Christianity and the Image of God are Heterosexual

Genesis 1:27

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

From before the creation of mankind, God had in His mind to create them in His image. As the scripture above shows, the image of God is reflected in the male and female together.

His image isn’t male alone or female alone; it’s the two in their unique differences that make up His image. This is extremely important because the rejection of that truth has led to the enormous confusion and rebellion against the image of God in the earth.

It’s vital to understand that the rejection of heterosexuality as the standard implemented by God, is an attack on the very image of God. We see the consequences of that in the earth today through various aspects of sexual deviancy and the confusion associated with the historical and traditional roles many men and women have abandoned.

Keep in mind that the image of God is a reflection of God Himself; His very essence and nature. That means that heterosexuality is the only way to show forth who God is in a practical way.

I want to mention before we go on that I’m using the term heterosexuality in a broader sense, as stated in the Medical Dictionary, which defines it in this way: “of or relating to different sexes.”

The reason I’ve decided to do that is so we don’t only consider it in terms of sexual attaction between members of the opposite gender or sex. It’s of course included in heterosexuality, but it goes beyond that to all the uniqueness between men and women.

When God created Adam and Eve, the image of God revealed in them together, wasn’t only sexual, but the all the unique elements of male and female and masculinity and feminity, which to this day are meant to show forth who God is.

That image has of course been tainted by sin, but the fact remains the original purpose of God in creating men and women to bear His image is still in place. That means an appreciation for and celebration of men being men and women being women, and learning through those terrific differences who God is.

Men and Women Living in Accordance with God’s Word

Now when saying we learn through those differences, that assumes it’s predicated upon Christian men and women basing their lives on the foundation of the Holy Scriptures.

Another thing to understand is God created in alignment with who He was. He didn’t just use His imagination and decide a man and woman would be a couple of vessels He would use to reveal Himself. God knew exactly who He was and by creating male and female, let us know the two, with their amazing differences, were the result of His internal knowledge of Himself.

Why that’s important to know and comprehend is because to suggest something else would make it appear God was just being creative with His imagination outside of who He was. That would in turn give the impression He was simply enjoying being an artist that didn’t base His work on anything.

If He was an illustrator, it would be the equivalent of doodling in a careless or carefree manner without any specific reason or purpose. But the reality is everything God does is filled with purpose, and when He created mankind as male and female it was the pinnacle of creation, it was a reflection of His very person. We can’t know God accurately without that understanding and revelation.

When you try to remove the disparity between male and female and blur the lines between the two, it generates confusion for some and creates an illusory world that doesn’t exist, and as mentioned earlier, is an attack on the very image of God.

All the insanity surrounding so-called gender fluidity and creation of silly new identities like pansexual, polysexual, ambisexual, bi-sexual, and numerous other labels, comes from the refusal to accept the reality that God created male and female.

Another thing that has emerged from this rebellion against the image of God as identifying as androgynous. This is where individuals claim they have both female and male characteristics. Usually this is reflected in the type of clothes they were, which are designed to remove masculinity or femininity in their uniqueness from their persona.

It can get worse than this as people even abandon being human and participate in bestiality and other abominable behaviors. Accepting the fact that God created the human race as male and female removes the legitimacy of these disturbing, sinful and sick acts.

I could go on and on with these types of examples, but the point is Christianity and the new creation civilization is based upon heterosexuality in all that it means. There is no room for anything else in the kingdom of God.


God’s image is revealed in male and female and their many differences. The accuracy of that image is determined by knowing the requirements of God revealed in the Bible and living in obedience to them.

As for those that have been delivered from sexual deviancy of various types, it is no longer appropriate or accurate to define your lives as homosexual, transgender, pansexual, or the many other labels that have been made up to reflect the imaginary scenarios so many broken and confused people have made.

This isn’t only about a former gay person developing a sexual attraction to a member of the opposite sex or gender, it’s about the fact God created men and women very different in order to not only be attracted to one another, but to bear His image as they live and work in cooperation with one another.


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