Alert They Are Weaponize Digital Currency For Dollar Collapse !!

The American currency debasement is being driven by China's efforts to create a digital currency insurgency in the global financial system. Beijing has been stating loudly and clearly that it intends to bring the dollar down, and now, the most recent valuations show that the western nation's leverage in fintech and its imminent issuance of a digital currency will surely disturb the dollar monetary supremacy.
In this sense, the final coup for the US dollar collapse may arrive sooner than it was previously thought. Additionally, a recent IMF assessment indicated that China has already overtaken the US as the world's largest economy. That's why today we will explore the implications of the latest Chinese actions that will likely sunken the US economy further down, while China becomes the new supreme global superpower. So keep tuned, and please don't forget to give this video a thumbs up, share it with friends, and subscribe to our channel if you haven't already.
The Chinese government has been making a concerted attempt to internationalize the yuan for years now, and their main goal has always been openly declared: to challenge the dollar for monetary dominance in international transactions. So far, the western superpower has taken several steps to prompt yuan use as the central bank's reserve currency and support its enaction in international trade. Right now, the nation is on the verge to become the first major country to develop a sovereign digital currency, which is being perceived as a technologically superior form of money.
Beijing's actions and public statements presenting its target to unseat the dollar have sparked debates that reference the Chinese efforts to internationalize the Chinese yuan.
According to Forbes' economic strategist Steven Ehrlich, this situation points to a different type of struggle between the two superpowers to define who will be crowned with the title of owner to the most impotent currency. In a recent article, the expert suggests that China is waging a digital currency insurgency in the global financial system and, specifically directed to affect the primacy of the dollar.
The western country has also been the front-runner of the central bank's digital currencies with the development of its "digital yuan", which will soon become the first sovereign digital currency issued by a superpower economy. The release date for the digital currency hasn't been confirmed yet, but the government is hinting that it will be out very soon.
In addition, the digital yuan has made substantial strides. For example, since October 5, it has been used for transactions worth more than 1.1 billion yuan, which configures roughly $162 million, as part of a series of pilot programs underway across the country. In one of the most recent tests, Shenzen authorities will donate $30 worth of the digital currency to residents through a lottery program for use at nearly 4,000 merchants in a local district.
The expert notes that this is important for many different reasons. First, a successful launch will further enhance China's reputation as a global leader in financial technology, achieved through the global expansion of chief technology platforms such as Alibaba. With the digital yuan, the country is attempting to push its progress to a whole new level by developing a technologically superior form of money.
Second, the possible benefits that would arise from the extensive use of their digital currency, such as better control over the economy and more targeted stimulus measures, will strengthen your economy as it recovers from the disturbances boosted by the sanitary outbreak. Lastly, after concluding these two initial steps, they would have the power to largely discredit the United States, while expanding China's global footprint.

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  • Don Grand Master

    This B.S called digital currency will be the new enslavement tool. All those crypto currencie will be banned and criminalized and only legal digital currency will be the one issued by governments.

    The only way forward is gold / silver (or any other real money base valuation). This way nation’s will have control on the value of their currency by physically controlling the base valuation, and must importantly get out the vicious cycle of inflation caused by printing baseless Fiat currency.

    • Tyson Bailey

      @Juznik they don’t want Swiss bank style crypto.. It will eventually be outlawed.

    • Juznik

      @Don Grand Master The government is not the people – clearly. Just a utopia… More coercion isn’t the solution

    • Juznik

      @Tyson Bailey And have we seen anything in action yet? All I see is just cheap scare tactics

    • Don Grand Master

      @Joe B yes , tax on individual income is a rip off that lands eventually in a private bank account. Furthermore, any form of tax on purchases / consumption In essence is a penalty on human acting on his natural need to spend on living.

      What is needed is to recognize that government as the responsible body entrusted by the nation to administer the state affairs must have its own means to be able to deliver on its entrusted responsibilities. This brings up the point that government must have its revenue generating assets.

      Right now the only income generating assets for the government is citizens who they tax on every aspect of their live. This is a theft legitimized by socialism.

      By re-taking control on currency printing, we will wipe out large portion of taxes in this country.

      One point to think about it: all the dollars printed by the Federal Reserve to fund the pandemic aids, where do think it ended up? It ended up in the biggest scam casino in the world (stock market) to make the few gamblers richer than before and we and our grandchildren will pay the bill.

    • Adnan corner

      @Joe B what is the NEED to pay taxes for public projects government ask 2% of development tax from income annualy thats it… instead of fatties sitting in government offices doing dang sh** and are burden to society.. 150 years ago there were no taxes and still societies functioned..

  • Thomas Crown

    The USA has been a horrible steward of “The World Reserve Currency”. It’s time for it to fail.

  • Andrew Barley

    Guys, It’s all by design…Agenda 21…. Global Cashless society.

    • Intelligently Stoopid

      @The Conspirator88 maybe, but not everything is a conspiracy to undermine our freedoms

    • Susan Kelly

      @Intelligently Stoopid Your firearms will do you no good pal!! I hate to break it to ya because hate ya to be in shock later you aren’t a match for what’s to come!!! Hahaha. That’s why we wise and smart people get right with our SAVIOR!! END TIMES JUST LIKE JESUS PREDICTED 2 000 YEARS AGO AND HOW NICE OF HIM TO WARN US SO LONG AGO!!!

