Zip Ties: 19 Uses & 5 Tricks for Survival

Get your zip ties here.

Sensible Prepper Presents: Zip Ties: 19 Uses & 5 Tricks for Survival.

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  • tealosophy

    Just use velcro straps for cables

  • DocBravo

    Zip ties around body parts? That’s a real stupid idea. As a Medic (Army) and EMT I can tell you that is idiotic. Not to mention every doctor I’ve worked under has said that anyone that does that should have his/her medical license revoked. Tourniquets are used to LIMIT blood flow, not cut it off completely. Even for a split this is stupid. It can restrict flow too much to where there won’t be a pulse below it. As for the rest of the uses, seems good, but I suggest taking out applying a zip tie to any body part.
    A webbed belt, large piece of clothing, or better yet, an Israeli bandage is better at stopping blood flow. There are even CAT – Combat Action Tourniquet. Not too expensive, reusable, and PERFECT for this use. There are better materials for splinting – old rags, clothing, etc. They don’t have to be pristine clean.
    If you’re looking for cheap, easy tourniquet, all you need is a large piece of clothing and a stick; about the width of 1.5″ diameter and 6″ long at least. Application is easy. There are videos on how to make this.

  • 32shumble

    Remember zip ties are not bio-degradable – let’s not spoil America’s beautiful wilderness

  • Joseph Holmberg

    Where can I get a Team Sootch T-shirt?

  • Gonz@nline

    And give the nature some more plastic.

  • Jason Cox

    Great video! I burn my trimmed zip ties like with cut paracord and it rounds the trimmed edge nicely. You probably knew that but just wanted to share. Thanks for all the great videos! Love this channel!

  • David Smith

    Why don’t the put a little extended tab on the zip tie locking part so it’s easier to disengage and reuse?? Huh?? Huh?

  • Billi Jo Maynard

    Awesome, i would like to state however for all of us who live in Canada, if you are planning to use a zip tie on your folding knife you could get into a lot of trouble because any knife using centrifugal force to open is illegal to carry and illegal to own and this law includes perfectly legal knives that are altered into a illegal one. So if you are living in Canada, my suggestion is do not do try this trick or there is a possiblity that you could be charged with carrying a prohibited weapon.

  • Anne Tilmont

    Would be nicer to use natural rope for most of these uses… keep imagining pieces of this plastic or nylon lying around in nature forever…

    • David Hamilton

      Littering is more dependent on frame of mind than materials used. Rope can be left behind just as well, and most rope nowadays is also synthetic. But I get your point, which is why I always carry extra trash bags and leave room in my pack for cleaning the trail a bit as I go. Some people are just slobs, not in front of witesses, though. I guess they are cowards, too.

  • Walter Sobchak

    My chickens growl like that too.

  • Shel

    would zip ties make a temporary DIY snow cleats?

  • David Hamilton

    Been using them for years but never caught on to cutting them so they could be used again. Good thing, that, especially on the trail. Thanks. Never too old to learn something new.

  • stacy schewalje


  • E J K 53206

    Dude this was awesome, thanks

  • John Culpepper

    Zip Ties Tricks for Survival WITH TIES SLIP

  • William Burr

    Thanks Sootch; you always have good ideas!

  • 00 Coyote

    Replace the metal grip on a zipper with a zip tie and it won’t rattle.

  • Ramond Goessens

    and these ziplines are re-use 😉

  • Pierre

    I like them but always keep a pair a cutters around 😉

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