Christina Bobb: Trump Won By Millions And Broke The Left’s Algorithm.

Christina Bobb discusses the voter machine algorithm and how Donald Trump won by such a large margin he beat the algorithm.

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  • r p

    Are we witnessing the beginning of ww3 ? This is world wide. Not just american

    • johnny bored


    • Michael LaPierre

      It’s not going to be WWIII and it’s not going to be a civil war. This is the biggest election fraud in U.S. history. The cheats are being exposed. Trump will be in office by removing illegal ballots or by the 12th Amendment. The leftists will riot but America won’t put up with it any more. Soros money is involved in both and it will be cut off as well. Others will be exposed too. America is a great country. Don’t bet against her.

    • Richard Miller

      @Bram Koster so you don’t believe there is a western awakening taking place in some nations to go along with brexit?

    • Tatsuo Goya

      I hope not but if it does come true then we will be fighting against dead people.

  • Vlad Tseytkin

    Only braindead don’t acknowledge that the only way for sleepy creepy one to win was massive fraud, and that’s exactly what happened. It’s not just obvious, it’s beyond obvious.

    • Linda McMillan

      @Shelby Daniels Looking forward to meeting you at the Biden inauguration. Remember to pick up your ticket before 7:15. I’ll be the cowgirl in white.✌️

    • Sir LurksaLot

      The sad thing is lefties know damn well Biden cheated with lots and lots of help but lefties don’t care, they are furious that he’s not being allowed to cheat. They represent the ugly side of America

    • Rich's Computer

      You know that and i know that, but the far left Democrats are so corrupt and add in Washington DC politicians can this fraud be overturned. I pray to God that it happens. If this fraud is not overturned we are headed for troubled waters.

    • acdii

      Well Vlad, you just described the majority of the Democrats!

    • irredeemable deplorable

      Vlad Tseytkin, try brazen, in your face obvious.

  • Lynn A.

    Yup that is the Truth, Donald Trump broke the algorithm.

    • Matthew Estrada

      @Derrick Stone it’s only 3 not 20 not 21 not 30 it’s funny I hear all sorts of random numbers quite like these legal votes but in reality it’s only been THREE

    • Terrence Simpson

      @Michael Mason the only racist are the dem latinos lol

    • acdii

      @VoteScientist The machine logs are showing multiple votes for single ID’s! Whether you want to not believe it, the facts are quite evident. Powell just can’t show what she has but snippets until AFTER it is processed by the courts. 130,000 votes posted faster than can be done by hand, even in a room full of people entering all at one time is hard evidence that it is machine fraud. No possible way that many ballots in that short of time could be for only one candidate. You can bury your head in the sand all you want, but don’t be surprised when it’s proven and Trump is still President.

    • Winn Winn

      @Derrick Stone You are simply LIAR. There 73+ million people voted for Trump 11 million votes more compare to 2016…. Both Black and Hispanic votes for Trump are increased at least 4-7 points… 78 Million DEAD voted for BIDEN.. Look at below statistic, at least 10+% votes are fraudulent/illegal/DEAD votes.
      According to the total votes count for the last 5 elections:
      2004 – 124 million
      2008 – 127 million – increase 2.3%
      2012 – 128 million – increase 0.7%
      2016 – 134 million – increase 4.6%
      2020 – 155+ million – increase 15.6%
      The total votes for 2020 increase more than 15.6% … Is this number realistic? The total votes in 2016 are considered historical high .. If so, the most increase in 2020 would be around 4%-5% at most.. And 10+% are considered illegal/fraudulent/unqualify/dead VOTES
      So at most Biden would get around 65-66 million votes… Trump WIN in landslide.. American patriots VOTED Trump …. Vote these Democrats OUT of the office (traitors)

    • Derrick Stone

      @Matthew Estrada I give no random facts. Since you want to manipulate what I said, I guess I have to be thorough.

      There were over 20 cases filed in three states. So yes, you’re partially correct when you give me the number three. But you failed to mention that there were multiple lawsuits, allegedly, filed in the states. Am I lying about that documented fact, as well?

  • norman jamieson


    • Bytor 1001



    • Brian Donavan

      For SURE ONLY DONALD TRUMP KNOWS THE TRUTH. HE IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF FACT. The fact that he cheated on all three wives and had fraudulent foundation (stole money from children) and 6 bankrupcies, 4,000 lawsuits against suppliers, lied about knowing Putin, lied about trying to do business with Putin, believes in Qanon conspiracies and thinks Bid Laden is still alive…. well …. Donald would never lie to you guys. Ever!

    • Joaquin546

      She’s as real a reporter as WWE is real wrestling

    • Bram Koster

      she is a political opinion person no reportage seen just hot air ..Ms Boob should learn about evidence.

  • Gerard Norris

    Poor Mr President I’m not even American and my heart bleeds Red

  • Susan OShea

    This is Criminal ! Normal citizen Joe Smith would be in jail! Does this need to go to war to fix this ??