    • Intelligently Stoopid

      @Susan Kelly i never intended for the firearms to save me. Im just using them to do a little bit of “gods” work, before its my time to go

    • Susan Kelly

      Not to upset anyone but when I was 9 years old the Holy Spirit told me numerous times that the Asians want a Spiritual war with us!!! He told me it will be bad then showed me how the whole world will be involved in this WAR, he said ” This will be your future my child when you reach old age, but fear not because I’ve overcome the world!!! What he showed me in this vision made me cry and tremble!! He reassured me he will not allow harm to come on me!!! I’m now 66 years old folks and what is going on now is old old news to me as I told lots of people what to expect when I was this child!!! All my life my family ANF friends died laughing at me but now they got a new attitude!! They said Good God the Chinese hate us and you were right!!! My memory is so clear even 55 years later of what God showed me!!! The Spirit kept saying in my mind telepathicaly ” Reveletion!!! Reveletion!! I was a brat saying “”” No no I see a revolution taking place and I never heard the word Revelation before!!! Got big news for ya folks and that the Chinese Gov is very sneaky and they are here in America right now with hidden equipment just waiting for attack like no other!!! Please people don’t make laugh anymore with bragging of your ammo and guns!!! No way can you out fight the Chinese Warriors so please your weapon of attack is the word of God and accepting our Jesus as Savior!!! If you believe me fine and realize I have nothing to gain by my troubles with the comment thus taking up my time!!! But I get JOY out of sharing truth of your future because if it’s my future then it’s your as well. Haha

    • Intelligently Stoopid

      @Susan Kelly <--- nutcase extraordinaire

  • Robert Sherrill

    The beast is at the door👹

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  • aj b

    Go into any store and show me one item that isn’t made in China.

    • John True conservative

      @jimmy rios
      I have never watched 1 second of CNN in my life.
      I do not watch any MSM news.
      I have not read a newspaper in 8 years.
      It’s all propaganda
      CNN is propaganda for the left
      FOX is propaganda for the right
      Your ignorance is showing

    • John True conservative

      @jimmy rios
      How about HIS stuff?
      MAGA HAT? Shirt?
      Maybe a Trump flag? Banner?
      Or maybe a Trump tie? Suit?
      All of Trumps merchandise is manufactured overseas.
      Every single item,
      That’s a little hypocritical from the man who claims to want to bring manufacturing back to the USA!
      And a lot dumb on his supporters for believing his nonsense.

    • Jeffro

      Meet me at the front door. Be sure to wear some comfortable shoes, because we’re going to be there for a while.

    • ke7cat

      Local honey


      It used to be made in japan… China is in the chess game, too, making moves for survival.

  • CuriousMode

    they are all in it together to have one global currency. that’s why the media is silent. not really about USA vs china. Also, in China, corrupt government officials with lots of cash build empty buildings just to meet the economic goal assigned to their region.

    • Blitz B

      That’s the ghost city myth. They build it so that rural population gradually shift to those buildings. Most ghost cities of the past are now fully occupied. They don’t remain empty forever.

    • CuriousMode

      @Blitz B there are over 50 such cities with an occupancy rate of about 10% as of last year.

  • radar 211

    Well, get ready for war. The US won’t let anyone outcompete.

    • Michael Jason

      You mean a fake staged war?
      …cause that’s what its gonna be ..
      Everything is fake and staged in this world… …and all countries are in on it… …you can’t pull off a global hoax pandemic unless they’re All in on it… …dont any of you see what they’re doing???


      War is the only way for US and China ?!?!? War again bank !

    • Remo Gaggi

      The moment China blows American ships out of the water when the US starts beef in the SCS, and countries do not back the US up, the collapse of the economy would happen imminently and with devastating effects.

    • richardscathouse

      @Talksense Yes, sez the USA warmongers,
      China has moved on, to new markets and getting out of the USD as fast as they can.

    • neil tighe

      Can you hear it yet?…..its hitting the fan.

  • Jim Burns

    I believe the term is: “They are weaponizing!” Are you a troll from afar?

  • Tony

    the Voice is here every thing is fine

  • richardscathouse

    LOL! Like the US is not a one party state? Stupid old man! We’re not fooled!

  • rose corcodica

    China is a sleeping lion, Napoleon once warned. “Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.” Nearly two centuries later, this lion is not only awake, but roaring.

    • Marc Zhu

      @rose corcodica well i visit it personally and they agree with the government. +Ask Chinese tourist if they agree to their government.

    • rose corcodica

      @Marc Zhu they don’t have other way

    • Marc Zhu

      @rose corcodica that’s only your opinion.+ They try to leave nobody as homeless compared to USA and most other failing countries.

    • rose corcodica

      @Marc Zhu I lived in communist in Eastern Europe for my first 21 years and 10 in de “democracy “ after “revolution” and I know we did not have any homeless everybody had a job .

    • rose corcodica

      @Marc Zhu so they agree or not cause I don’t know that’s why I said they don’t have other way . I don’t think they agree but .. what they can do ?


    This title:
    “Alert they are weaponize digital currency” is very bad and poorly worded English and it makes me think that these videos are not from an American origin

  • Incurable Romanticist

    “They Are Weaponize Digital Currency.”

    Is that like, “All your base are belong to us”?

  • Jebril Fitch


    • mike weston

      i dont think any religion nor jesus will save any one…this hell thats coming, all you can do is get prepared for the next ten years, most won,t make it.

    • Susan Kelly

      @mike weston Excuse me but educate yourself please because I feel these are the end times as the Bible warns!! Gee. 2 000 years ago my Savior explained. All that is happening today he predicted!!!! Yes!! Pretty accurate I’d say. Read revelation and focus on truth. Good luck and realize Jesus isn’t our enemy. Hahaha

    • mike weston

      @Susan Kelly @susan kelly i don,t know what planent your from with your religous antics.

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