America Descends into Tyranny

Authoritarianism is here and Americans are either asleep at the wheel or they just simply don’t care. Perhaps, the freedom that we’ve had for so long is now being taken for granted. The Democrats want all the power, all the control, and they will let nothing get in the way of that. Whether it’s tracking your every move, censoring your free speech, or even forcing you to get jabbed; they are going to change your way of life and make you obey, or else…Dana Loesch bends the knee on how America is descending into tyranny.

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The First exists for the massive group of Americans whose voices have been ignored. The people who are passionate about American values, aren’t afraid to engage big ideas, and who care about where the country is headed. The people who are conservative in their views but aren’t beholden to any party’s talking points. The independent thinkers who rely on things like the facts, context, and perspective to inform their ideology. The people who, although they form the backbone of this country, have been cast aside by the politicians and the media.

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