Anti-COVID measures protest in London [STREAMED LIVE]

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  • Inf Whale

    Free Julian Assange!

  • Dawn Cunningham

    Should head right round to Boris Johnston home

  • Michael Angelos

    Let’s not forget that the people who started the revolution in the United States of America were a bunch of pissed-off former Englishmen.

  • S.A.H.B 5

    PM Joris Bonshton needs to be in jail along with the medical experts.

  • Michael George

    Fact: batons have not appeared at any other type of protest this summer apart from anti-Lockdown.

  • Di Garcia

    I support these demonstrators, from a u.s. citizen!

  • Youtube Freak

    The Police need to realize that they are also part of the 99%… Do they really think that the Uber Elite will spare them and let them live in their privileged Brave New World Order… Once they’ve served their usefulness they will be discarded like the rest of us.

  • Warriorwales

    All because of Gates, Dr Fauci, Rockerfeller Foundation and co, as well general ignorance it come to this stage.

    • james mcbride

      @Marco Creen agreed marco. Suppressed tech. Look at nikola teslas work. Look at dr bob becks work. Blood electrification and pulsing devices cure- flush pathogens from human body as does o3 ozone. Tesla cured jp morgan snrs wife of cancer early 1900s using ozone morgan suppressed it as it could not be patented and was virtually free in costs thus hitting his big pharma stocks. Thus WHO- FDA- BMI are all corrupted money machines much like top unis cantab. get a virus zap jack up on ozone zap it out why study most mainstream immunology? Oh students get into debt- central banking agenda.

    • madelena1234

      Boris sold the Uk to those monsters!!

    • Warriorwales

      @madelena1234 Combination with help by those that laid the foundation like Thatcher, Blair, Cameron, Major, Brown and others.

    • Double u OhEnA

      @madelena1234 at this stage of their wealth and power and planning, it’s easy for them to take much control… As we are seeing…

    • Marco Creen

      @james mcbride Yes indeed, I know all that, but alas 99% of people, err sorry, zombies, doesn’t. Just check out for example the biography of Tedros Adhanom, the head of WHO; that creature is corrupt(ive) to the core.

      The society as we have it now was already doomed long time ago. They’ve (intentionally) made our lifes so hectic, and reducing the goal of our life to “paying the bills” (I remember the times it was a shock when you’ve heard some one have two jobs, novadays that’s like mandatory (for the middle and lower class) to survive in the USA). The goal is to simply don’t have time for anything else, and thus you simply don’t have time to form authonumous thoughts. Heck, we don’t have time anymore to even raise our own children, so The State abducts them at age of 4, and then brainwash and indoctrinate them through state educational system ie. drill them how and what to think ie. primarily that they don’t think (with their own head), and what and who to believe. So The State raise up our children, not us, the parents, and ofc it make a zombie slaves out of them, another generation which will silently and obediently “pay the bills”.
      We as society are drilled not to resist to current situation ie. to what they’re doing to us, but to comply.

      The rabbit hole goes very, very, very deep, and have many meanders. Most people simply couldn’t (mentally) take it how deep it goes. Just to throw in another bone to chew on; the frequency of G5 technology is practically identical to the sound frequency US Army was/is experimenting with as a potential weapon.

      @Warriorwales – Thatcher, Blair, Cameron, Major, Brown, Johnson are just puppets.

  • Mark Mak

    It’s is so sickening that so many brave people are being blatantly ignored by this power grabbing government and gutter MSM. Outrageous that the whole of our country is being denied the truth and option to see what’s taking place in the fight for all our freedom.

  • Joe Adam

    Event 201 covid is satan’s plot just like wwı and wwıı: they all were rests for the next dystopia.
    Now they bluntly have a book called the great reset.

    • Infidel Apostate

      been in the works since Clinton was fiddling his Grand Gurkha in the Oval Orifice…

    • David

      Their is a actual prophecy from 1321 that states in 700 years the good people will return this was said by the last holy! man Guillume Baptiste in Spain on his death.. So in August 2021 somthing will happen.
      Look up the Cathar prophecy and their was 5 crop circles related to all this in 2020 they started appearing in France, England and Italy check it out all true events the French Army came out to the one in France.

  • Manfred Franz

    Protests in Germany getting very big day by day. Tomorrow is a big one in Berlin. The news will not inform the world.

    • They're Distorting Your Rhthym 119

      BEWARE:ALL protest leaders internationally are subtley pushing covid death govt narrative so to waterdown any public pushback on restrictions

    • They're Distorting Your Rhthym 119

      @Infidel Apostate avi yemeni = govt e begging shill
      worked with israeli defence force
      shills covid death govt narrative
      shills all tewwwa attack/shootings psyops

    • Infidel Apostate

      @They’re Distorting Your Rhthym 119 oh course he’s shilling for zion. doesn’t mean his reporting is false, just slanted, like everyone else.

    • soph petr

      In cyprus its getting less and less day by day :((

    • Dark Orchid

      Too many people jumping on the bandwagon just seeking self glorification, they have no real insight into what this virus 🦠 is or how deadly it really is

  • Douglas Helliwell

    We show the government, we are the 99 % they are the 1 % they work for us, never ever let Johnson Handcock forget that!!!!!!!

  • yjohnny99

    God bless you all British people !!!!

  • Al Bondiga

    *BREAKING NEWS: More & More People in UK are Waking the Fook Up.*

  • Patricia Shaw

    The world is waking up now ,we won’t be consenting to these crimes against humanity.

    • Aaron Aarons

      @Narcissco Capital Which crimes against humanity are you talking about? Maybe the willful failure of politicians like Trump and Bolsonaro to take measures to stop the transmission of SARS-Cov-2, the COVID-19 virus, and to tell the truth even when they knew it?

    • Jens Wehmeier

      What a bullshit, those on the street simply cann’t process in their mind that their behavior at best extents the time we have the situation.

    • sargent pepper


    • Narcissco Capital

      @Aaron Aarons What virus are you talking about? You mean the Virus with the 99% survival rate do you?

    • Luke Atkinson

      Aaron Aarons you’re brainwashed mate. Covid 19 is the Trojan horse for the great reset.

      They plan to take everything from us, wipe the worlds debts. Take all your property and savings.

      You need to wake up and fast, all the info is available start with the world economic forum.

  • Rajkarega Khalsa

    Inject gates and fauci with all the vaccines

  • Luis Lupianez

    No more PLANDEMIC, nos $ORO$, no more lies nor CRIMES AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS.

  • Amigo dawn

    Police are traitors to the people.
    They have no conscience and are enforcing corrupt government lies?

    • Marie Holoub

      I wonder if they have been giving some kind of vaccine or something to make kill their feelings, their souls….
      Police uses to be so kind and nice back in the 70’s but gradually they all turned into robotslike.

    • Bitwa o wolną Polskę

      Police in the service of the Illuminati satanic sect – walking brainless cyborgs!

  • disi4h3

    RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government
    BBC is a British public broadcast service…..Should read..
    BBC is a state propaganda broadcaster whose presenters have all been “vetted” by MI5

  • Mark

    CASEDEMIC is being created by BAD TESTING that creates over 90% False positive test results

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