X Tech Tactical Smart Laser / Light Review

XTech Tactical Smart Laser uses Sensor Activation to turn the light on when you need it and off when you don't. It also has ambi activation buttons to by pass the Sensor. Thanks to XTech Tactical for their help. USCCA Membership Link: https://bit.ly/2IyWzjk (Affiliate Link)

***All shooting was performed at a professional range following all safety protocols
Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for their Sponsorship!

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  • tomas aldente'

    does this have an adapter for a sig p365xl? Sweet rig…

  • Andrew Robinson

    I could babysit that for you brother. : )

  • Greg T

    Great review, thanks!

  • Mannequin Gothique

    This makes the gun look like something an anime character carries as they ride a hoverbike.

  • Crabby Old Warrior

    Outstanding addition waiting for my bare bones 1911. I’ll let them know sootch sent me.

  • Jerry Johnson II

    Very Cool weapons light from X-Tech. Thanks for showing it , Sootch00 !!!!!!!!!!! As always long live the Republic my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Friday_YT

    If the word “Tactical” is in a product’s title, you know it’s legit. Period. Everyone needs to buy 50 of these ASAP.

    • Dill Rogerz

      X tech tactical is a great company.

    • Kenneth Rich

      No doubt. I’ve always wanted to add a brick to my pic rail.

    • Keith Simpson

      @Dill Rogerz Not really. I bought their Smart Laser based on this review and it’s a piece of crap. 2 days after I got it the laser/light mode didn’t work, just the light came on. A day later nothing worked, the device was dead and the battery was not burned out. Not after 4 days and I only used it to sight in the laser and showed it to a couple of friends. But that wasn’t the worse part. I contacted X Tech about returning it for repair or replacement and didn’t hear back from them until after I sent the same request 3 times before I was told to cool my jets and be patient, a pre-paid return label was being sent to me. That was on 5-23, today I’m still waiting for the label, even after I sent them 2 more messages asking where the label was. With this sort of quality control I would thing twice about buying from them again, with this lack of customer service there’s no way in hell I’d ever buy from them again. They can use whatever excuse they want to account for this sort of sloppy service, probably blame the virus for it. But 12 days after promising me the label and not delivering it is inexcusable.

  • Sean 24986

    I’m so happy to see a company put the laser on top, closest to the bore of the pistol! I have no idea why this is not the normal way to do it but it isn’t! Great review as usual sir! Thanks.

  • smitty4699

    problem with new laser/light attachments is that there’s no holster support

  • Maximus Joseppi

    i dont know how i feel about this.. on one hand, its very cool but on the other hand, its too bad the sensor isnt always on. i feel like this would be much more interesting if the mechanism was battery efficient enough or the battery was large enough to always be ready to go.. having to depress it for 3 seconds before hand is relatively limiting.
    im guessing it also couldnt be in a holster because the holster material would actuate the sensor. i certainly applaud the innovation and i could see it being useful for a night stand gun. i feel like its an awesome stepping stone.

  • Cody Birchfield

    Was that a Hickok45 tshirt your wearing

  • Jimmy Sapien

    Why didn’t OLIGHT think of this , come on OLIGHT , with a Magnetic battery charger on it, and Higher Lumens !!!! Thanks Sootch

  • Chris Sewell

    Seems very intuitive, and no fumbling about, when the shtf! It would even work, for someone just picking it up. And they are affordable too!

  • patrick viado

    Will it fit a Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 in 9mm

  • Mike Oxbig

    180 dollars? Nope. Half dollars maybe.

    • Keith Simpson

      Not even worth that much. See my posts above about how terrible the quality and customer service is.

  • Fernando collazo

    Always bring excelent products and accesories.

  • t.k lim

    oh~ oh~ oh~ good item!! smart laser!!

  • Robert Foote

    This really is the “Golden” age of firearms.
    Outstanding product review once again!!! 👍

  • Julio Duarte

    I liked it!!!
    Nice review as always. Thanks man!!! Greetings from Brazil.

  • Nando So Wavy

    Has anyone been able to find any holsters this sexy beast???? I love how it looks on my Canik tp9 elite combat executive but I cant find a holster to save my life.

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