  • Martin Magenta

    And don´t forget: THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING. They steal the same way all elections in Europe too!!! Thats looks like Watergate was just another Kindergarten Story. …Greets from Austria to all not sheeples

    • Douglas Dishroon

      Yeah, the world is watching. I am too old to think I will be around then. But, someday the good citizens of this “World,” will come together and unite. And then they can have a go at creating civility.

    • Chris Beauvais

      Samething in new Zealand the nazi puppet there magically eeked out a win to like groping joe supposedly did

    • mary underwood

      Guten Tag! Part of my family heritage is out of Austria.

  • Roger Grace

    Let’s keep praying and having faith the lying Dem’s are being exposed.

  • Jeriba Shigan

    Trump won in the biggest landslide in history. He literally broke the algorithm.

    • erivera0004

      @Funky Funkstar Riddim it’s called NO TIME FOR FAKE NEWS. You should try it, it’ll do wonders for your very stupid brain.

    • erivera0004

      @James the Great III so what’s your point?

    • Arthur Fonzarelli

      @19MarkDavid they have to go to court first. They will have a chance to present all of their evidence for all of us to see but it ain’t happening until the big court cases. whether it’s true or not we’ll decide

    • irredeemable deplorable

      Jeriba Shigan, yes, he did win in a landslide, but because we, the people have allowed self important judges (including Supreme Court judges) to get by with blatant disregard for the law and Constitution, biden will be given the presidency by default.

    • Arthur Fonzarelli

      @Funky Funkstar Riddim nobody was disputing the hand recount it’s way deeper than that. It’s not answering any questions because it doesn’t matter what he says the media will call him a liar . This will not be decided by the media though it will be decided in the courts. his lawyers will explain it much better than he ever could. Be no reason for him to battle a bias media.

  • LogicLost - reporting on US Politics.

    We have been reporting on this for months – massive fraud – and it came true!

    • will Embry

      Makes ya wonder, doesnt it?

    • BLM Big Lipped Marxists President Baboon Obonobo

      All Californian Hispanics voted Trump.
      California should have EASILY turned red. EASILY.
      Unfortunately it’s EVIDENT that Democrats are NOT ONLY corrupt crooked egotistical hypocritical tyrannical big government demons imposing their unconstitutional unlawful draconian big government mandates, regulations, and lockdowns but are ALSO EXPOSED for being thieving cheating opportunists.
      We Cali voters got robbed once AGAIN.
      And we Latino Californians are pissed.
      The left should be eradicated. Decimated into bone powder. Moved to Gitmo then carpet bombed into oblivion.

    • Bytor 1001


  • Lili Von Shtupp !

    I don’t know about anyone else but I think it AWESOME that President Trump BROKE their CHEATER PROGRAM!

    • smokenbudesq


    • David Logan

      So why has FBI not arrested Dominion boss BECOS there’s no fraud Trump was routed Poor Wee Donald doesn’t want to come out his room now boo hoo

  • William Richardson

    I secretly put on OAN at work and everybody is losing their mind.

  • Carolina Girl

    “We the People” knew from the beginning that President Trump WON by the BIGGEST LANDSLIDE EVER! 🇺🇸

  • Lee Clifton

    Trump should get eight more years. They wasted his first four pestering him and the American people. Then they tried to steal four years. So eight more years sounds fair.

  • Brando

    POTUS is a Boss… “He broke the algorithm” is just the tip… he broke the media… he broke the party (both of them)… he broke the war machine… and he’s in the process of breaking the corporate global “elite” and they know with four more years that’s exactly what he plans to do. It’s a shame so many gullible center left citizens were used as pawns for the DINOs /RINOs who’ve been in bed with these corporate global “elite” for years because they risk being broken too when POTUS breaks their reality.

    • Ingur Lund

      When’s he going to end the big tech censorship, when’s he going to stop the brainwashing in the universities by cutting their public funding, when’s he going to put antifa/blm terrorists in prison for attacking people and prosecute the mayors who tell the police to stand down?

      They broke him, they burned down the country and stole the election. Any more of his “winning” and we’d all be dead.

    • RenewAgain

      Donald Trump single handedly both exposed all these swamp dwellers, as well as put big cracks in all their walls.

      One more term and he’ll have the whole corrupt machine crumbling down. He’s like the Anti-Soros on hyperdrive. He’s simply incredible.

      Trump2020 FTW! 🇺🇲👏👍

    • Terrence Simpson

      @Ingur Lund this is the beginning of all that. You can’t just bypass the very system that sets up the laws. That’s why the Dems are falling apart. They didn’t get caught on all the crimes, but their coverups undone them lol.

      World’s dumbest criminals.

    • Joaquin546

      He’s a global laughing stock just like the GOP

  • Speedforhire

    FYI folks: Ukraine has an active warrant for the arrest of the Biden Crime Syndicate atm.. Truth!

  • Bill GUI

    Oan is great news & this is women is going full throttle she’s great

  • Harry Gooch

    “tHeReS nO eViDeNcE oF vOtEr FrAuD” Because CNN says so, so there 🤪

  • BADGUY 1

    This election was TREASON. The Military MUST move against these “enemies, foreign and domestic”

  • Quasi-Stellar Primate

    This election process is a joke. The voter fraud is so obvious.

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