Browning 1911-22 Pistol Review

Browning re-engineered the 1911 to optimize the 22 LR Caliber and dropped the size down to 85% of the original Government Model. Very reliable and fun to shoot with the classic 1911 design.

***All shooting was performed at a professional range following all safety protocols
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  • Jared G

    Looks great, but…
    has Sootch ever met a gun he didn’t like?

  • Andrew Dalton Ray

    Just makes you wonder that if Browning is able to make a 1911 in .22 and .380 why not a 45

  • Super Comanche

    Was just looking up 22 1911 videos last night lmao thank you sir

  • Dwayne Christensen

    600 dollars is not a value oriented Gun.

    • That Dude

      @MVia No. It depends on the alternative options and/or extra features. And none of that makes this a value oriented gun.

    • MVia

      @That Dude like I said, price is relative to the buyer.
      A $600 pistol if well made is not out of many people budgets.
      This is a well made pistol.
      If you don’t like it or its price, don’t buy it

    • That Dude

      ​@MVia – Then you’re destroying the concept of ‘budget model’. If anything, a budget pistol is relative to the price of other pistols in its same category (which is somewhat constant), not relative to the range of funds of buyers (whose variance is infinite).

      Case in point, I can afford just about any gun I’m interested in, but there are many I don’t buy because they’re not a good value. Or better yet – anyone can afford just about anything a McDonald sells, but only a handful of items make it onto their ‘Value Menu’. At this point it’s not a gun issue, but a matter of objectivity. Price being infinitely relative comes off as some postmodernist or pseudo-socialist demagoguery.

      You can even flip it the other way around. a Boeing 747 for $1 million is way out of my budget, but would still be great value while not being a budget model within the category of airplanes. Anyway, this has nothing to do with the original coImment at this point. I just found the concept interesting.

    • Mike Williams

      $429 at CDNN

    • chad haire

      @Mike Williams Colt Walther 1911 is only $325

  • Mr. D6

    Everybody always scratches the gun putting the slide stop back in. These are great little pistols. Great video. 🇺🇸

    • Bruin 4570

      Yeah … when you see the wear groove from people doing that , they call it the ‘ idiot mark ‘ lol 😂 I have to laugh because the first time I took down a 1911 , I did it !

  • Guy David

    In the 1970s , I was fortunate to be able to find an incredible deal on brand new Browning Hi-Powers , from Belgium yet , in beautiful hardwood cases , I like this 1911 plinker

    • 4catsnow

      Life was good in the 70’s…found a Colt MK IV Series 70 and the Colt .22 Conversion Kit to go with it…still have both.

  • Aaron Hine

    You’re the man Sootch! Love from a Carolina boy, born and bred

  • Ken Lobe

    I bought one for my wife as a new shooter. She took her first introduction class and received the gun as a gift, I thought she was going to cry for joy. We have shot all brands of ammunition without any problem,. I’ve had a lot of fun shooting this gun also. Thanks for making the video. Love your information videos.

  • Dan N

    My dad just picked one up. I haven’t shot it, but it had a very nice fit and finish!

  • Mark C

    It’s been on my list for a few years now the gun stores are empty.

  • tony lawrence

    Brother, my gun shop has a compact browning from the early days..I want it sooo bad, but don’t have the money, Yet ! 😢. ❤️🇺🇸👍. Yes, a compact 22lr

  • fgallope

    Love mine. Very Nice pistol and a joy to shoot at the range. FYI, the manual says not to dry fire it as doing so will cause damage.

  • William Sabin

    Have had mine for quit a few years. Great little pistol, love shooting it.

  • Gavin M

    Me : this is fantastic.
    Checks Price
    may as well just go cry in a corner

  • Michael Hedgepeth

    I Like It, an Now I Want one! Thanks for the share 👍

  • Lochan Acres

    I have one of their 380 versions and love it.

  • Dong

    I’ve always wanted one since it came out, but its 500+.

  • Scripzing

    That in the compact with Stingers, old person conceal carry.

  • Denny Wood

    I have two of the black label models, I bought one for my daughter and one for me. Good thought but my wife took mine so have ordered another one.these browning pistols are excellent and very accurate.

  • bannanapancake

    I bought one and it’s a plinker for sure, but it works flawlessly. The only complaint is the plastic spring guide, but that can be upgraded.

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