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Jesus is already victorious

Victory in Jesus Christ and the Way Forward

God is fully contained; outside of Himself there is no truth or reality. Satan rebelled against God, separating himself from God and truth. The consequence is Satan had to create an alternative to reality because he rejected it as it resided in God. The human followers of Jesus Christ and Satan reflect those facts in…

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Building the wall of Jerusalem while being armed.

Defending Ourselves and the Work of God on Earth

There are times in history when the followers of Jesus Christ are called upon to bear arms even as they build the kingdom of God on earth. The book of Nehemiah describes the use of swords by the builders of the wall in Jerusalem. In Nehemiah 4:16-18, it is mentioned that the builders of the…

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fight for your families, homes, sons and daughters

The Right to Bear Arms is a Divine Right

Article 166 was the first step in Ottoman Turkey to initiate gun control laws in 1866. More laws were passed in 1911 and 1915. In the beginning permits were required, followed by the government making a list of all those that owned guns. Last came a full ban on guns. The outcome? Up to as…

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STOP Canning Tomatoes– Do THIS Instead!

Y'all know I love to can… but I just starting using this tomato hack this year and I'm pretty much OBSESSED… It's the EASIEST way to preserve your tomatoes and it requires MUCH less pantry space than canning! 🍅 This is the dehydrator I'm using in the video- use code JILLSEDONA to save 15% on…

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Off Duty Officer Handles Her Business

Please thank MantisX for bringing us today’s video of Off Duty Officer Handles Her Business! Check them out at or their FB page at If you want tips on using the MantisX, come to the ASP Extra YouTube channel! If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming a patron…

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prepping and survival for the rest of us

The Truth About Survivalism and Prepping Nobody Tells You About

Prepping for the rest of us Clash of cultures When considering the various outlooks many people have concerning the ongoing upheaval of the West, it’s readily apparent to me that few really haven’t thought through the implications of the way to prepare for it from a survivalist and prepping point of view, or if that…

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How FAST is a Commercial Log Splitter? 2 cords split in …..

Wanted to see how fast the Eastonmade 22-28 was so I broke out the stopwatch here is how I did. Real time No music lol no frills just humping it and timing it! We live 100% off of firewood, we cook with it we heat with it and we have hot water via firewood. We…

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