10 Things people in Venezuela are bartering for it will give you ideas on what to stock up on.

https://preppernurse1.com/ P.O. BOX 432 Dansville N.Y. 14437 preppernurse1@yahoo.com https://jaydega.com/ When it comes to stocking up on bartering items use the example of what's going on in Venezuela to stock up on.



  • The Kidney And The Stone

    food and water is probably the most important. Jesus says those who come to him will never hunger or thirst

    • The Kidney And The Stone

      @Joe Jordan they will have to get through a bunch. of legions of warring angels and The Lion of Judah first

    • Mark Bush

      @Heidi Misfeldt Stop talking about your imaginary jesus and prep.

    • Premiumeme

      tell that to the 20 million christians starved in ukraine/russia during the purges of the soviet union

    • The Kidney And The Stone

      @Premiumeme well if their listening they can take heed if they don’t well God also gave us free will and they had bibles back then to learn the faith. I can’t make you believe but I can say this he has shown up here and he multiplies what you have so there is enough to feed everyone who comes and is in need

    • B Johnson

      @Heidi Misfeldt I agree, he meant that in a spiritual sense. As far as preparing goes, Proverbs talks about ants and how they prepare Prov. 30:25 “The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;” Prov. 6:6 “Walk in the manner of the ant, O sluggard; observe its ways and be wise:” Even Jesus, when he gave the parable of the bridesmaids waiting for the groom to return, showed that they should have been prepared. The bridesmaids that hadn’t brought extra oil for their lamps missed out when the groom came because they had to go out and buy more oil. And I note the ones that had oil did not share. they told the other maids to go buy some. Now I know the point of the parable wasn’t that, but I think it can give one food for thought.

      Being charitable is find, but you also have to be prudent; we have to be wise.

  • mwoz87

    I always thought buying dental equipment and learning basic dental skills would be an amazing skill to have post calamity.

  • ccadelli

    I would ad construction materials as well such as lumber, tarps, nails, screws, tools, etc….

  • Michael Howell

    My top ten! Powdered milk, powdered mashed potatoes, any canned meat, rice, chick peas, beans, spices, meds, bullets, soap😂👍👁👁🇺🇸

  • CharlotteCMGH

    People who can sew, do clothing repairs, make quilts, etc. Herbalists, gardeners, people who can fish and hunt.

    • Heidi Misfeldt

      People who know first aid skills, and how to nurse someone back to health. People who know how to look after tiny babies, and keep them well.

    • The Black Sheep Diaries

      Been joking with my son for years, telling him I want to be the old man sitting around camp making twine and cooking what the hunters bring back. Now the joke may be on me.

    • cheryl whittemoore


    • Elizabeth Bennet

      @Heidi Misfeldt first aid skills as well as skill at identifying herbal treatments in the absence of medicine esp antibiotics…EVEN BETTER LEARN TO GROW PENICILLIN MOLD. worth their weight in gold…

  • Stephanie Corporandy

    Another skill is fire suppression. My husband is firefighter. Having someone knowledgeable when a fire erupts will be invaluable.

    • Tom Lee

      I fought wildfire on a Montana crew in the early 90’s and you are absolutely correct. But sadly most wildfire cannot be fought by a small group of people and garden hoses. Big fires will blow over roads and rivers, and cannot be stopped easily.

    • Wrench 31e

      @Tom Lee Don’t sell those skills short. Having done that, you should have a good idea about wildfire hazard mitigation.

    • J. L. Dawson

      Thank you for his service.
      And our first responders & military.

    • Stephanie Corporandy

      @J. L. Dawson how nice of you to thank him. I will pass it on.

  • Daughter Of States Rights

    Salt, everyone needs salt..

    • BonnieBlue2A

      Ms Pat Table salt as we use it can be toxic. However, sea salt and real salt/Himalayan salt is not toxic. In fact, many diseases arise from salt deficiencies.

