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NFL: Unvaccinated Players Could Cause Forfeit; Federal Mortgage Help Extended | NTD Business

See at the 11:37 mark. 💎YouTube is deleting our videos. Sign up for our newsletter to receive full news updates. 👉 If the link is blocked, type in manually to sign up there. – 💎Save 10% off your next order with the code: NTDNews10 Visit Inspired by Shen Yun Performing Arts, Shen Yun…

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Former Fox 26 Reporter speaks out: ‘They tried to smear and defame me,’ Ivory Hecker tells Newsmax

Ivory Hecker, a now-former local Fox reporter in Houston, made waves on social media when she spoke out on-air about a certain narrative being pushed in news stories, while others were throttled, announcing she'd explain her story to Project Veritas. Hecker explains the latest on her mission and what she's doing next, and how she…

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Charlie Kirk DESTROYS CRT At School Board Meeting

BOOM! Charlie Kirk Tore Apart The Radical Left's Marxist Critical Race Theory In Just 1 Minute! #SocialismSucks Subscribe to the channel ► ○ All Links ► • Shop ► • Join ► • Donate ► #Conservative #TPUSA #TurningPointUSA #BigGovSucks

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Trail life usa an example of replacing not taking over converged organizations

Trail Life USA: An Example of Replacing, Not Taking Over Organizations

After the Boy Scouts of America went full gay, a number of Christians decided it was no longer safe or wholesome to keep their boys in the converged and deviant group, so they decided to provide an alternative to the Boy Scouts: Trail Life USA. This is a good example of offering Christian alternatives; especially…

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totalitarian, authoritarian leaders want lockdown to last for years

Government Wants to Separate Christians by Vaccination

The government has no authority whatsoever to tell the Church how to conduct its affairs, including who is allowed to worship together. Vaccine passports can be paper, a digital code or app that records and displays the user’s health information, including COVID injection status. Digital health or vaccine passports display a scannable code similar to…

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King of Kings film and Jewish censorship

Origins of Jewish Censorship and Undermining of American Christianity

An excellent article by Andrew Joyce unveils aspects of the origin of Jewish manipulation and censorship of Christianity in America, using the 1927 film “King of Kings” as a major part of his thesis. Below is the conclusion he draws concerning over a century of dark influence on Christians in America, who have been generally…

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The Best Way To Fix America’s Broken Culture

NAILED IT Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens! This Is EXACTLY What America Needs For Conservatives To Win The Culture War Against The Radical Left! #iHeartAmerica #GenFree Subscribe to the channel ► ○ All Links ► • Shop ► • Join ► • Donate ► #Conservative #TPUSA #TurningPointUSA #BigGovSucks

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Radical Left Is Awakening Young Freedom Fighters

Young Americans Are SICK Of The Radical Left Trying To Destroy Our Country & We Are READY To Fight For Our Rights & Freedoms! #iHeartAmerica Subscribe to the channel ► ○ All Links ► • Shop ► • Join ► • Donate ► #Conservative #TPUSA #TurningPointUSA #BigGovSucks

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TechShark: Charlie Kirk’s Game Plan For Battling Big Tech

It's time for conservative leaders to adjust their approach to Big Tech and combat censorship and Big Tech tyranny head on. "I'm in a no-mercy situation. They hate us. They hate our values." __________________________ About: MRCTV is an online media platform designed to broadcast conservative values, culture, politics, liberal media bias, and entertainment to a…

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Special: Treachery in Arizona

Join us for this important edition of Apologia Radio in which we talk about the recent treacherous bill in Arizona led by Cathi Herrod with the Center For Arizona Policy. You can get more at Be sure to like, share, and comment on this video. #ApologiaStudios You can partner with us by signing up…

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