Bushcraft Skills: Hobo Reel Fishing Kit

In this bushcraft skills video I show you how to make a simple hobo handline or hobo reel for fishing. This is a great piece of kit for your bushcraft pack. It's small, portable and lightweight. You only need minimal gear to make one and it's a great bushcraft project for when your either out at your bushcraft camp or at home on a rainy day.

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* It is illegal to use a handline for freshwater fishing in the UK. But you can currently use them for Sea fishing (2020).
More info: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/national-rod-fishing-byelaws-for-england-freshwater-fishing-with-a-rod-and-line

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  • Stan West

    I saw a dude from afar fishing with this and he actually caught a fish and it looked like it was levitating and him waving his arms and ish I was like what kinda witchcraft is that lol

  • J. Hatcher

    I will have to add this to my list of projects I want to do

  • Lucas Donates

    You can use bamboo too.

  • Andy Black

    You can use a flat spool from child’s kite too. Easy to pack but it can’t hold any extra items. Here in the southern USA, I see Mexican men simply wrapping fishing line around their hands to catch fish. All your ideas shown here are really good.

    • TA Outdoors

      Yep or even a crab line can be used

    • Jim Dollens

      In Texas they used to call a Coke Bottle a “Mexican Fishing Rod” because so many were used for hand lines.

    • Luis Ruiz

      @Jim Dollens we did the coke can kite line at a lake in my home town (in south texas) and caught 2 decent sized fish. If it’s available and works go for it I say. I’ll definitely pick me up one of these in the video though.

  • Ash Outdoors UK

    Awesome mate, was looking into buying one, may well have to give this a go instead! Cheers mike 👍🏼

  • Clyde Morris

    Michael nice looking carve you did. Glad you caught a small bass. You’re right about if it’s a big one let it wear out first. Hey love it when Dustin teams up with you. Thanks for sharing Mike 👍 … Arkansas Clyde 🇺🇸✌️

  • TA Outdoors

    Hope you enjoy this short one. For those from the U.K., remember it is illegal to use a handline in freshwater rivers and lakes, but you can use them sea fishing 👍🏻

    • Saftey Shadow Productions


    • me

      @Saftey Shadow Productions because it is the law.

    • Sébastien C

      Thank you for your nice videos, and most particulary for your elocution ; you speak slowly and you articulate, so I can get all the words since I’m French. I looking forward to try the hobo fishing line, but I think I must be the worst fisherman ever : I even failt to catch fishes with a bottle trap ( but maybe the entrance hole was too big, and they gone out after eating some bread ). Hopefully, my meal that night ( last night actually 😀 ) wasn’t depending of that catch

    • me

      @thopkins22 misinformation?? this law was most likely implemented to protect salmon and those land owners whom earn money from them being caught. They charge by the rod. Poachers tend not to use rod and reel but handline and net or even barehand (tickling).

    • Steve Tagg

      It’s only illegal when you get caught 😂😂😂

  • chris osh

    Good to see someone else using the little sewing machine spools, for storing line and thread, I get them from a “Chinese emporium”, 4 on a card for about €1. I always have a few in my pack with different line and threads stored in a Lidl’s soluble vitamin container.
    I always have a handline in my kayak.

  • All Lives Matter

    👍 I grew up, in south Louisiana USA, and my fishing rig was a Dixie beer can 😁 Of course beer cans were made of tin and not aluminum back then.

  • yunk9

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Great video thank you.

  • Curtis Ep

    Super nice vid m8. As I live near a river & several creeks here in the US. Been looking 4 something like this. Always getting snagged up in trees & brush on the banks. Hoping this type will help.

  • Zach

    Hi Mike! You ever look into Tenkara fly fishing for your hikes? Really awesome tool for those fisherman who like to reach remote streams for that trout bite 😉

  • Thomas Gross

    When we was kids we used tin cans. I caught my first bass with one

  • زدني علمًا 2.0

    *No music..no talk..perfect show👌🏻..*
    *Thank you not putting unnecessary background music in here.*

  • Bob H

    Nice job. You’re becoming quite adept at these “how-to” videos! Thorough explanations. Nice job.

  • Rob Bell Outdoors

    Fantastic Mike. I’m now going to give making one a go. I’ve got the perfect place to use it and am going to target flat fish 😁. All the best mate. Rob

  • Andrew Linde

    That looks Awesome Mike 👏 I think I will have a go at making one of those in the next day or so 🙂 great video, really interesting & informative 👍 Take care & Stay safe my friend 🙂🙏👍

  • jake

    When are you getting back to the outdoors, its time for another build.

  • Peter Fenwick

    Hi again, it was myself and friend john who made the first hobo line you showed, i have improved it over the years, glad you are still using it lol , handy bit of kit to have, should last a lifetime. Keep up the good work👍

  • Damien Baker

    I’d be really interested in seeing how that float is made.

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