California Officers Respond To Shoplifter With A Bat In Walmart

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  • leoleonardo

    Filming a dead dude is more important than removing your child from that scene. A+ parenting

    • Andrew Cameron

      Just saw that right after I read this. Absolutely disgusting

    • Justin Johnson

      People are ignorant. My daughter and I woulda been gone once we saw a man swing around a bat in the store. All those people just standing there just make the situation worse.

    • Justin Johnson

      @Tiffany the Lioness some of us do care but yeah most dont and your right it’s just Sad. People are becoming selfish and ignorant more and more everyday.

    • Ricky D

      that’s completely besides the point. the taser might not of worked completely, but it definitely affected him. At least 2 cops there, with one on it’s way if they can’t tackle and restrain him should they be cops in the first place. Judging by the video I wouldn’t call the guy “attacking police with a bat”.


      they wanna sell the footage and make bank

  • R S

    All he had to do was drop the bat.

    • Michael

      @Nick M damn burn./ I just really think this could of gone way better man that’s it. I bet if he waited for backup this would have not happen 🙃

    • Nick M

      @MichaelThe blame is on the bat swinger. He should have 1) not swung bat, 2) obeyed commands, 3) let bat go when tased

      He had several opportunities to do the right thing. He didn’t want to. To me, no blame on the cop. None.

      Btw, you’re probably doing this because you’re bored and want to be entertained.

    • Michael

      @Nick M the judge disagrees and I am truly interested in what people have to say, discussion is healthy

    • Michael

      @Nick M and give me a time stamp where he swung I guess I missed it, and hard to let go of things once tased

  • John Kersch

    theres always some lady screaming like its The Shining.

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    • Elizabeth Jeffrey

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    • Jasmine Pina

      @Boss Ross i disagree sometimes men are just as annoying

    • Jasmine Pina

      @Elizabeth Jeffrey your in the wrong YouTube comments section…your just as annoying as the crazy lady screaming

    • Jasmine Pina

      @Hav2win you forget the white Karen’s that scream their heads off for their white Supremacy

  • T S

    lady screaming “He’s unarmed” is what’s wrong with America

    • stranger_than fiction

      @Live 4Christ so you wanna wait till he brains a cop or a bystander before they shoot him? They gave him a multitude of warnings, tazed him at least twice, had the gun pointed at him yet you want to wait till a child or bystander gets their brains spilled before doing anything. Self defense is biblical. Protecting the defenseless IS biblical. And he wasn’t shot for just making a “stupid” decision. He was shot for making the lethal decisions to wield a bat, threaten cops and bystanders, and refusing to comply with lawful orders that would keep everyone (including himself) safe. Loving God does mean you stand by and let someone take a bat to somebody when you can stop it.

    • stranger_than fiction

      @HondaBrandy I don’t agree with defunding the cops- the death toll in the impoverished areas will skyrocket as well as the cop death toll. I’m not a fan of dead kids in the street. The people that push that want to crush the poor.

    • J K

      @Evandro L And….equally so does everyone elses 👏👏 👏.

    • Evandro L

      @J K exactly my Man

    • MrPWowie

      we have a lot of dumbass people, but a lot of great people too.

  • Brett

    “Cleanup on aisle 7!”

  • The Sandman

    one quick swing to the head can kill a person, and cause a life changing head injury

    • BigEv

      @Bill B. Yes, Bill. A lot of crime would not exist if we understood mental health more.

    • Mysc 07

      @Bill B. This shooting was unjustified. I’d put the blame the untrained cop here with zero hand skills

    • r1ft

      Not if you are getting tased lol.. he was harmless to a old lady at that point… just kick him.. he would easily fall

    • Driberif1

      @BigEv Yeah, he should have shot the bat out of his hand or did a double back flip over his head and take the bat away before he knew what was happening. (Sarcasm if you can not tell). The officer tried to deescalate the situation by telling him to drop the bat many times. How about you place the blame where it belongs and say the guy with the bat should have deescalated the situation and put the bat down when he was told (or to not have the bat in the first place).

  • IamGoen

    The prosecutor is the one that needs to be charged with being incompetent.

    • beorlingo

      @Darren L purely from what we se in the video, I’d definitely say it’s a questionsble use of force.

    • Moussa Ibrahim موسى إبراهيم

      Americans here who justify the outcome in this video, I have a simple question for you all: this sort of criminal and aggressive behaviour, which the man with the bat exhibited, happens everywhere around the world by people who might be mentally ill, under the influence, or confused and angry. Yet we almost only see this fatal outcome in the USA. In other countries the usual and expected result is much more peaceful and controlled, even when the suspect in question does advance towards the police officers with a bat or similar tool. How do you explain this differene in outcome to yourselves?

    • Jossnaz

      @beorlingo why do you feel it was questionable? what would you have done after having the gun out on point and he advancing with his bat?

    • KillDie RezRepeat

      The charge is Malicious Prosecution.

