Christina Bobb: Summary Of The Current State & Trump’s Likely Court Victories

Christina Bobb discusses the current state of events in the legal battles



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    Christina Bobb: Summary of the current state & Trump’s likely court victories


    There were one sided “glitches” in Michigan that in both cases “glitched” just enough to flip the election for a Democrat , two pro Trump counties in Georgie that suddenly discovered 4% and 7% respectively of their total vote, all kinds of highly suspicious statistical anomalies, 500 people signing affidavits alleging all kinds of “irregularities”, multiple whistleblowers coming forward and on top of that one side is doing everything within their power to prevent a thourough investigation…Doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • Dave Zimmerman

      No such thing as a glitch or an anomaly this is deliberate, designed, planned, and nationally coordinated!
      The software has a back door .exe installed in every computer , change vote count and then erase its tracks.
      Just one of the many ways they are defrauding the election

  • oooladiesfirst

    Sorry, But We Won’t GIVE UP!!! The TRUMP TRAIN Doesn’t Have BREAKS!!!! FULL STEAM AHEAD!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!🗽

    • Dynasty Aluminum Polishing & Restoration Toast

      @TRUMP TEARS you’ve been hanging out in jo jo’s basement too long save some of those tears for the reality that’s coming

    • TheHigherVoltage

      @diablorosenbergNo, that’s what’s the verifiable fact being shown in court are proving.

    • Antonella Alberico

      Trump will win for sure. Just keep the faith everyone and god is good. Trump 20/20

    • Ertugrul Gazi

      We wont stop , we will take to the streets, No one is gonna stop us till the TRUTH IS REVEALED.
      they ain’t seen nothing yet !
      TRUMP 2020 full steam ahead.

    • diablorosenberg

      @TheHigherVoltage are you talking about the same one who said Russia was involved in the 2016 lol now they say fraud is not possible in the election but y’all said it was for almost 4 years lol

  • Doran Vee

    Christina is clear. There is no confusion. President Trump did win! *If Democrats did not cheat, they wouldnt be acting guilty!*

    • Michelle Marri

      @Tanya Ryland I bet Trump was ahead by millions of votes !!!

    • Dorothy Warren

      @Chris Smith no, we have Not lost! The Beijing Biden camp Cheated!

    • John R Wizinsky

      @TheHigherVoltage So says the party that has lied everyday about Trump for 4 yrs! Take it like a man ? Kinda like how you all acted for the last 4 yrs ? I dont recall trump supporters out looting assaulting & even killing people!

    • Iowa Viking

      @TheHigherVoltage ok if they find nothing great. Now to the problem if they do and have found some I’m sure there is always voter fraud but nor in a big scale. Our country should be terrified if this election was stolen . that would mean no vote matters and the people have lost everything. If trump stolen this election I would say the same thing and would stand against him as all people should.
      We are the true power in this country and if anyone is trying to take that power it is our duty to take it back.
      I want there to be a investigation this will clear all things up if they find nothing but if it is found to have been stolen may the gods give us strength to do what is right and fix it.

    • bryan serfontein

      @Tanya Ryland Exactly, they rushed to get them in all between midnight and 4.30 am when poll watchers were sent home. They have been caught out, Dem leadership very quiet on the topic.

  • Neo Bailey

    There is nothing hidden that we not be brought to the light .. .

    • Roger Wittekind

      That is what Trump is all about and Biden stated “If I’m elected” near the end of his last fake Townhall so even he is having doubts now.

  • uare you

    Why are democrats the only ones counting votes?

    • LLT Collection

      @matt kostel actually Republican counts just the envelopes but not allowed to see the ballot inside. Once the envelopes were ushered in, then they lost for Republicans sight. Yea, bet CNN wont tell you the details but one liner, there is no voter fraud, then there is only little voter fraud, then what is voter fraud 😅😅 please stay away from corrupt media that does not serve its readers with a straight forward honest journalism, not fairytale internet journalism.

