Camping in a Lockdown

Camping in a lockdown. Join me as I do a solo overnight camp during a lockdown. With the global pandemic affecting countries across the world, I needed to head off into the wilderness to escape the madness of the towns and city. I find a clear area to setup my tent, prepare a firepit nearby and cook wild food over the fire to survive 24hrs in the wild! 😉

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  • TA Outdoors

    You might need a big pinch of salt with this 🤥😆Please share it to those who need a laugh and cheering up

  • David M

    😂 watched for years and don’t normally comment, this one was genius, the fire wood ☠️
    Your mrs bless her 😂😂😂🙏🏼

  • Theo M

    cutting a hole in the lawn, you do like to live dangerously

    • m9 ovich

      We actually did that in a county park for a Goldwing motorcycle rally. the park guys were really cool about that and actually told use to do it that way because to sod is not damaged when put back in the hole.
      Mike M Wausau Wi

    • Righteous1

      The woods don’t have people, you can go into the woods and not catch the COVID19.

    • Serenity Blu

      Righteous1 i dont think they are allowed to. No camping on crown land right now

  • ieshi akerman

    Oh man, this is really hardcore. I’m surprised you made it back home alive

  • Chris Turner Photographer

    When your favourite youtubers all lose their minds but it’s still super entertaining

  • Jerry O'Dell

    LOVE IT. The Whole World needs a little humor right now. ” THANKS “

  • Capn Clawhammer

    Such a remote area; I’m surprised you didn’t see the infamous CATSQUATCH!

    DUN Dun duuunnn…

  • Scott Doane

    I see that shovel in his hand and said “no way he’s cutting a hole in the yard.” Proceeds to cut hole in yard. Nice knowing ya 😂😂😂

  • Josh Hasbrouck

    One of your best vids. Had a good laugh, well done.

  • Craig

    I’d be so scared of grizzly bears out there man.


    And Oscar goes to Mike from England for his spectacular performance in “Camping in the Lockdown”!

  • Dan Malone

    Cabin fever taking to a new level. Need more of Jacks in vid’s. Stay safe.

  • Noah Namey

    “You can’t get much lighter than a cast iron dutch oven” Hilarious!

  • Paulino Martinez

    Have you imagined how many kids will have great memories with theirs parents due to this pandemic??

  • Jacob Konkel

    Good on you mate for just trying to bring some joy into the world when everyday life is being disrupted.

  • Brett Lineback

    My favorite part was the storm. The look on your wife’s face is priceless.

  • Benjamin Cadotte

    Hahaha, about 1/2 min in, I was thinking “he’s going to the backyard”. hahahahaha

  • Boy Pazaway

    OK Let’s start back packing especially during LOCKDOWN period:
    ✔️ Food
    ✔️ Camping Gears
    ✔️ Essentials
    ❌ Own Backyard
    ✔️OK I will do in my Cemented Single Garage Port then. Lol
    Damn it.

  • 22ShortRound

    When I saw you head out into the wilderness like that so ill-equipped and with a storm coming my heart was in my mouth. I truly thought you had lost all reason in your desire for the freedom of the great outdoors. But all those years of hard training and spartan living had toughened your sinews. With limited natural resources you constructed a shelter capable of withstanding anything nature could throw at it. Made a fire, Jack managed to hunt and secure some off the toughest of game and served it up on a plate. What a dog!. I did think you could have fitted in a side pocket of you pack a lightweight kitchen sink. But hey, one can’t think of everything. I’m just so glad you made it through. This should be used in years to come as a training film for our young men and women to inspire them in their endeavors. I had a beer to congratulate you. Cheers!

  • Dylan L

    Day 365 of the lockdown.
    ” I’ve created a self sustainable micro-nation and am now expanding my borders “

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