    • kenneth sørensen

      @Moussa Ibrahim موسى إبراهيم
      Because US is a gun country with agressive mentality .
      ( and he was black )
      true in my country they would grap him and get him down .
      it’s a bat and not a gun and they was enough to do that .
      pepper spray and get him down .

  • Ryan Rose

    I wonder if at any point if “Man Bun” in the background ever noticed what was going on 🤯

  • philip rodriguez

    Dealing with people is such a headache. This officer was in the right. So tired of having to here the bad guy needs to be catered to.

    • GB NoMore

      Bad guys lives matter too, those poor fellas! Much more than innocent people and police officers putting their lives on the line to protect the public.

    • Live 4Christ

      ?! That’s the most zombie like mentality you could have after watching something like this ?

      It’s not always about who’s the “bad guy “ so the other guy is the good one. That’s so immature and lame brained to me.
      Was the guy with the bat wrong… YES
      Did he deserve to die for wielding the bat….NO
      If you can’t grasp that then your loosing any hint of morality and basic human empathy smh
      That’s sad man people keep trying to “either or” a situation as if life is some sport where we choose a side to ride or die for.
      It’s sad and shows my so many people feel like their lives don’t matter. Saddened by the responses of this video. Shows that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way for people to be free from the delusion of social media

    • philip rodriguez

      There comes a point where you got to tell yourself if I act a fool there is consequences. Regardless of what you may think it wasn’t the cops responsibility to Baby this fella it was his job to deal with it. People either comply or they don’t. It’s not good to reward evil with sympathy. If I do wrong I go to Jail. Men are being sissyfied down to be emotional. We need to man up and take responsibility.

    • Paco Seagle

      America is an insane asylum but the patients are all in the streets

  • Rydal S

    Oops looks like California needs to outlaw bats now.

    • CryWolf Adam

      Did you know walmart sells BATS?!?!?! , hehe

    • CryWolf Adam

      @ilovehumvee get q concealed carry license for a bat, hehe

    • Jay Rod

      @Nicholas Cecil crazy people will always exist. They will find ways to commit crime. Why give them a tool that was designed specifically to be efficient at killing people?

    • J

      @Jay Rod Nope, he may have been able to kill up to ten, but given that there are individuals who have survived more than 10 rounds of 5.56, it’s also possible he could have killed none. Because he is in California and ar15’s are extremely restricted in that state. The magazines cannot be easily removable (without a tool), and anyone walking around with an AR in a Walmart in California is going to be noticed….

    • Jay Rod

      @J All the reason why assault style rifles should be banned in all states. This way there is no loophole to travel to a different state to get firearms. There is a reason why almost all mass shootings use the AR15. It’s the most efficient killer. As you can see, a crazy guy with a bat didnt do much but get himself killed.

  • Innis15

    “You shot him over a bat” “you shot him over a knife” “you shot him over some scissors” …. Yes people. Those are deadly weapons. Believe it or not they can inflict life threatening injuries on officers. Simple comply and drop the bat. BOOM that simple.

    • passius1

      @twm1452 Are you too dense to see they didn’t need to shoot him. He was not threatening any body at the time. There was no immediate threat to life. All they needed was patience.

    • twm1452

      @passius1 : He was still wielding the bat after being told to drop it multiple times. He was in the process of raising the bat when he was shot, what do you think his intent was?
      Not your body at risk, no big surprise that you are ok with someone else risking their life in the hopes they could finally deescalate.
      A better outcome could have been had, but that would certainly have resulted in the cop taking personal risk.
      It was his call, he chose to play it safe and go home to his family.

    • passius1

      @twm1452 The other guy also had his bat raised and he wasn’t shot !!!

    • twm1452

      @passius1 : Correct, he was lucky a cop (I presume) had the opportunity to ambush him from behind. And there was nobody within striking distance. Different opportunities, different conditions, different outcome.

    • passius1

      @twm1452 That’s why I said they didn’t have the patience. A opportunity could have arisen to take him down without shooting him.

  • Cainnech

    I was thinking the same thing about the OC. We call it kung fu in a can at work. So many cops avoid using it and they need to man up and deal with some secondary exposure because its effective as hell when used correctly

  • saucybantz

    All the people around who see an escalating conflict and a cop with a gun drawn and their reaction is to stay in the area or walk BEHIND the perp – you can’t fix stupid.

  • Angry Majik Family

    Imagine if a social worker showed up instead.. employees would be cleaning up blood from the social workers brain leak😒

  • Ilia Vachev

    What if he started attacking people…the reaction of these ”humans” will be a lot different.

  • Ryan O D

    “if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail”.
    We need a list of all of John’s sayings, they’re great.

  • Clear_gray_sky

    “Mostly peaceful unarmed little leaguer shot by cop because racism “- the news 2020

  • Chief Clashofclan

    Notice everyone else thinks right away the officer is wrong smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Shadow Suave

    “Drop the bat, man”
    “Drop the bat”
    “Drop the bat”
    3 strikes and he was OUT

  • Lucky Samurai

    California won’t need to defund the police—enough stupid laws like this and they’ll all just quit anyway

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