Before This Cow’s End, We Celebrate Her Life

For the last 3 years our cow Ladybug has inspired many families to get their own family milk cow. Today we look back at her life one last time.

Thanks you to all who wrote us letters and sent videos. They were very touching.



  • Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy

    Youngun’s I cried and I am a strong proponent of your decisions.
    Thank you for the awesome, positive video.

  • Freds Odyssey

    Know this is hard for your family. So very sorry. We’ll miss you, Ladybug!

  • Persimmon Hill Farm

    That was such a wonderful tribute to sweet Ladybug. I am praying for y’all. I know there will be lots of tears but she was definitely a special girl.

  • Jannie Gordan


  • Katie Black Market Marvel

    I remember when you introduced her on the podcast. I cried. She did give so so so much. What a beauty she is and was.


      why did they kjill her tho

    • Katie Black Market Marvel

      @BACKYARD HACKER because in the end her disease would make her waste away to skin and bones and potentially infect the entire herd. It was the most humane and loving thing they could do.

  • Brenda J. May

    Thanks For Sharing LADYBUG With The World!
    Sorry Fof Your Loss🙌😔
    She Will Be Missed💔😔 Much Love & God Bless ❤

  • Sasheena

    When my husband and I first got married, we moved to a rural community on the outskirts of Phoenix AZ. Our first home was in Phoenix and we drove 45 minutes to and from our job teaching in Buckeye Az. Part of being newly married was that there were a lot of things that my hubby learned about me, and that I learned about him. We drove past numerous dairies during our drive to work. I always wondered about what they thought — the cows that we passed every day. We spent many a lovely bonding hour driving to and from work in that first few years of marriage. Cows were an integral part of that. Once we moved to the small town, we didn’t spend hours driving past dairies anymore, but it was a defining part of our first 2 years of marriage.

    We just celebrated our 19th anniversary. 14 years after we got married we moved to a small rural community. Hubby retired from teaching, but I continue, and drive past beef and dairy cattle along the way. Since the Covid Lockdown, I’ve discovered that my greatest peace is found in watching YouTube channels like yours. I have come to love your Ladybug. I’d like to have one someday, but that is unlikely to happen. Ladybug’s gorgeous eyes have really struck me in the videos since you shared with us the diagnosis on Ladybug. I’ve been thinking about the morality of cow ownership and the uses of these animals in our lives. One might delve deeply in the morality of raising livestock, but what has struck me the most is your decisions on how to draw a conclusion to her beautiful heart-touching life and her impact on others. As an animal, she can’t understand the deeper meaning behind her diagnosis. She only understands whether she is happy and fulfilled or if she has an aching need. And it is clear to anyone with unbiased spectacles on that Ladybug is or was one of the happiest, most contented cows out there. What she KNOWS is your love. You connection with her. Most creatures raised to serve the needs of humans live lives that vary from a prison system of maximum unhappiness and discomfort to a life of utter luxury. What these animals KNOW is how they FEEL and it’s obvious that Ladybug felt happiness for every minute she was with you. She couldn’t have a wonderful personality without your influence. And because she could not know the deep issues affecting her life, what is truly beautiful to me is that she lives her life, since she came to be with you, in peace and harmony. Happy and content with her life. When you no doubt escorted her to her final place on earth, she was no doubt filled with the love and happiness you’ve given her so unstintingly in the time you’ve know her. She’s happy, stress free, just living her life.

    I watched some Vegan videos (accidentally) this last weekend, and they kept wanting to paint a false equivalence. IT made me uncomfortable. But what I see you doing is giving Ladybug the biggest best gift any animal can have. Happiness, serenity, free from disease or injury. She will be a happy cow all the way up to the moment when you do the most humane and loving thing possible, by giving her to opportunity to give back to you in the only ways she can. Since she doesn’t know what’s coming, she is unstressed and happily looking around. Who, among us, would NOT like to have a happy life until “The End?” How respectful you are of her life and impact on yours. I know that there are those who will be appalled at your butchering her for the flesh. But to me this is the most extraordinary love you can demonstrate. Not only have you celebrated the “person” she was in life, but you’ve allowed her death to be more than a simple tragedy. I’m sure your throat will close up in emotional chaos when you consume a steak or whatever. But know you’re honoring her life by making sure that her passing results in the greater good for your family. It’s waste and cruelty that make some in the cattle industry treat their animals wrong, but most of them care about the happiness and dignity of the cows. To live a happy life, healthy, mother to two calves, admired and loved by her people. How many would love this life, especially if ended in the absence of stress, anticipation, or cruelty. You are a testament to the life of Ladybug. Thank you for sharing, and I apologize for the length and the typos.

  • Up North Adventure

    There’s a difference between just being a farmer and being a great farmer. Great farmers care and feel from the ❤️. You are great farmers.

