A Terrifying Turn of Events for Our Cow

We've been waiting for our Jersey milk cow to calf for 9 months. She's been due any day for about 5 days but we weren't prepared for this.

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  • Deep South Homestead

    Beautiful calf

  • Lee Martin

    Seeing this gives me a whole new perspective on the mental, physical and emotional energy it takes to raise these beautiful animals and gardens! Thank you for teaching us non farmers. Bless you and everyone watching.

  • Living Life

    Jerseys always seem to have calcium issues as soon as they calf, their body just leeches all of the calcium out of her body and dumps it into the milk. Many cows will die from it before the owners realize what happened. This is a good video for new cow owners to watch.

    • Alejandra Jeldrez

      Resting Bitchface how do you treat it? Can it be prevented by giving a supplement?

    • Chris C

      This happened to our Ayreshire last year. She came close to dying. She couldnt get up for a week. One fo the things that helped save her was a pair of hip hoists. I hooked them up to the bucket of the tractor and picked her twice a day just for a few minutes. Eventually she was able to stand on her own.

    • Gumboots And All

      Not always. We’ve almost finished calving our 280 jersey cows for the year, and we’ve only had about 5 with milk fever. We find it’s only an issue for over 5yos. We always supplement with Mag pre calving and Mag and Calcium post calving. They generally bounce back really quickly. Just like Hope did.

    • Tarn Sand

      Yes I have always heard that of Jerseys as well because of mass amount of milk they produce before birth of calf.

    • k c

      As soon as I dry off my Jersey, I give her poor quality hay (within reason) until she delivers. This trains her body to draw calcium naturally from her bones rather than her gut. Haven’t had an incident of milk fever in many years now. I do keep calcium IV handy just in case.


    I am soooo happy that Hope is doing well. I was on pins and needles watching this. The Calf is Beautiful. Congratulations Hope.

  • SS Knerr

    I can’t imagine the stress you were under while Hope was being treated. Thankful for a great vet who arrived so quickly and your newest addition as well. Prayers for you two, Hope, and the baby. God bless all of you.

  • Heaseba

    Aww Sorry you missed it. Sneaky girl!!
    You can prevent the issue of milk fever by providing a heavily pregnant cow with Dolomite lime, unrestricted.

    • dian Iron Feather

      Never had cows, but always gave my goats a calcium supplement just before and after kidding.

    • Carol Reid

      Dolomite has Ca & Mg, limestone only has Ca generally.

    • Gumboots And All

      Yep or some mag chloride dissolved in her water trough or as a daily drench mixed with molasses. Then mix Mag Oxide and limeflour with her feed or sprinkled on her grass once calved.

    • Kathryn Johnson

      Spring in New Zealand. Traditionally used Dolomite at calving time but finding Magnesium sulphate in feed (approx 50gms) for couple of days. Awesome response.

  • Cd James

    I didn’t know I was going to feel so emotional about a cow! 😭

  • Herb Houston

    Congratulations on a ” new member of the family”? I’m so glad everything is looking better now! I hope she continues to improve and this just becomes a memory that’s far outweighed by the good feelings of watching the calf grow and being able to enjoy the many dairy products Hope will provide for your family…

  • tall32guy

    Seeing a sweet and calming thing like hope with her calf is such a respite in this crazy world and crazy times. Thanks so much for showing it to us! ❤️ good video

  • Brian Honaker

    I”m a grown man and I teared up seeing her so lethargic and not well. Thank you guys SO much for filming it. It almost feels like she’s our cow too lol

  • MK hunts treasure

    Praise the Lord for large animal vets.

  • LilChi1964

    That was so emotional, she’s not my cow and I’m sitting here crying for her. I’m so glad Hope is doing fine, her baby is beautiful. God Bless!!

  • j. lee

    I had such a close relationship with my dairy cow I named her Mama. The morning she delivered I had gone out to feed. She was laying on the ground with a low moan. I was there when her calf was born. She just laid there didn’t move didn’t get up. I took a towel and cleaned him up a bit then I picked him up and moved him to her sight. She slowly lifted her head her eyes got bright and she was up in a flash! She was making a noise like oooh oooh and started cleaning her son.

    She was so excited. Then Mama got milk fever and despite early treatment she developed mastitis. Mama couldn’t have anymore babies. She lived out her life grazing in the pasture. I still get tears in my eyes when I think of her. Of all the animals we have owned she was just special. They have their own unique personalities she owned my heart.

    So happy things worked out well for you. The smile on your face says it all.

  • Zara Knightley

    Some dairy’s give a calcium bolus straight after birth. Might be worth looking into for the future

    • Sue and Pete Peterson

      Watching when you was talking about breaking up clay soil esp in your sweet potato garden. I tilled in agricultural gypsum. It made a huge difference for a few years then repeat. Check it out. Pete Peterson, north central Texas.

  • Jackie Kitchen

    I cried when Hope stood up. Thank the Lord.

  • L. Sieu

    Please consider watching “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” episodes. You might have recognized the symptoms much faster and recognized the danger earlier.

    • Hodson Look

      Hello dear how are you doing today, Wonderful and beautiful flower in this world, what makes you fill happy or makes you happy??

  • Virginia Jorda

    What a good girl. Every Jersey owners worst fear at calving. Bless you guys!

  • Chris C

    I had a cow go down for a week last year with milk fever. Eventually, we got a pair of hip hoists and picked her up twice day until she could stand on her own.

  • MyYouTubeChannel

    You’ll need a [Be] [E] [F] t-shirt now.

  • Andre Plamondon

    Terrifying Turn of Events is a strong expression but deceptive manipulation is a fitting description of how the expression has been used here. The exaggerated smile was a red flag that your subscribers have be gullible and willing victims of manipulation with low IQs to continue to come back and listen to your videos with purposely misguiding titles. If you can’t grasp what I am saying, its like looking at a food store flyer that says that the caned corn is 50% off starting tomorrow for the week. When you get there as it opens the next morning, you find out that they have absolutely no canned corn in the store for the next two weeks. Terrifying Turn of Events got my attention but you lost my trust. I think that a lot of other intelligent people will also unsubscribe. Bye!

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