Building a Homesteading Community

Homesteaders are more powerful in numbers. 

From the earliest days of the homestead movement there have always been power in numbers. 

So how can you build your own homestead community? 

Join Nichole Sauce from the Living Free in Tennessee Podcast and myself as we discuss how to (and why to) build a Homestead Focused Community! 


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  • Phnx Rizn


  • Gregory True

    We are proud to be stepping out on to that tiny limb that is self sufficiency.
    Our community is found through an ever increasing list of homesteading YouTube channels. So much to learn.
    I was watching a video from Deep South Homestead – When they are gone, who will teach? A real jarring truth of the things I have forgotten and the things I never bothered to learn.
    Watching countless videos on what works a especially what doesn’t work. Books in print and online are filling a spreadsheet inventory of references.
    I do not doubt that there are hundreds of thousands, it not millions, of individuals or families that are searching out properties for a homestead.

  • tama yeager gibson

    We are in KY. We are looking to build a MUTUAL ASSISTANCE GROUP> (MAG) I want to get about 10+ acres. And have about ten families, move to that land, and WORKTOGETHER to be as SELF SUSTAINABLE as possible! I have been studying alternative groups for a couple decades now. They all seem to go about it the same way. They put all the resources in the pot, and divide up the work. They seem to never work. Or never work for very long. Or people never stay for very long.

    What I think should be done, is, every family OWNS their own home and piece of the land. They own their own animals and tools. BUT everyone WORKS TOGETHER, as if they are EXTENDED FAMILY!! THE MAIN DIFFERENCE, the SYSTEM I HAVE YET TO SEE, is EVERYONE OWNS THEIR OWN THINGS, and the ONLY THING put into the POT, IS THE BURDENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We will come together, and figure out how much of each item is NEEDED for all the families. We will then, DIVIDE UP THE WORK! One family, will provide eggs and chicken meat. Another will provide milk. The vegetables/gardens, will be grown in a rotation. It is MUCH EASIER to grow a LOT of a FEW CROPS! Than to grow a few of a bunch of crops! zit is MUCH EASIER to ONLY care for chickens, than to care for chickens and cows. It is MUCH EASIER to milk a bunch of cows, than it is to milk cows AND collect eggs, AND harvest chickens, etc. Everyone will decide what their family will be responsible for! We can buy ONE OR TWO TRACTORS! Instead of buying TEN! we can SHARE our tools! SHARE OUR WORK!! When someone needs a barn built, WE ARE ALL EXPECTED TO PITCH IN!


    DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS? DO YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS? EVEN IF YOU DONT HAVE THE MONEY< PLEASE DONT LET THAT STOP YOU FROM CONTACTING ME!! SOME THINGS ARE PRICELESS!!!! We will be buying land in a couple months (hopefully!) What I dREAM of finding, is someone who already has 100+ acres, who will SELL US A PLOT of that land! THEY will get our money, to put towards whatever the community may need! Instead of us going out and handing our money to someone who will simlpy walk away with the money! See the difference? And what a benefit if they are already established, and KNOW the land! I have not been able to find this situation yet. But we will be buying land anyway! AND WILL BE ASKING OTHERS TO JOIN US!! IF INTERESTED, PLEASE EMAIL ME!! LETS TALK!! LETS SHARE IDEAS EXPEriENCES, AND HOPES!

  • Homestead Rewind

    I agree learn how to be a plumber and absolutely learn electrical. Not only will it be done in a timely manner but it will save you loads of dollars!

  • G Mar

    Hey where can I find out more about her coffee? I’m a missionary coffee farmer in Honduras

  • Nees Argon

    There you are! I was beginning to think you had emigrated. 😬

  • Bookmark Monaco

    Next step and I’m not kidding is to build a private network for internal communication like how can we get prepared to face a situation where communication or even postal services can be interrupted. Signal repeaters and home networking can be very handy. No need to get back to morse code but something old technology reinvented. How the World is changing isolation is a very scary picture of the future.

  • Hidden Cove Farms - Ky Farm Life

    I love your channel and your ideas. I have been a fan for more than a year now and look forward to each video. You are inspirational to those of us that are new to a video camera wrapped in our everyday lives. Thank you!

  • John Butler

    Nichole, go fishing, but take some time to swim and enjoy!

  • Ptguy0618

    We just got a house on 2 acres, we wanted more land. But it’s enough to start a homestead. There’s also more land nearby we could purchase. Moving October 23rd from southwest FL to middle Tennessee.

    • Marilyn Mohorn

      Currently live in south Florida and looking for land in Tennessee area . Wish you and your family the best on your homestead!.

  • Pale Paws

    I’ve recently binge listened to all your podcasts. I have to say, it’s made me appreciate your channel even more. You’ve taught me a lot!

  • drew nicholson

    This is why we have the good ol boys mentality.

  • Country Man

    You have one of the most kind voices I’ve heard in a world suffering from the lack of kindness😀

  • jacob Dufresne

    Moved to VA from the north. Can’t find community anywhere. Tons of farmers in the area but none of them willing to share the knowledge they have.

    • Wolfbird Homestead

      You should find out what all these farmers need – and trade it for their food.

      Outsiders need to show how they make the community better.

  • d walsh

    I love your pure family videos. But 45 min video is too long for me.

  • Jona Briggs

    I love the thought of Homesteading…I couldn’t do it by myself , cause I have a hard time walking, or really moving at all without extreme pain. But some day’s I’m good…I wish I could live there with them 🙁

  • Asaan Britt

    Well Done. Went for the $20 tea. Good luck. Hope you reach your goal!!!

  • OGV Off Grid Venture

    Thanks for the great information, I have bought a 33 acre homestead and cabin and am working on living the dream of my childhood off the grid. It’s hard work but very fulfilling on a deep level. Community and knowledge is so important paired with experience trial and error. Subscribed

  • Doria Galeana

    Awesome interview . Yes really like her thinking.

  • PGHTechHomesteaders

    Just recently closed on our 6 acres in PA, a little late in the season to do any farming, and much to do on the home, looking forward to Spring 🙂

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