Best Ways to Train and Learn Survival Skills in All Environments

How to think when considering learning and training in regard to survival and prepping in almost all situations. Taking into account the environment you’ll be living in, adapting to emerging situations, and learning the major skills, tactics, gear and tools needed to handle anything that comes our way, is the key to not only surviving, but thriving under difficult or threatening scenarios.

The key is to focus on one skill or tool at a time and master it. Voluntarily putting ourselves and our families in different scenarios, such as camping and hiking, provide opportunities for challenges to arise or be orchestrated, to teach and learn how to adapt and respond to them as they emerge.

Whether a big urban area like NYC, the mountains of Colorado or Oregon, the frigid cold of Minnesota, or the hot, dry desert of Arizona, the skills needed to stay alive and thrive can and should be learned before a catastrophic event catches us by surprise.


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