Christian leaders have become a Parliament of Whores


Under direct influence of heretical “Christian” leaders, 25% of white evangelicals in Ohio voted to enshrine abortion in the State’s constitution.

25 Percent of White Evangelicals in Ohio Voted in Favor of Pro-Abortion Constitutional Amendment

The approach taken by evangelical leaders and organizations, characterized by pragmatism over principled stances, has profoundly impacted the evangelical laity’s perspective on abortion. Influential entities—like the NRLC and the ERLC, under the guidance of Brent Leatherwood—have not only refrained from supporting measures that would criminalize abortion or hold mothers accountable but have vehemently opposed them, arguing for “compassion” rather than prosecution. This position was evident in their opposition to stringent anti-abortion bills, such as the one in Missouri that aimed to recognize abortion as murder, which these Evangelicals deemed too extreme and legally untenable.


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