Cleaning And Maintaining Your Firearm Is A Dangerous Time

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  • monzred

    That’s gotta be the most irresponsible handling of a gun. Thugs know better too

  • Elliott Childress

    This has to be the stupidest video that I’ve ever seen on ASP. And that’s saying A LOT. How can these guys be so wreckless and careless? Unreal 🤯

    • Trey Cantrell

      @Robert Nguyen wrong

    • Robert Nguyen

      Trey Cantrell wrong is called itchy fingers …it has always been that ever since Guns were made…if you don’t believe me ask your parents when you were a young boy and you would pulled the play gun to your sister and pulled it…it is called itchy fingers..

    • Th. Burggraf

      Totally agreed with you. As stupid as it gets!

    • Trey Cantrell

      Robert Nguyen wrong. I had trigger discipline as a kid further enforced after I joined the military. Itchy fingers don’t matter if you keep your finger off the trigger.

    • Th. Burggraf

      @Elliott Childress Yea, I guess he had to do a lot of practice to get on that level of stupidity.

  • Todd Rey

    This should be shown at every gun purchase. So sad.

  • JoshDrama TV

    *Even if there’s no ammo you shouldn’t point a gun to someone!*

    • Billy Anderson

      MrControversy yep , 1st rule you learn and get drilled into your head when ever you take a gun safety course is to make sure the muzzle / barrel is always pointed in a safe direction

    • Phillip C Sandoval

      This is kind of weird, but I catch myself with my finger straight at the gas pump or even with a garden hose… Thank God no accidents has ever happened in my 32 years of weapon ownership. I feel really bad for that whole incident.

    • Michael Klincus

      @Flodgeshploff All you people are noobs… It is extremely possible the shoot was out of spite. I guess ya’ll don’t know what a frenemy is.

    • Michael Klincus

      @MidnightSun There’s no such thing as a “friend” only acquaintances. Even the bible says only a fool trusts on another man…

    • Flodgeshploff

      @Michael Klincus Hey guys! Guess who’s a loner and doesn’t have friends! This guy! Btw you’re the only fool here, letting a book dictate how you live your life.

      No but seriously, because you have serious trust issues, or because you are unable to make real friends, doesn’t mean we can’t.

      Maybe you should consider getting help bud, talk to a familly member, if you trust any of them that is, or else try a shrink. Talking to someone will flip your life upside down, just don’t accept any of these life ruining drug treatments for depression and the likes, they’ll only make things worse.

  • Jake Pettis

    Thats plain stupidity….
    I saw someone act carelessly once
    called him on it..
    He was seating across another twirling his firearm like the cowboy movies.
    Stay away from idiots

  • Dank

    geeze iv never seen stupidity like this one, guns arent toys, playing stupid games, win stupid prizes

  • Dona Burns

    Losing respect for a weapon. Complacency is your enemy.

    • Dona Burns

      @Panda Monarch Thank you

    • Dona Burns

      @Michael Klincus You want to define relationships, which is fine but you suggest there was intent. We have zero proof there was intent so I merely said complacency is your enemy because no matter how much we shoot we must always be safety conscious. I’m very comfortable with my G 9 however, I never handle with anything but respect for what it can do. At MY command. And BTW my hubby us a gunsmith I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a rifle swung my way or had people say “oh it’s unloaded” when on fact, it wasn’t. Yea, I’m one of those “respect the weapon and safety first” people. I take that as a compliment.

    • Michael Klincus

      @Dona Burns You do understand the words it’s very possible right? Because that’s what I said. And I also stated a scenario of relationships many can relate to. But since my comment tone rubbed you off wrong. You go into a rant trying to be perceived as intellectual, but you’re far from it. Have a nice day.

    • Dona Burns

      @Michael Klincus Whatever genius. You’re off in left field speculating, guess that makes you smart. Good luck with that. Have a nice day.

    • Michael Klincus

      @Dona Burns I never assumed I was a genius. But at least my mind looks at it from a multi point perspective. Which in life there are many factors to consider. You should try it sometimes 😉

  • Michael Nelson

    I only clean my guns by myself, that’s it.

  • LTNetjak

    Step 1: Remove all ammo.

    Step 2: Check if your ammo is out of the weapon.

    Step 3: Even if you complete steps 1 and 2, assume your weapon is still loaded.

  • Linwood Johnson

    I clean my guns by myself. There’s never any ammo in the cleaning area. Period. Full stop. End of story.

  • Jason W

    If that is his buddy, I’m glad to be a complete stranger to them.

  • Sergio Rodríguez

    Ohh man there are some people who really shouldn’t have guns.

  • Ed Teran

    Straight up karma. I even get nervous at the range when I see numbnuts there.

    • Dogfathercomedy&BJJ

      I am not a fan of public ranges. You have no idea how much or how little training the people in the lanes next to you have

    • Ed Teran

      @Dogfathercomedy&BJJ absolutely. exactly what I meant. Remember many people have limited choices to practice legally and safely.

    • Val's Pals

      @Ed Teran If you are on the range, and you see stupid crap, assume RSO responsibility; stop it and correct it. I’m a certified RSO, and I tell everyone the same thing. If you are on the range, YOU are in charge of safety. I’m just here to help.

    • wakeupworld216

      Yeah I was at the range once when the guy next to us (with a crappy Mac clone) had a malfunction. He proceeds to turn away his target and attempted to clear the malfunction with the the gun pointing at everyone up range. I told him to point the gun down range, packed our gear up and left. Haven’t been back to that range since.

    • Val's Pals

      @wakeupworld216 Damn skippy. Good on ya’.

  • Ashley P

    I was at a party once, where my cousins friend put a 357 revolver against his head and pulled the trigger, they thought i was quite funny, lets just say i never hung around them again…

  • Diss Appear

    He probably wouldn’t have pointed the gun at him if the other guy didn’t play around first.

    • LateToTheParty7

      Still, one of them should’ve called the other on their obscenely irresponsible behavior. Had that been done, his friend might still be alive. No adults in the group.

    • Richard Dupuis

      See, there’s the first problem: play. You do not play when you have a gun in your hand. Your comment brings to mind what our mothers used to say, “If Jimmy jumps off a bridge, are you going to jump too?” Just because your partner is stupid, doesn’t mean you need to be.

    • Loponstorm

      @Richard Dupuis I don’t think he’s justifying it. I just think he’s making an observation. Both of these people are idiots… well… one was and one is.

    • H M

      There’s two legit reactions to someone pointing a gun at you: shoot them, use some level of violence to make it clear that they should never do it again. None of that includes treating it as a joke.

    • LateToTheParty7

      @H M The crazy part about this video is that there were apparently about three other men in the room or close enough to react immediately. If true, the fact that so many so called grown men didn’t take firearm handling more seriously is beyond baffling. The ones clearly visible in the room not doing so is bad enough.


    This hurt to watch. Clearly they’re knowledgeable enough to disassemble and reassemble a firearm.
    Did both of these guys skip safety day at gun school?

  • Mr. Gray

    Words can’t express how I feel about this emotional and in anger.

  • Donnie B

    If a “friend” pointed his firearm at me and pulled the trigger, a negligent discharge would be the least of worries….

  • King Troy Music

    This was really sad to watch….. so unavoidable smh

  • Peaceganjareggae

    No, that’s awful. This is such a pointless waste of life.

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