    • Gary Russ

      @LLT Collection leftist know “new math”. 2+2=racism

    • Aaron Sloan

      @TheHigherVoltage Propaganda mill ? You just quoted that pothead Whoopi Goldberg, yeah, that’s who I would listen to !! 👍

    • spencer zimmerman

      because you are watching propaganda.

    • G. Warren

      Democrats and Republicans observers should be counting the legal votes. Unless they have something to hide or something they do not want you to see.


    Fraud. It’s like having cancer. You know you have it, you just don’t want the doctor to CONFIRM you have it.

  • #j G

    Smart matic is the biggest culprit changing millions of votes overnight when counting stations were closed. Democrats are the bowels of America !

  • tonyel99

    So if the ballots aren’t manipulated here in America they get a second opportunity for fraud outside the country. Either way the ballots are in the hands of the globalists who want to overtake the America that we have known.

  • wackedout13

    Wait a minute so Republicans aren’t allow to be present in Georgia during the recount?

  • Richard Lobo

    What do you mean likely cheating. A four year old could tell they are cheating. Our country is being stolen along with our liberties and wealth.

  • Bolt Nation

    Patriots vs everybody…letting the liberals destroy our country ends in 2020. Well will not put up with it anymore

  • Alejandro Garcia

    Why are democrats the only ones counting votes?

  • Christine from Kansas

    *Christina indeed is a strong communicator. Biden’s mental debility caused him to assert: “We have developed the most extensive and inclusive voter-fraud operation in the history of American politics.” I’m thinking that at least four justices on the Supreme Court will believe him. Case closed.*

    • Rita Holden

      I know right! A bit of truth manages to escape his lips on occasion! 🇺🇸👍🏻

    • JLC

      Joe Biden’s dementia is not a joke. And this is elderly abuse by his own party.

    • Michelle Marri

      Mainstream media and focal media kept that statement from people calling it false … censorship Facebook took it down when I posted it … I hope they send all the complicit fact censoring persons like Zuckerberg – Dorsey and whoever fact checkers complied with keeping knowledge from the public to jail! Trying to destroy our country from within!

    • Tony

      Dont forget “I don’t need your votes to win.”

  • Layla Majdi

    Since the Dominion software is a total corrupt, the whole elections should be redone and that is it. Recounting will not help.

    • Christopher Arnett

      Yes you are right the battle ground States needs to vote again but they don’t want to do Oh No there’s so much corruption involved they are corrupt.

  • fred johnson

    Problem is… I don’t know there is another man, that we can replace DJT with January 20, 2025, alive that has balls the size of the good year blimp.

  • Bill Collier

    Please tell Michigan governor we are ignoring this latest illegal shut down.

  • Cam Nichol


  • DustyCowdog

    If Georgia is counting again, why doesn’t someone with balls get in there and allow both parties to recount???

    • Expect The Bow

      Because no one there has balls

    • KBr

      @The Smell of Burnt Almonds that’s why we don’t allow you 😊

    • Chris Gorden

      @jp hopkins only a couple right wing, conspiracy theory minor “news” outlets are claiming baseless allegations of fraud. Everyone else is reporting facts that are coming from the people actually involved with the election and the courts that are throwing out the lawsuits. Wanting something to be true isn’t evidence.

    • Darien Mason

      Are y’all nuts?? Both dems and republicans observe every ballot count. It has been like that the last 20 years, and if people had seen mass fraud then why did they wait til trump says fraud…suspicious??

    • Alec Garcia

      Jesus… Republicans and Democrats both counted the votes the first time. They just aren’t letting Rudy Gulliani and other sycophants In there because they will try to get rid of legal votes like Lindsey Graham is trying to do.

  • Geoff

    Can’t wait for the sh** to hit the fan over this voter fraud. THEN the biggie , Biden and his family are exposed for the world to see.

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