    • Swetha Chowdary

      lol the first sentence i heard from him is, “if male slaughter house, if female, then we will use for milk”. I do not see heart or love. I see greedy and $$ (cha-ching)

  • Ashley Bonick

    I am here because of Ladybug. I found Homesteady while researching cow breeds and you guys sold me on the Jersey (but really, who can resist those eyes?). I came for the cow facts and stayed for the journey you take us on in every video. My husband has started watching with me (here and there- but it’s a start!), and we are starting our search for a farm soon. Regardless if I decide to have a milk cow or just a pet, there will be a Jersey on my farm. We are all here for you and feeling your pain. If all dairy cows were loved like Ladybug, the world would be a better place. I wish you the best of luck and strength during processing, if you have not already done so.

  • Tiffany Chambers

    Lady Bug was my inspiration…that is how I found you, when I started my journey to find our first Family Milk Cow, you guys also were on your journey too. I feel like I am saying goodbye to one of my own…the tears are falling and the heartache is real. Thank you all for sharing so much of your journey with us, and thank you Lady Bug, for all you have contributed to our lives.

  • The Davys do stuff

    More cry face emojis 😭😭😭 even with all the heartbreak I’m sure she was still very much worth it

  • Lisa Vanvalkenburgh

    This is to Kay, it’s my heart that leaps within at your throat that tightens, wanting to celebrate, mad at the world of sickness and decay, raging at the process of death when life that brings life is almost the only thing worth fighting for. Your first dream cow, first Lady of the barn… I’m sorry. Of course, Austin and the kids grieve terrible too – but I’ve been behind that face you had on this video and several times at that with my first… my beloved friends with fur and the eyes that looked into mine and said, “You’re home”. Much love to you, and the family. As for Ladybug, she will always be my favorite cow ever. I’ll not have another. I won’t be able to watch you put her down. I’m sorry, it’s not lack of loyalty, my heart just can’t do it. I’m 50, I’ve done it many times, I can’t join in this time. I honor and admire you guys and your approach and decisions. I will always be supportive. I tried to contact an artist I know to do a portrait for you. At this time she was swamped till September, but as soon as she is available, I’ll be paying for her to do a portrait of Ladybug for you guys. Much love…smiles and blessings…

  • Rita McCartt-Kordon

    I can’t imagine how hard this is. My heart goes out to all of you, especially K. This is her friend. I remember watching her milk Ladybug. Both content in their trust of each other. My heart breaks for you. GOD bless

  • Saprenna Mills

    I held off watching this video. I knew it would tear at my heart. I’m not even half way through and I was right… bless her.

  • Heath W

    I *so* get what you mean about getting attached to the animals around your homestead. I grew up on various farms (we were cottage tenants, not farmers), but as an adult I was still reduced to tears by the euthanizing of my son’s pet mouse when she got a tumor behind her eye. I have so enjoyed sharing your journey and ‘spending time’ with you and Ladybug. She will leave a big gap in my firmament as well.

  • Wilma Gregory

    Every time I see a cow now I see them with new eyes because of ladybug. Sweetness and love is what she showed your family and they to her. I’m going to miss that beautiful face and not sure how long I’ll cry thinking of her and how unfair life is. I too suffer a life ending disease of cancer and I felt an attachment to her as we both must face our end soon. If love could keep us alive then Ladybug and i would live a lot longer. My heart fills with pride in your family as i see that same love shared there as well. Many hugs and good wishes for you all as you honor that sweet cow by keeping her meat to feed and nourish your family. Much love, peace and respect. Blessings and fair well to LADYBUG.

  • Alexis McGuire

    Homesteady, 😭😭😭😭 This pregnant girl can’t handle it! I love watching LadyBug, and she has inspired us, to get our own Jersey! Coming from the city and discovering your channel, we have moved into the country and want to start our own homestead! We will be getting a Jersey in the next few weeks, thanks to you and Ladybug! Our kids want to remember Ladybug always by naming ours Ladybug! My thoughts are with you guys! I can’t imagine 😭💔 Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story and memories with us through the years! She was a good cow, and I can only hope that we can get a cow half as wonderful as Ladybug has been for you!

  • Susan Francis


  • Intentionally Made

    We just got our first goat in milk and I learned that every few ounces, pouring it into a mason jar kept it safe from those kicks. I hope one day I can get my Jersey dream but for now goats fit our family with little ones. I loved seeing this tribute to Lady Bug. It made me cry. We endure so much in homesteading and every moment is worth it, even the touch stuff. I’m so sorry y’all had to go through this but the lessons and growth is life giving to so many others moving forward in this lifestyle. So thank you for sharing and for your time. Blessings.

  • sue yancey

    Tears,. very sorry for your loss of Lady Bug. She is a special cow!
    This was a wonderful tribute to her life and your journey with her.
    (I had to put my10 yr old dog down in March and now my 19 yr old cat this July)
    They are family whether they are domesticated or homestead farm animals! God Bless you and your future endeavors

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