Beyond prepping and survival … to building

Much of what is talked about concerning prepping and survival is in ensuring we live through a catastrophic event. While that’s important if something like that ever happens, what isn’t thought about as much is what we’ll need to do once the period of shock has worn off and people are alive, but not really living. That is the time most would start to think of building again, or rebuilding.

While that would be the case with a major event, the truth is, at this time we’re in a far better place to prepare for something major going wrong, than we are to build something that replaces a broken and diseased civilization. Prepping for survival alone isn’t enough. We want to not only survive and remain alive, but also to once again – thrive.

For that reason we need to think of a new civilization now. Just like it takes time to think in terms of being prepared for almost anything that may come our way, we also need to start thinking in terms of what happens after a catastrophe, and how we can start considering an alternative to what exists now.

If we have no ideas concerning what we can do to provide an alternative, we won’t start to change now by developing skills that can be used to build a new civilization, a New Creation Civilization.

When we look at a potential societal collapse, it triggers us to think of skills and creative ways of dealing with it. If we do the same with building a new and alternative civilization, our God-given imaginations and guidance of the Bible and Holy Spirit will generate many new ideas that can already begin to move us in that direction.

Just like someone caught in a crisis and isn’t prepared to deal with it, so it is for those caught in an opportunity to show a better way, and aren’t ready to step into leadership and responsibility.

I remember years ago watching in amazement as the Soviet Union collapsed, and later hearing of many people calling for Christians to help them build something different. Unfortunately, Christians were, and for the most part, remain, bankrupt in this regard. That needs to change.

The salvation of God is comprehensive, as is sin. That means since sin permeates all of the world in every area of life, it has an impact on all areas of life. Yet the same should be thought of concerning salvation. Jesus taught us to pray that His kingdom come and will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Time after time God is identified as Lord of heaven and earth.

These aren’t meaningless phrases and ideas; they’re based in reality. All things will be subject unto Christ, and we must live, operate and act in conjunction with that inevitable completion of God’s purpose for the earth. That means thinking in terms of progress in history and developing expertise in a variety of areas, as a people, to bring health and healing to the nations.

One of the identifying names of the followers of Jesus Christ is the body of Christ. That’s because we all have a specific function, and it’s one of our purposes to discover and develop that calling, primarily for the kingdom of God.

We need experts in all areas of life that learn and operate under the guidance of the commands of God as revealed in the Bible. Also, we must learn how to apply the underlying principles of the requirements of God across numerous disciplines and categories.

I see us needing to learn defensive skills in areas of prepping for disasters – both large and small, and also developing skills to learn how to survive in the aftermath of those disasters. Almost all of these skills will be mostly used in personal and localized situations.

And if some huge disaster does come, the skills we learned and used at smaller levels, will serve us and those we’re with in more difficult environments. The development of skills for smaller emergencies prepares us for major emergencies as well.

That’s not enough. We must go beyond thinking defensively and think in terms of offensive measures. I’m not, for the most part, talking about getting into gun battles to protect turf or supplies here, I’m talking about starting to build an alternative civilization now, starting with small changes that, over time, add up to large changes.

A lot of this is starting with ourselves and our children if we have them. We are to develop a Biblical worldview and model it before our children, grandchildren, spouses and friends, and from there teach them to understand and obey God’s commands.

Once those commands are understood, than they can be thought through and applied to all areas of life, including education, entertainment, science, all types of governments (including primarily self-government), music, the arts, business, banking, economics, and any other segment of life that comes about as a result of interacting with one another.

The world and its illusory view of life is disintegrating around us, and as it gradually loses influence because of not being based in reality, we can be ready with an answer; by the lives we live and the words we speak.

God has always had this in mind for His people. This is why numerous times in the Holy Scriptures it mentions a new creation, new heart of flesh, New Jerusalem, and similar expressions that mean God will conform a people to His image, and that image will be seen in their lives across the world.

This is the glory of God that will be seen, and is talked about in the Bible. God’s glory is His own, and He is everywhere. As the Scriptures teach, it’s moving on a people to turn from their sins and walk in His ways, that is the ultimate purpose for creation in this age (Ez. 36:22-38).

My belief that God has always been moving toward this end, but is helping us see it clearer and is accelerating it in our lifetimes.


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