The Extraordinary Purpose God Has for Man in This Age – #5

In this 5th article and video of the series, we’ll look at how God’s delegating of authority to His people leads to taking dominion on earth. We of course must accept responsibility, prepare, and eventually take action, yet it all starts with God’s purpose and creating man in His image, which includes taking dominion of planet earth.

As God tells Adam and Eve in Genesis: Have dominion over the earth.

Psalm 115: 16 reiterates that, saying: Earth is given to the children
of men.

Psalm 47:7 says, “God is king of all the earth,” but He rules through His
delegated representatives.

Micah 4 tells us that former dominion will come to Zion, reinforcing
the fact dominion is still a key part of the image of God in man.

Psalm 149: 5-9 adds that His godly ones judge people, nations and kings.

Psalm 72: 8-11 says, He will rule from sea to sea – all nations will serve Him.

You can’t separate His rule and dominion from His people. They are one and the same. Mankind have been made responsible for the earth, and with the empowerment of God, are given the tools, gifts, character, and Spirit of God, to accomplish God’s will for the earth.

Here are some excerpts from Isaiah 2:

Mountain of the God will be established as chief mountain.
It will be raised above hills. (other nations)
Nations will stream to it. (primarily locally)
Nations will be taught His ways, that they may walk in His paths.
Law will go forth from Zion, Word of God from Jerusalem.
Will no longer learn war.

All of those mentioned above are a reference to the people and nations of the earth looking to God’s people for guidance and instruction. That will come as the followers of Jesus Christ truly bear His image and model His life on the earth.

That will result in the acknowledgement of a superior culture that is attractive to all men and women of good will.

All of this is the result of God creating or birthing A new heaven and earth, and responding to the obedience of His people in walking in His ways, and once they do that, are ready and willing to pass on God’s teachings to the rest of the world seeking them.

That’s dominion. It’s nothing new though. As Jesus included teaching the nations to obey His commands in what is called the Great Commission.

We are to first obey, and then teach. The people of God will one day be a true, pure light to the nations. They will have dominion on the earth and teach others how to do the same.

Along with having His character and walking in obedience to His laws, dominion is the other aspect of the purpose of God in this age for His people. It will be fulfilled.

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