Christina Bobb: Democrats Pulling Mafia Tactics

Christina Bobb discusses how Republicans are being threatened into certifying the election.



  • Sam Rossi SpeaksSings&Films

    US Supreme Court should determine this election NOT the Democrats, MSM, BigTech nor Domin_ion Voting Software!!!! This election is far from over… Pray4Trump🙏✝️🇺🇲👍

    • traveling Cat

      @Bytor 1001 with 300% more votes than register voters nationally??? You really ok with that ,because it favors your candidate this time?? You are a Fool ! and this is how a country falls! No matter what the true outcome is we must have transparent Elections or our Democracy is Over!

    • That Guy

      ​@Golden Phoenix unless you can prove bias, you’re grasping at straws. i’m all for uncovering fraudulent behavior in government, but i’m also a fan of evidentiary rule of law. and since there is no evidence outside a bunch of hearsay and conspiratorial talking points, this is a waste of time at this point in my opinion

    • That Guy

      @Michael Turner wait, you’ve got proof of illegal ballots?! you should probably share that with the trump team since they haven’t been able to prove that yet.

    • Citizen X

      President Biden expects all Trump supporters to leave our new America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸👉

    • That Guy

      @traveling Cat if you’re going to perpetuate a conspiracy theory, at least make it realistic. 300% more votes nationally than registered voters?! 😂🤣 let’s see, there’s roughly 153 million registered voters in the united states, so you’re saying the election had 600 million votes?

  • William Esselman

    The media is the false prophet, symbolism.

    • Hamil DiCarlo


    • Mark Enge

      Biblically the false prophet not only speaks on behalf of the (wild) beast but also does signs and wonders to deceive all those who have taken the mark of the beast. If the media is the false prophet, is Biden the beast? The media is constantly speaking on his behalf. The mark of the beast is the number of a man and that number is 666. What are the odds that it is mere coincidence that the year 2020 divided by 666 equals 3.0330? What man is associated with 30330? There also must be an image of the beast which is worshipped by those with the mark. Where is that? These may just be types at this point in history which precede the archetype beast and archetype false prophet at the end of the age; other types have already come and gone such as Haman in the book of Esther and Hitler in the 20th century. Keep your eyes open for signs and wonders from the media. Don’t take the mark of the beast or worship his image. Don’t be deceived by the false prophet or today’s media.

    • Ben Ben

      The media are satanists, but majority of Americans are still sleeping. They refuse to turnoff msm, this would be a start to stop the brainwashing. This is now the Tyranny Republic of the Rothschilds

    • William Esselman

      @Mark Enge the solid element that the human body is made of is carbon. Carbon has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. It is indeed the mark of the beast. We are the living coal.

    • Mark Enge

      @William Esselman 6 is the number of man, 3 is the number of G_d. Man 3 times is man making himself God. We also see that the evil opposition works in 3’s in Revelation 16:13 & 20:10.

  • Grumpy Patriot

    How can anybody still deny that all the violence and intimidation isn’t coming from the Left?

    • Shane Camburn

      @Terrapin243 That’s supposed to be ironic right? LOL!

    • HR Lincoln

      There was no violence or intimidation. Also, you morons threaten civil war every ten seconds.

    • Diane Johnson

      What can we do about it?!!!!!

    • Jake Shattuck

      The DNC Crime Syndicate has always believed in killing opponents. JFK wouldn’t play ball with the mafia so the DNC Crime Syndicate shot him. They shot Lincoln, Malcolm X, Reagan and who knows how many eye witness scheduled to testify against the Clinton mafia (the lists I’ve seen surpass 70 murdered).

      This is the END GAME. They’re ALL IN on domination. We The People must PROTECT the brave whistleblowers and lawyers. They must have their days in court. Surround their homes and protect them from Confederate assassins. Call them rallies or protests, whatever. Just circle the wagons and keep the vermin from attacking.

    • Robert Stone

      I see now that fool-hearty deception runs deep!

  • Crissy G

    Don’t Be Afraid to Practice your 1st Amendment Rights. That is why it’s the FIRST of the 10 Bill of Rights!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Wymon Watson

      @A Frustrated Gamer You should have been buying guns a long time ago, at this point ammo prices are through the roof, and so are gun prices. Get yourself a semi auto rifle and at least a few hundred rounds, I wouldn’t bother trying to get a collection right now.

    • Hamil DiCarlo


    • Sappho Nymph 816

      @Wymon Watson been stocking up for a year now for my

    • Wymon Watson

      @Sappho Nymph 816 Good, the last few months have been ridiculous, ammo is hard to find and extremely expensive. I haven’t even been shooting any of my stockpile, so I’m doing okay.

    • A Frustrated Gamer

      @Wymon Watson money has been EXTREMELY tight for me 😔

      Part of living under the boot of technocrat psychopaths…

  • Travis Broesder

    Threatening anybody is horrible. The Dems need to be arrested.

    • Paul Bono

      @Joe Biden Is Your President!!! Get Over It!!! Why ARE YOU DELETING your FAKE NEWS comments here and there? Could it be because the FAKE Biden Momentum is wearing down? Facts beginning to Resurface and Soak In?

    • Robert Thomas

      A whole lot more than arrested. Very long jail terms, for those that have committed treason – public execution.

    • LXJ S

      @Joe Biden Is Your President!!! Get Over It!!! Fake Presidents don’t stand. Fakes offices like the, “Office of President-Elect” don’t stand with the American people either.

    • david bias

      we need to fight back.

    • Alec Garcia

      Steve Bannon threatened to put Faucis head on a spike in front of the White House and no one cares. Cry more snowflake.

  • Hushed Tones

    Good thing that Giuliani has a proven track record of sending mafia bosses behind bars.. Beware crooks!

