Back in Florida in the 10-Year-Old Food Forest!

I was working in the Great South Florida Food Forest Project and my wife told me I needed to film a video. So here it is.

Florida Survival Gardening:

Create Your Own Florida Food Forest:



  • Demetra Shelton

    Know you have a ton going on right now. Thanks for taking the time to post a video using just the equipment you have on hand which I assume is just your cell phone.

  • Allan Turpin

    Lots of new additions to the food forest. Had to watch again since I missed a few bits chatting.

  • D Shannon

    This could’ve been full of 🥒’s! Daaang, that mango tree!

  • Melinda Schneider

    You moving up north? North Florida or North North? Glad to see you are doing well and family too. 😁

  • Our Florida Garden

    Yippie, y’all are home. I don’t know why but that just makes me feel better. Blessings.

    • CherieM Vidal

      @smart viewer The First Coast (Jacksonville area) is a better bet than down South due to them getting hit with hurricanes more often the we in the Northern FL area do.

    • smart viewer

      Thank you 🙂

    • Melissa Burton

      @smart viewer I’m near Gainesville, not too bad. We still get a little winter (😂 not that you’d notice I’ll bet) August is the worst. Great for gardening

    • Nonya Damnbusiness

      @smart viewer If growing food is what you want to do; you’re much better off in Indiana where you have soil.

    • smart viewer

      Thank you all for your suggestions. IN does have soil but it needs lot of amending (could be true for so many areas though) but it’s a short growing season here and I simply hate the cold lol. Plus grand babies are in FL 😁

  • Farisa Smith

    Have a jamaican cherry tree. In fact I have three. And since I planted it I’ve seen more beautiful birds in the yard. It does taste good too. Also have jaboticaba ( red hybrid) and Malay apple. Trying to also grow citrus and avocado trees . Since the coronavirus, friends have been stopping by and giving us tree seedlings and we them whatevers in season. People really looking out for one another. It’s been great. Hopefully, be the end of this pandemic we’ll have a decent food forest in the works. Hope your move brings you closer to your friends, family and your goals.

    • Farisa Smith

      @A Fishes & Loaves Life No, got seeds from it’s about 6 inches tall now. I don’t know if their website is still up.

    • Farisa Smith

      @A Fishes & Loaves Life did you try any other online nurseries? may have them and a couple more I can remember. Just check the ratings so you don’t get ripped off.

    • Farisa Smith

      @A Fishes & Loaves Life Pete Kanaris may be who your talking about. He also has a YouTube channel.

    • A Fishes & Loaves Life

      Farisa Smith Thank you, for your answer, oh, no it was not Pete Kanaris, love his channel, he and Melissa his wife do an awesome job with their videos. He had a red too though but it sold out then too. lol Thank you, they are slow growers so I was hoping to get a head start. But then I spent my money on other fruiting plants, so I will have to save up again. lolol

    • Farisa Smith

      @A Fishes & Loaves Life Good luck. Hope you find one.

  • Parvez Husnoo

    Wecome back home. So happy to see you there in the food forest. The 1st video from you that I watched was from there.

  • Rachel Hall

    Very cool! I pray your family can put down quick roots so you can work on growing! That may be a little selfish on my part.. pray for me as well😋! It’s good to hear from you. Y’all’s little booger is to precious for words!

  • Brusom Bear

    So cool good to see you safe and well at home in murica! Even if the economy collapses you’re knowledge of food growing skills will be worth more then gold! and perhaps we will be treated to a musical event as David The Good Bard in your latter years!

  • Gama Yeesah

    Please do a short vid about citrus, you said you told your Mom not to plant one. I started some lemon trees in pots and I’m getting ready to put them on the ground. Oh yeah I’m in ocala

  • Diana Garren

    I’m so glad to turn on the computer and see you’ve posted!!…and that you’re HERE!

  • Adam Cadovius

    Oh not to live with an HOA.

  • Jewel Ciappio

    I own and live in a home in the city of DeFuniak Springs (panhandle area). I want to work with neighbors here to edible landscape the whole city. We should start a school. ❤️

    • Charles Byrne

      You go for it Jewel. Inspire your neighbors. I’ll keep an eye out for classes in Defuniak. I’m in Crawfordville so not too far away. We have an HOA, but I’ve been doing most of my stuff in the backyard behind a fence. I just started buying fruit trees for my food forest. I had been doing a little vegetable garden and holding back because of the run of hurricanes we had the past few years and before that I had other excuses, but it was way overdue and it make me happy to grow some trees and things that will last past the growing season.

  • Tytyvyllus

    Thanks DTG
    I wasn’t expecting any content so soon.

  • A Fishes & Loaves Life

    Awe, man I missed the first episode of the official new season of DTG, “ Living like a native South FL permaculture survivalist homeschooled scientist in your old food forest backyard”? Bummed!..well, at least youtube is easier than on demand cable. Thanks for this Rachel. 🙂

  • Lina Draney

    Good to see you and the original food forest! I have some of those big tasty avocados your tree refuses to put out… maybe you should taunt it with its failure… they say plants have feelings…

  • James Paganas

    Happy you decided to film! Very cool. ” Consumerism :'(” haha

  • Livesout Doors

    Thanks for the tour. What a sweet baby! Bless you all and be safe and well!

  • Colleen O'Leary

    Welcome back Goodman family! May God bless your new adventure and open the doors to a good home and great soil!
    Now can you reveal the secret location in the tropics? My suspicion, for various reasons, is near Boquete, Panama.

  • Bonnie Buchanan

    Nice to see a post from You/DTG, I’ve caught a few of your past FL videos & Boom! You were in S’Merica?, watched a few more there & Boom! You’re back in FL?!..*smiles*..

    Well, No matter where the wind blows You & Yours, I wish You all the Best & Every Success, and I look forward to watching You grow..literally & figuratively…*smiles*

    I got so inspired by Your in place compost & use nitrogen fixing I thought to do the same in our yard (what there is of it), but then my mum pointed out a little faux pas in my just put it all around the base of something else Idea from you..I’m in Louisiana & we have snakes here ..a LOT of snakes here..& I can foresee them loving those cozy soon to be very warm versus the cold fall weather outside piles of leaf litter stacked at the base of trees/plants, except, Snakes+Humans don’t mix well when the snakes are more often than not of the poisonous cotton mouth/water moccasin there a way or is it even possible to do the chop and drop method without drawing in snakes to the leaf litter piles? Any thoughts or suggestions other than ‘Suck it up, Buttercup that’s Nature’..??..Thanks in advance!!

    Oh! & I’m working on buying a food grade bucket w/lid (should be easy to find right? Not! But a story for another day), bcuz I’m so doing the fish bits decomp soup!!.Your let it decomp various soups were inspirational..*smiles* .I compost in place in our raised bed every 2wks or so w/shrimp heads, or fish bits & green veggies+paper towels cut up, a little Azomite water & just cover it all well w/soil+worm castings & the plants love it, they just burst w/growth until I do it again! *smiles*…our okra plant is so big Ppl have stopped to ask what plant it was and they are amazed it is an Okra (w/dinner plate sized leaves, a 3”-4” around stem) and gorgeous yellow flowers & Yummy okra too! want to do the decomp soups and see the growth I can get from them..*smiles*

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