • Lord Rahl

      @DropForgedSurvival You guys do realize that there are medical profesionals across the country that are reusing PPE like gloves and masks due to a shortage in supply right now right? When an employee follows guidelines like proper hand washing, sanitization, and not touching their faces they can avoid contracting the virus just as well as if they had a full set of PPE gear. That employee wearing a pare of gloves will not keep you any safer unless they are changing gloves between each transaction which is wasteful in the extreme unless you knew for a fact each person your assisting was very likely to be sick like in a hospital situation which is where PPE is actually needed and if they didnt do that there would be same bacteria are on the outside of the gloves as would be on their hands. As long as employess are washing their hand and customers are washing their hands before going anywhere near their faces it doesn’t matter if there was a glove or not. It’s thinking like this that are causing shortages in PPE for medical professionals, which causes illness to them and thereby limiting the number of patients that can be cared for when it could all be avoided by following simple guidelines that have been set by the CDC.

    • A B

      Lord Rahl 👆🏼100% truth
      I don’t even think you can buy face masks of any kind anymore. Hospitals and Clinics everywhere are feeling the shortage, and they are the ones who need it the most. You wouldn’t want them to have to wear the same gloves that they wore while treating a patient with all of the symptoms of Covid-19 while they are treating you. They can infect to many people who are already sick and have a compromised immune system (that’s why there are at the hospital / clinic) it’s a scary thought but they are the ones who need the masks the most, when there is a shortage. They are having to wear the same gloves and mask a shift, it’s just crazy. So wash your hands like crazy and do your part to stop the spread

  • Silentknight

    That bird’s just walking around like he owns the place.

  • it's the CULTURE baby lolo MEDIA

    Walmart doesn’t care, it’s all about the💲💲💲💲 that’s it.

  • Puc Eater

    I would appreciate if you keep your hands off the item your not buying. It’s your safety and others. Thanks!

  • Frank Nolan

    Bidet is pronounced “Biday” or Beeday. It’s French.

  • Jack Janssen, DC

    The toilet accessory is a FRENCH word. It is pronounced ” BID-AA”

  • Bumper83lilone !!!

    I thought about my animals food before I even thought about myself

  • D Con

    Why do people think it’s the preppers buying everything? They’re not the ones buying because they are already prepared. Use some common sense people. It’s the unprepared that are buying up everything.

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