  • David McArdle

    The Democrats will be embarrassed when Trump gets that 2nd term. This is the end of the Democratic Party.

    • Sappho Nymph 816

      @Buttbanging Trannyliberal I think I detected sarcasm there.

    • Sappho Nymph 816

      @John Davies yeah got caught and needs to take a dirt nap.

    • Michelle Wilcome

      David, from your mouth to Our Father’s will!

    • Snake Boss

      @Left or Wrong and then you woke up their lefty. I want to watch you cry Trump is elected again. Get your tissues ready snowflake.

    • Tellme thetruth

      @Delmus Ingle this is exactly what’s happening in Canada. No doubt the dominion system was used here last year to get this 💩 back in power and the sharona set up the 💩 to suspend parliament to push in his agenda without any MPs to contest it – conveniently. He does what he wants like a dictator. He owns a small portion of the votes to win, otherwise the entire rest of the country voted conservative. It’s likely he will use whatever means becomes available to him in the future to rig the election again.
      This is the destruction of our country 😢 We are seeing the same draconian measures to impose mandatory masks, restrictions on seeing family, etc preparing us for mandatory vaccine and threat of “isolation” (concentration) camps for those non-compliant. We are in for serious trouble, major discrimination. And we don’t have the same fight as you Americans, well some of us do but don’t know how many of us there are. Hopefully people will wake up, but probably not until their property is threatened to be or being taken away.

  • brickly77

    If they were not arrested then we are absolutely allowing it.

    • Hamil DiCarlo


    • Soiled Cinder

      @Bolt Nation you know that means…we have to do some pretty extreme things to make that happen, right? Marching wont do. Protesting wont. There’s only one way….

    • HR Lincoln

      They weren’t arrested because they didn’t actually threaten anyone. But Republicans are such huge whiners they think any criticism is a threat.

    • Cathi Walker

      @HR Lincoln I saw the zoom call, and it Really Happened.
      That gal and guy have the evidence and are not afraid to present it in court!
      Dems be damned.

    • JB Messy

      Since Hillary Clinton didn’t have to go to jail the Democrats think it’s OK to do this in a larger scale yet


    The American people demand honest elections the discrepancies are shocking it must be challenged!

  • Kathryn Dennis

    It’s definitely MOB ruled!! This Tryanny has to Stop!! TRUMP and his fantastic team will be Victorious!! Keep praying PATRIOTS!! In GOD WE TRUST!! 🙏🇺🇸💪

  • Seattle Six

    The fact there are personal threats should warrant an audit by the judiciary.

  • Trina Porter

    Christina Bobb has been on fire lately. I’ve been loving her. She needs to continue with her enthusiasm and reporting. Thumbs up, OAN!

  • Kenny Choo

    Where’s the manager? You should give her a pay rise. She’s good.

  • Amy Ruhland

    MOB movement widespread everywhere. US of A is turning into Nazi, Germany. Horrifying. People need to WAKE UP!

    • Shane Camburn

      @Cosmic Pulse Hitler wasn’t actually Fascist, he was authoritarian socialist. Nazi means National Socialist Workers Party – or NatSocs. Hitler used the Antifaschiste Aktion group (AntiFa) to rise to power. He was once a member, and friends with many leaders, he used them to form his Sturmabteilung. Later the Sturmabteilung was murdered in the “Night of Long Knives” during the “Blood Purge” where the Schutzstaffel killed the Sturmabteilung members (over 1000 of them) in the middle of the night, stabbing them in their beds. They were used to disrupt infrastructure, insight riots, burn business, block highways, and attack disenfranchised people to terrorize them into agreeing to turning over their rights to powerful leader that promised to end the madness and “build up the people, businesses, and infrastructure to create a better, safer, more secure Germany.” (Sound familiar?)

      Benito Mussolini, Oswald Mosley, Engelbert Dolfuss, Vidkun Kisling, Leon Degrelle, Gyula Gombos, Emilio de Bono, and Ante Pavelic are examples of fascists…

    • Ben Ben

      Well, you can’t play nice with satanists & corrupt politicians. Pres.Trump should have hired Sidney Powell as head of DOJ to push arrests. Americans woke up too late.
      This is now the Tyranny Republic of the Rothschilds & Kabal. Many are still sleeping 😴 😳 🙄

    • Jake Shattuck

      @Shane Camburn It’s no surprise to those who studied history. All fascists have been socialists. Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Qaddafi, Kim Jung Il…even most self proclaimed “communists” line Stalin were socialists by definition.

      The DNC Crime Syndicate can spew whatever lies they want. We The People decide elections.

    • Ibtisam Htewek

      I called my Arabic friend in LA before the election date and I asked her to go and vote for Trump you know what did she said , My three daughters said if we vote for trump will leave and will not talk to you ever ???????????

    • santa fe, bantayan island life

      Time to realize it’s biblical folks .
      The system is being prepared . Its a spiritual war . At some point we know that gods faithful are removed .and liberals are giving that Godless world they want so badly.
      the covid-19 scam was a big leap forward in the direction of the one world government.

  • James 44 MAG

    They’re not coming after me, they are coming after you and I’m just in the way! Trump

  • Peace On Earth

    The constitution is under attack!! Don’t ever let that change. Democrats are trying to bulldoze their way into the presidency to carry out their evil ways.

  • SuperPhdiva SRB

    They’ve been doing this for years. Now people can see it.

  • Angel Blank

    She has a sworn affidavit everyone that threatened her should be in jail

  • bafew

    The Bankers DO rule all the people and pay off the politicans. The problem is Trump can’t be bought.

  • Annie Hooker

    The REPUBLICANS in Congress and everywhere MUST stand up with the P

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