    • lindael2

      @paula null Redmond or Himalayan are as good as you are going to get. Walmart on line carries Himalayan in large amounts. I have ordered Redmond on line in years past in buckets. I will also mention. If you do not have access to sea food you might want to buy a little iodine for your thyroid. Not the kind you use on a wound. You can get it in pill or liquid and you can get it from Amazon. A small amount each day will protect your thyroid. Very important for women.

    • Donna Brown

      I just read today that the average pioneering family needed 40 pounds per person every year for preservation purposes.

    • Blacc silver Staff

      I dont like salt

    • The New Natives

      You can filter sea water through canvas etc, to remove sand , then boil the water down , then oven bake what’s left when it’s almost boiled right down .
      Of course you could use the sun to evaporate.
      If you really really needed it , it’s good to know how to make

  • Denise Duggins

    Somthing to consider now is seeing the dentist and getting squared away….also extra eye glasses.

  • Jane Fleming

    Rubbing alcohol seems hard to find right now…empty shelves and limiting quantities here in western N.C.

  • jim harman

    If your looking to trade food with people you don’t know then you become a target. If your going to trade food with people you know your still going to be a target. People will turn on anyone who has food and they don’t .

    • Pam Bennett

      Dolores J. Nurss um, no. The push for smart cities and mandatory untested RNA vaccines are very real.

    • Elizabeth Bennet


    • Wayne Shingler

      Not just food, and not just in a shtf scenario. Anyone who’s engaged in any kind of trade is at risk of getting robbed or cheated all the time.

      Ultimately, it’s a choice–you can try to hide from everyone (or just have nothing to take), or you can amass resources and be prepared to handle the bad people who will try to take them from you.

      The thing about that latter strategy is that you shouldn’t try to do it alone. The more you have, the more people you need to help you hang onto it. And you need to take care of those people in such a way that they get more out of helping you than out of turning on you.

    • Chanakha Girl

      Yeah, if you have to much to trade then yes you well be a target.

    • B True

      @Dolores J. Nurss those were different times with way less media manipulation but N.D.A.A. makes it all mot they can take everything down to the last crumb. Elitist Grinches not elites.

  • Carlos Ferrer

    you were right on two things on the list,: medicines and surge protectors, am Venezuelan, and my family is still there, you can find everything there but you need money to buy, tons of money, inflation is extremely high

    • Kathy

      @Blacc silver Staff it would have to be silver
      Gold is already out of my reach
      I should have bought gold 50 years ago
      And I should have kept those old silver dollars grandpa used to give us at Christmas.
      I hate that we spent them
      But we were dumb kids didn’t know
      What we know now

    • Blacc silver Staff

      @Kathy for sure

    • Mcare Mcare

      Is it true that 2 ounces of silver cang get you basic food supplies for a month in Venezuela…if you know?

    • Carlos Ferrer

      @Mcare Mcare I don’t think so, inflation is so high, but I will ask my brother

    • Elizabeth Bennet

      @Kathy dont know man- flour and yeast is cheap af – is it still so in venezuela?

  • The Prestriedge

    Looks like everyone forgot booze and cigs…..Talk about a barter item.

  • cheryl whittemoore

    try to learn a skill,,,,i’m 63 and learning how to sling,,,getting pretty good ,when there is no more bullets,,the gun is just a paper weight,,with a sling theres endless ammo. IT’S CALLED A ROCK..

    • John Averick

      @Sunshine Dayz Right here on utube you can see this nutty guy over in Germany ( where there are super heavy gun restrictions ) ” The sling shot channel ” George Sprave is his name . This dude thrives on inventing and implementing shooting devices for target and whatever if you know what I mean. He even made this machine gun arrow shooter that would be a force to be recond with in close combat.

    • Barry Bretz

      Learn to have a daily relationship with Jesus and your needs will be filled, what we were created to do!

