Avoiding DANGEROUS Compost!

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  • Jayne James

    Disrupt my mycelium… Hahaha!

  • Yoav Krayn

    Point Taken! Perhaps there is an opportunity here. Growing herbicide/pesticide free straw etc…

  • Gerry Clough

    You’re not in the deep South, I’m way further South than you 🤣 [Melbourne Australia]
    Dangerous/contaminated compost, manure, and mulches are a huge silent issue down here.
    I got contaminated by horse manure from a guy I know who didn’t use chemicals on the horses or paddocks.
    He unknowingly bought in hay that had aminopyralid in it.
    Now, whenever I bring anything into my garden including big store potting mixes etc. I do a bioassay before I use it.
    I wish more people knew and got active over this issue.and I’ll do what I can to spread the word.
    So if you’ve got time, you can still grab whatever inputs are around and later use them.
    I still think manure is the second-best fertilizer after compost, but you need to check it first.
    I don’t test pea straw if I buy it because legumes are one of the worst affected plants, so no way it’s in there,

  • Sue Young

    Hi David, glad to see you. I guess living in the good ol USA has its ups and downs. I couldn’t figure out why stuff I planted here in my Arcadia homestead croaked, horribly. Upon inquiry of the local electric company when I noticed a dead zone along my road, I was told they only sprayed four kinds of defoliant throughout the neighborhood ; “Matador” being one. (Aminopyralid)
    They kindly neglected to avoid my well. It’s directly across the street from the sprayed area and impossible to not see.
    They mail me a monthly newsletter letter telling about all the wonderful ecological things they are doing for the environment. Hypocrites!!!
    So, back to start. You keep me motivated. Thanks for the music.🎶🙏

    • Kathy Stuart

      Add me to the list of those hit by mushroom compost. First time it was great. Two years later I tried again but could only afford enough for half of my garden. You guessed it. In that half I had stunted curled leaf plants. Before I bought it I checked the components and it all sounded fine. Looking back the one questionable one was horse manure. Probably slipped in there. This was several years ago. I knew it was bad medicine,I just didn’t know what kind.

    • Sue Young

      @Kathy Stuart I feel your pain. After all the hard work and due diligence, you still got whacked. My next door neighbor has a huge pile of horse manure. Three or more years old. I experimted with a small amount… Nothing will grow in the soil it’s in. Grrrr! Why would anyone want to sell something so evil!?

  • Zachary Pinegar

    Holy cow I count 21 commercials in a 1 hr stream… well played youtube

  • Sharon L

    So informative, thanks for sharing this info.


    Well I’m one of the people that ends up giving compost away I’ve already given 10 shopping bags full and I’m getting ready to sift another compost pile and a lot of that’s going to be going, in between chop and drop and two compost piles I have way too much and I know pretty much the sources of nitrogen but what is the source of the P in N.P.K.

  • Dusty Splinters

    Thanks for going over this, more and more gardeners are becoming aware of the Grazon issue.
    My Hay supplier tells me he does not spray.
    So our Horse Manure should be OK.
    I did bring in 8 yards of Mushroom Compost and did not loose any plants this season.
    My main concentration has been piling on Arborist wood chips. They just take allot of water and time to break down.
    I think contamination has allot has to do with concentration as well.
    How thick you pile on the tainted manure or compost and if you mix it in or leave it on the top.
    I believe If you plant grains (you mentioned Corn) on contaminated soils and wait 6-18 months it breaks down.
    I wonder how much will also get picked up by different plants and should they be disposed of as Toxic Waste?
    Lots to think about and we all should hold sellers of compost responsible and request Aminopyralid testing.
    Do a test of compost in a tray with something fast growing like Beans. might take 2-3 weeks to see if they are OK.
    Keep up the good work…

  • Spreckledtips

    Good info. People in my part of California would probably buy the big box store manure trying not to use other fert trying to be more organic. I have done this in the past. I find a little bit of my own yards chop and drop and a little bit of purchased elements is better by far. 📫

  • Jane Badon

    I’ve had good results using the compost from the Magnolia Springs Landfill.

  • Prepsteading With Disabilities

    Yep, Danny at Deep South Homestead had that happen to him last year. He bought a bunch of hay that had Grazon in it. Ruined his plants he had in his greenhouse from using his cow’s manure plus the pasture they were grazing in. He was sooo upset. Vicky

  • Ramthian Thomson

    5 us it’s my favorite chanal. So sorry my English spelling is very poor David 💋

  • Skippy

    Hey David great video, you would be proud of how I compost, nasty no rules bins heavily covered with dry browns to hide any smells, not a pest, rodent or smell problem yet and the neighbours are happy to pitch in and leave me scraps by the door 😁
    I do however compost my cat poop, I made a stand alone plastic worm bin and the resulting castings will ONLY be put into my flower beds, it will never see my food crops to even slightly contaminate them 😁

  • Ben Vincent

    so i have been putting store bought straw in thicken coop. and throwing it into my compost with the manure. what are my chances of being screwed?

  • JF

    Off topic but recommend you start putting your videos on rumble.com Also, I have had problems with manure compost from home depot.

  • johnny0253

    hello david!!!!,,,, i sent you a copy of my soil report from logan lab……remember you said you would look at it for me??,,,,,,,hopefully its not as bad as your soil !!!!,,,,, i hate to go buy all those amendements!!! lol thanks

  • Angel Epic

    Does anyone know how long these herbicides DO “percist” in the compist/soil?

  • Evelyn Mitchell

    I found that out this year, none of my plants that were mulched with hay thrived. Everything was stunted. I had the worst garden ever!! I only had a small garden anyway but the only thing that survived were my sweet potato’s but even they were small. I didn’t cover them much with straw because they can handle heat and drought pretty well. I was devastated. No one could give me an answer on the hay though.

  • Arthur Dickinson

    The local hay where I lived always had weeds in it…
    If there are any weeds in the hay, then it might be safe?

  • Bill Gavin

    Compost, what about laser printed paper…toner?

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