An Officer, Delivery Driver, and a Pedestrian Stop A Suspect

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  • Guillermo S

    In England yes most bad guys don’t have guns 😁 in the states I would have second thoughts about it in Brazil hell no


    Last time I got Uber Eats the salad was a mess and the pizza cheese was stuck to the lid. It all makes sense now.

  • Occam’s Razor

    UberEats: “I’ll teach you to give me a 2 star rating😠”

  • tony stark

    Plot twist: The uber eats driver just want to deliver food to the suspect.

  • Azmodee

    I’m literally waiting for my Uber Eats order to get to my house while watching this… I suddenly want to tip extra.

  • Jason Jackson

    I didn’t help a cop but I helped a store owner in a very similar situation as this vid.

    The thief ran out the store and the store owner’s son, who was a friend of mine, ran after the guy. The thief doubled back and I was about 10 yards away and he was running right towards me.

    I am pretty decent sized – 6’3” 225 lbs and I used to play defensive end and I was setting up to hit him like I would with a running back.

    When the thief saw me prepared, he stopped and gave up😂😂

    • Ryan Coldiron

      Bluuuue 42, bluuuuuuue 42! Set..hutt hutt!

      Perp- nope

    • Average Caucasian Shark

      @mixedgrain as he’s passing you, you could push them in the hope that their own mass and sudden change of momentum caused by you, throws him off kilter.

    • joe

      Get low. Wrap up. Football 101. This guy was setting his feet like he had played rugby before. Rarely seen in NFL these days.

    • JCruz P

      I played guard and I’m short so I was always pushing them big boys out the way thank you for being above 6’ lol all you gotta do is grab the shoulder pads from the chest area and extend your arms and it’s easy money from there

  • Juicetheeunuch

    Everyone making fun of Uber eats driver and dont realize he’s an undocumented, off duty Brazilian cop.

  • Chris Redfield

    Peter parker chasing the guy but his pizza did not make it on time.

  • Michael Lynn

    “Dress for the slide, not for the ride…” I’m not a motorbike owner, but I enjoy your aphorisms – whether you made that up or not… LOL

  • j Stadtler

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the uber eats guy was fired for helping.

  • Nomorenamesful

    The most satisfying moment of my entire life was clothes-lining a guy running from the cops. His shoes actually came off.

  • Jeff Moore

    He’s not the driver because the car is backing up when they come back.

  • Eddie

    This is the best Uber Eats advertisement ever. Uber Eats: To protect and serve

  • LA Raine

    Even the granny wanted to get involved. Don’t be a criminal in Dundee!

    • Twinned with Jim

      Scottish people are a different breed lol. I used to date a Scottish girl and somehow lived to tell the tale

    • Tingalish

      @Twinned with Jim as a Scottish girl im proud of you surviving.

    • Twinned with Jim

      Tingalish 😂 why thank you! I’m currently in counselling and looking to start a support group for soft southern Englishmen who survived like I did.

  • Matt Rader

    Answer is “hell, yeah!”
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -E.Burke


    This doesn’t beat the shopping cart bowling perp stop, but still a great showing by the people that were there.
    I do believe that I would help in the right circumstance.

  • Quorive

    I feel bad for the Uber Eats rider, he’s the one that did all the cool James Bond chasing stuff, but in the end, he’s taken down by some dude just standing around. To add insult to injury, the elderly woman kisses and hugs the dude while the Uber Eats rider walks by to go fetch his bike lying in the middle of the street.

  • Algo

    “Order up”
    “Justice is SERVED”
    “Compliments of the chef”

    Really hope he said at least one of these 😂

  • shannon11590

    Great tag team work by all three men, together with that big appreciative hug from that sweet little lady! Wow, as a retired police officer I’ve tackled a awful lot of suspects over the years, occasionally getting some welcomed assistance from a Good Samaritan or two which is always great as long as I knew they were actually there to help me!

    Nonetheless, i don’t remember ever getting a hug from anyone after catching a suspect, to include after handcuffing, searching, transporting, booking into jail, completing and submitted incident report, and (possibly) attending criminal court at a later date, etc. However, I’ve still never been offered a hug while working, however I’ve always got a welcoming hug from my wife and kids at the end of each day that I was fortunately able to go home to my family, as so many great officers have sadly not been as fortunate!

    God Bless all of our Blue Angles who continues protecting us each day despite all the crap they are put through these days, and I wish I could still be out there with you all, but maybe someday Ill be in the right place at the right time to help an officer tackle a suspect!

  • Tom William

    When I was walking my dog one day I stopped watch police officer search a girl’s car acroos the street she was in handcuffs standing by the trunk of the car. While the officers body was in the driver’s seat looking through the center console the girl started to step in place nervously and I said to myself self this girl’s going to run . I watched her slip out of one of the handcuffs and start the Run cross a four-lane road during lunch hour. She ran directly towards me. I moved slightly to the left to block her pass then as she continued to run towards me she went to pass me on the other side so I stuck out my foot and tripped her. she landed on the ground and I jump on her not realizing the cop was right behind her and we both landed on top of her. The officer brought one arm around to her back as I held her head to the ground with my arm across her neck, i brought her other arm around the other side she kept telling me to get off me get off me your not a cop because I was the only one she could see at this point I said honey you’re right I’m not a cop but you’re under citizen’s arrest. The cop laughed and handed me the handcuffs and told me to cuff her. It was the best day ever. Now I know why police officers do what they do exhilaration and the adrenaline running through my body what’s the high like no other. However the next day I was sore as hell. Oh by the way that was when I was 60 years old. When I got up and started to walk away I didn’t realize everybody came out from the store that I was standing in front of and was Watching the whole thing. I got up at asked the officer do they need anything for me you said no my dog and I walked away not expecting a thank you or congratulations. The best day ever in my 60 years of life. Later in the news I read There was an ounce of crack in the car and a handgun.

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