American Medical Association Against Right to Bear Arms – Silent on Murderous Abortion

American Medical Association has no problem supporting the murder of the above.

The American Medical Association is a hypocritical abomination, as it turns against the freedoms of the American people in regard to the 2nd Amendment, while continue to engage in the butchery and abuse of babies via abortion.

Abusing the parameters of its purpose for existing, the organization not only went against our constitutional right to bear arms by calling for a ban on assault weapons, it also went against protecting children in public schools by going against the most obvious, effective and immediate deterrent to an active shooter: arming teachers and other workers to use deadly force against the perpetrator.

We now see latest organization to be taken over by SJWs and liberals, with the one doctor calling the small number of annual homicides using a gun, a disease. It’s not a disease, it’s an evil person that has chosen a gun as the means of harming another. Obviously, if it isn’t a gun, it would be something else, as the knife crisis in the UK confirms.

With an article saying the AMA caved in to “unprecedented demands from doctor-members to take a stronger stand on gun violence…,” it reinforces my conclusion that a group of gun control SJWs are pushing the organization to abuse their power by pressuring members to go along with their anti-American agenda.

As for rising suicide rates, maybe they need to look to themselves and their, in some cases, borderline illegal prescriptions they dole out to get a financial piece of the action.

The number of deaths using a gun in 2016 was reported to be under 40,000 in 2016, with about 66 percent of those being suicides. Actual murders are far less than implied by the AMA, coming in at about 11,000 in a nation of well over 300 million people.

Here’s what the organization called for:

– Support any bans on the purchase or possession of guns and ammunition by people under 21.

– Back laws that would require licensing and safety courses for gun owners and registration of all firearms.

– Press for legislation that would allow relatives of suicidal people or those who have threatened imminent violence to seek court-ordered removal of guns from the home.

– Encourage better training for physicians in how to recognize patients at risk for suicide.

– Push to eliminate loopholes in laws preventing the purchase or possession of guns by people found guilty of domestic violence, including expanding such measures to cover convicted stalkers.

You can see what it’s obviously attempting to do here. When you use the various scenarios listed here, all that would have to be done would be to get SJWs and liberals in the judicial system to tack these labels on gun owners, and they’ve effectively made an end-run around the Constitution and the right of Americans to bear arms.

All that said, many of these murderous hypocrites say nothing of their support, and in some cases, practice, of murdering babies via abortion.

They are the infectious disease that needs to be dealt with, as almost 900,000 babies in the U.S. are murdered every year at their hand. They need to have the tools of their brutal trade brought under the control of the law, and many of them brought to justice for being the mass murderers they are.

Based upon 2016 data, there are more abortions in 6 days in the U.S., than murders using a gun for the entire year. With almost 900,000 murders annually in the U.S. via abortion, it’s the American Medical Association, and others like it, that need to be brought under legal control and punishment. They are the virus. They are the epidemic.


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