12 Survival Gadgets That Are On Another Level

Mankind has always survived through some of the most unprecedented times in human history. From the Ice Age to the various assortment of plagues, survival is something we humans know like the back of our hands. However, as time passes and mankind advances, so do all the threats to our existence, which is why the methods of survival need to evolve considerably. From laces that light up like fire to backpacks as sturdy as a charging rhino, and a water purifier that makes the dirtiest water clean in a second, today, we're counting down 12 Survival Gadgets That Are On Another Level! Let's get started with the video!

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12. Fire Laces-https://bit.ly/3iuNRlW
11. Cache Survival Belt-https://bit.ly/2YqjwxV
10. Rhino Ready Companion Backpack-https://bit.ly/3BctDVg
9. EST Shovel-https://bit.ly/2ZYLMbt
8. Life Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag -https://amzn.to/3D3UweC
7. Schrade SCHF31-https://bit.ly/3lanLpV
6. EStream Portable Generator-https://bit.ly/3A8FS3L
5. LightWater-https://bit.ly/2ZRotjz
4. MS5 -https://bit.ly/3aaEWS1
3. Aqua Quest Waterproof Defender Tarp-https://bit.ly/3ot5INQ
2. Solo Stove Titan Camp Stove-https://bit.ly/2ZYMhST
1. Zippo Mag Strike-https://bit.ly/3uEjJt7

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