    • John Averick

      @Barry Bretz Yuuup

    • Crochet Bitz N Knits

      Exactly. I have a really nice sling the metal balls it came with, and a huge bag of little rocks. I also have a compound bow. And broadheads

    • Annette Sutton

      Buy a fishing spear! When I had my walking stick broken I used my fish spear and it stopped a gang coming at me!
      Go girl!!!!
      I have stored fishing line weights for a slingshot if I need it one day!
      If a pack of dogs either two legged or four legged comes at U U r better off with a fish spear!
      Stay safe!!!

  • Natureboy Bryon

    Salt. For brushing teeth, sore throat gargle, cooking, and ferment and dehydrate and cure just about any meat.

  • Kellie Thommes

    Venezualans are bartering: powdered milk, sugar; over the counter medications; voltage protectors/regulators; personal hygiene products, toilet paper, razors, deodorant; flashlights, batteries, candles, matches; coffee; cigarettes; fuel; chainsaw/chain oil, oil for car/generator, gasoline; vehicle spare parts (tires, filters, etc); skills (barber, plumbing, electrician, carpenter, nursing, midwives, seamstress, ex-military/protector, shoe repairer, etc).

  • JoJo W

    Learn what you can eat from nature. Daily, I eat a salad made from wild edibles and drink pine needle, fur tip, wild mint tea. Learn all you can about how the indigenous people survived in your area. Youtube and the internet is crammed with information. Being the light to those in your inner circle and is the greatest gift we can give to them and to ourselves. God Bless and stay safe and healthy.

  • ginger cox

    Barter will be a way to get around the governments new banking rules.

  • Donna Ocasio

    I’ve been screaming “ look at Venezuela now” for a while now , you want socialism this is where it will go if the left gets their way . No one is listening.

    • raphael santana

      Oh please stop the BS

    • John Averick

      Don’t be afraid Donna, I know this Libtard that I thought in a million years named ” Donna ” btw lol would never see the light. By Golly, Donna’s whole house is voting Trump. Never thought I’d see the day ! The smart see trouble with the Left’s plan.

    • T K

      @John Averick If only more would see it. It’s in plain sight, but getting through to them is harder than breaking a rock.

    • John Averick

      @raphael santana And what BS is this ? Like the sickness of wearing a mask because you are told when not once the Hype seeking media never showed us not one line of dead bodies with sheets over them over this ! Because its NOT killing people right and left as said ! Thats what real BS looks like.

  • Quag Myer

    First ting to learn from them is to NOT vote for the wrong person just because you don’t like the one in office. That’s what happened over there when they voted for Chavez, now they don’t have a pot to piss in, Venezuela was the Switzerland of South America. Shame.

    • your mom

      It is our policies that ruined Venezuela as punishment for not installing our recommended banker puppet. Gasoline was almost free in Venezuela under Chavez. Sounds really evil.

    • Ian Smith

      @your mom Venezuela was doomed by Chavez when he nationalized the oil and agricultural sectors starting in 1999, long before any countries added sanctions. Cheap gasoline under Chavez really was evil; other parts of the economy had to make up the difference between what it was selling for and what it cost to produce. What he did and what Maduro has continued is to ruin the economy while their families and cronies got rich at the expense of the Venezuelan people.

    • Jas Hall

      @your mom Another …America bad type. I guess you live in a world where bank’s and bankers do not exist and money is made of candy and unicorns, fairies 🧚‍♂️ and fireflies control everything. Thanks for comeing out of your mother’s basement to join in an adult conversation. If you come a little father you might see the world as it is not as you would like it to be. We await your arrival with simple survival through hard work. Peace be with you.

    • Mark Bush

      Venezuala was fine until they nationalized the oil companies. Then the international oil companies used the USA to trash the Venezualian economy.

    • Sharon ODonnell

      Socialists in Venezuela are forced to eat their pets to survive!
      Americans like walking their dogs, not eating them .+🎅
      No Socialists
      NO Sharia
      NO Cattle Rustling

  • Susan Kelly

    I’m thankful I stop smoking cold turkey Nov 2019!! Never cheated either thank to God.

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