Beautiful Sand Pears are GREAT for the Deep South

We are settling in to our new homestead and the neighbors have some beautiful sand pear trees. Definitely worth planting!

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  • How To Garden

    Nice, get some growing from seed .

  • Steve Betker

    Thanks brother. I have never heard of a cooking pear. We have that tree and I always thought that pear tree was worthless except for the critters. Lord Jesus Christ bless you always. John3:16.

  • shashakeeleh

    Glad you’re all well. I’m a dessert pear person. I do like sand pears, but just don’t want to have to cook them every time.

  • Deborah Engesser

    SO great to have you back in Florida my dear neighbor, and doing videos again. I’m not too far from you… Ichetucknee Springs ☺️ God Bless 🙏

  • Livesout Doors

    I live near a military base in Arizona and the military wives planted canning pears. At least that’s what I was told. They were huge and green and hard as rocks. I packed them in straw in garbage cans in a feed shed and they ripened over a period of months and were awesome. I wasn’t into canning back then although I wish I had been. Those pears were the size of grapefruit. Since then many of those trees have been cut or died.🙁 I need to go back and see if there’s any left.

  • Allan Turpin

    Just when you think Ds mentioned every fruit tree in Florida…

  • Quincy Fry

    Nice! When you get all settled, would love the chance to buy you a beverage and say hi!

  • Lauren Is Great

    So tough to figure out when to pick the pears / at what stage, and how to treat them. My pineapple pear gave me fruit this year and I put it all in the crisper on July 20 until I started to see brown spots in early September. Ended up freezing and blending them for “pear muffins”. Please tell us more about pineapple pears and how to eat them!

  • LRW Greenthumb

    What a magnificent pear tree! So many good things can be made from the fruit… I absolutely love Pear preserves🍐🍐

  • Karen B Hill

    I can’t believe you finally moved back to FL and immediately got hit with a hurricane! Glad to hear you’re all safe. Enjoy the pears!

  • Derek Clawson

    These pears are awesome! I found a wild tree this year here in Gulf county FL. Picked three huge rounds of pears off the tree and my wife did make pear sauce and can pear quarters. Turned out great. I did eat many out of hand. They are hard and grainy but still decent sweetness. I’m not picky and liked eating them fresh though most probably wouldn’t. Will be visiting the tree yearly now at least until I get some growing on my land.
    I worked in bay county for awhile and next to our shop there was several eating pear trees. One tree has soft out of hand pears that are bigger than quart Mason jars! Someday I’ll snag scions! Fortunately hurricane Michael didn’t kill that tree.
    There’s a pear already in my yard when I bought it. Good eating pears however I get like 1-4 a season. Not sure why it won’t hold its fruit? Healthy tree but perhaps too healthy? Hear pears don’t like too much nutrition right? Maybe I threw too much grass clippings around it.
    Anyways I’m here in Gulf county David. If you move anywhere close I’d totally come help you put in gardens or whatever or just plant geek out. Let me know.

  • DeAnna

    Glad to hear Y’all are back in the states. God bless you and your family.

  • Alejandra Jeldrez

    I had never heard of these. Thank you for teaching us about them

  • Derek Clawson

    Also if you need reseeded with all the perennial edibles hit me up. Got longevity, Okinawa, sisso, African potato mint, African blue basil, katuk, chaya, Suriname purslane, etc. Plus tons more!

  • New Tunes For Old Logos

    Glad you made it safely through the storm. I bet “no power” doesn’t even seem like that big a deal for you after your sojourn in the jungle.

  • Here&NowOnly111

    Glad you’re well! Don’t go too far off the grid this time. Requirement: good internet haha 😉

  • William Villar

    I have those varieties you named off, Flordahome, Pineapple and Baldwin; bought them all this season and on clearance to boot! I definitely need a sand pear or two and have the room for them. Definitely good canning pears and it’s nice to be able to open a jar in winter and have some with shredded cheese on top after a savory meal.

  • marthale7

    Welcome back neighbor.

  • xstrumzz

    I’m in Daphne Alabama and Im watching this because my neighbor also has a sand pear tree! He gave us a bunch of them right after the hurricane and ofc this was the first video I found! What a coincidence haha! Hope you guys are staying safe, we just got our power back on!

  • Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia

    We have a Kieffer pear tree, which is typically used for cooking and making stuff like pear relish, but it can also be eaten fresh. It’s supposedly a cross between a Sand pear and a Bartlett. I added a Moonglow pear this year which is supposed to be a softer pear that grows well in the south, so I’m excited to see how it turns out.

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