Will Gold Price’s Next ‘Big Move’ Soar To $2,400 Or Collapse To $1,600? – Chris Vermeulen

The short-term momentum for gold is skewed to the downside, and Chris Vermeulen, chief market strategist said that a support level of $1,810 could be tested before the next ‘big move’ upwards begins.

However, if prices continue to trend below $1,810 an ounce, gold could fall all the way to $1,600.

0:00 – Vaccine news impact on gold
5:00 – Equities
8:30 – Gold: support levels and long-term forecast
16:14 – Junior gold miners
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  • Pl CK7_0_7

    I used today to buy more BARRICK Gold.

    • Hrcn Marie

      @SG 5 5 I guess we shall see. Right? To be continued…

    • Olaf The Mighty

      @Hrcn Marie Barrick has a really strong balance sheet. Are you just shooting from the hip with that comment or did you do some deep fundamental analysis?

    • Hrcn Marie

      @Olaf The Mighty I only speak the truth. I don’t bullshit or comment on anything I don’t know. I’m known in my circles as someone who is honest, credible with integrity. I have nothing to gain from sharing this information other than helping others. Buy physical gold instead and please do your own research.

    • Pl CK7_0_7

      @Hrcn Marie you did not mention the best of em all Fortuna Silver Mines. The Lindero project is gigantic and ready to go… Like NOW.

    • Hrcn Marie

      @Pl CK7_0_7 😉

  • Kureo Mado

    Gold will follow m2, its done so since 1971. Dont panic sell at the lows.

  • Name Name

    “We’re seeing fear in the market this week, and that’s really exciting” lol

    • Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review

      Ironic isn’t it? 😉

    • Name Name

      @Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review I’m excited 🎈 nothing like a holiday sale lol

    • Colin Hughes

      The panic will last until there is more liquidity pumped into the markets….otherwise its goodnight Vienna

    • Musa D

      Panic and fear, then you know that you are almost at the bottom. As someone with significant position in gold, I don’t really like these red days but no way I’m selling. Around 1800, I will be accumulating for sure.

  • MutiAMG

    Corona didn’t hurt the market, why would a vaccine help it? Vaccine doesn’t cure all the debt, doesn’t cure the trillions printed and more trillions underway! Yeah this is another opportunity and maybe the last.

  • John Andrew

    This week is going to be crazy. Comex options expiration Tuesday and start of deliveries on Dec contract.
    Monday is turning into a slapdown day. dry powder.

  • Joalan Pinto

    Only two times in American history has an American president refused to concede his position of power. Twice in the 1800s. There is a reason why Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden not to concede the election if he ever lost. The electoral college will convene in mid-December. There are more Democrats than Republicans in Congress; however, that’s not how the voting system functions. There are 435 members of Congress. The votes are tallied by representing states, and not members. 37 Republican states and 13 Democratic states. Trump could still technically remain in power come January 21, 2021. The process could end up going to the Supreme Court, which also has more Trump-supporting justices who will most likely rule in his favour.

    • Joalan Pinto

      For your information, I’m a political atheist who has not voted for Beavis or Butthead a single day of my life. I believe Trump will take full advantage of all the constitutional loopholes available to him to remain in power come January 21, 2021. The man isn’t dumb, and there is a reason why he has not conceded the election to date. I also despise Qanon.

  • Paulo Gouveia

    What do u expect with criminals running comex and the fed, this vaccine crap is old news that the keep pumping

  • fox mulder

    Investors? More like speculators. If your not holding long term to preserve your purchasing power, and as a safe Haven your a speculator not an investor. Why would anyone sell gold, the paper and stock markets are going to zero, and once they outlaw paper currency it will be the only physical currency in existence. Even Bitcoin and crypto aren’t foolproof, they have backdoors they can take bitcoins outta your wallet, monero is the best and that’s why the IRS is offering 150k to anyone who can crack it and I’m sure someone will take them up on that offer. And then if there are prolonged months long power outages like there will be your screwed too.

    • Bob Bob

      Umm. You got that all wrong. There’s no bitcoin back door. And they’re looking for a way to see the blockchain transactions of monero because it’s a private coin. It’s transactions aren’t easily seen on the blockchain like bitcoins.

      Also, bitcoin devs put satellites in orbit. The internet could be gone and my coins are safe.

      Stop talking about things you know nothing about.

      And, since you brought up “outlawing” something, gold is very easy to ban because it’s physical and requires face to face type transaction or mail. I can sell bitcoin to anyone in the entire world instantly. Good luck banning that. Can you sell gold to someone in Russia right now and be paid right now? Nope!

  • fox mulder

    Covid lol human stupidity knows no bounds. It’s never been isolated the tests are beyond worthless anyd the fairytale is causing the greatest famine/ depression in world history and is being used by the elite for the compete and total enslavement of humanity under the Vatican nwos UN agenda 21/ 30 and the “great reset” read the book by Klaus Schwab ” covid 19 the great reset”!

  • Sky Valley

    you guys have predicted what the gold price will do like every day for the last 6 months and it has ignored you with a powerful vengeance at every turn

  • Black_Pill_On_Steroids RPOS

    If gold goes lower i will be buying a lot more. This is a perfect timing to take advantage of these great deals.

    • Musa D

      The thing is: it’s not only you buying but if we drop in such level, central banks will start buying again. Gold price in Euro is almost at the same level as februari 2020, before lockdowns and only 8% from august 2019. Same as in many currencies. So once they start slamming the gold price lower, it will be super interesting to hedge the USD exposure with gold. So maybe they will be able to push it down towards 1750 but there, you will have a lot of buying interest in other currencies which will create back the upwards momentum.

  • donald robinson

    Stop the fictional accounts that the virus drives metals prices. IT IS THE ECONOMY FACILITATING PRICES ie. Debt, metals available etc. and CRIMEX SHORTS 🤔BANK SHORTS SPONSORED THIS VERBAL ABUSE

  • Technical Analysis: TheTechnicalTraders Review

    These corrections are completely normal in gold bull runs, those who sell now will likely FOMO and buy back in higher later. Thanks for having me on again David, you always know the right questions to ask. For those subscribers who would like more free precious metals analysis, please stop by my blog https://tiny.cc/techtrader

  • Sir Loin

    Well, your guests have been consistently wrong in telling us to buy Gold the past 3 months. I’m guessing **buy now** it’s even cheaper? 📉

  • Steven s

    With Biden as president he will spend money like drunk sailor gold will go up.

    • Colin Hughes

      He isn’t in yet so don’t count your chickens

    • Olaf The Mighty

      He cant with a red senate right? Also Senate can philibuster new legislation so you really need 60 senators to do anything. So Biden will be a lame duck president like Obama correct?

    • GebbZ Music Channel

      I think gold will go down due to extreme money printing.

      However i think Trump will win and same thing with him as president.
      Im into physical gold and it hurts to see it go down but im in for the long run.

    • Colin Hughes

      @GebbZ Music Channel the money printing will make gold go up…and also cryptocurrencies…the cryptocurrencies are just leading the way unfortunately…but then gold will follow…

    • Colin Hughes

      @Olaf The Mighty absolutely correct

  • Seanie Lydon

    You think it “could” bounce off $1,800 and you also think it could have a serious drop. We may as well just guess ourselves!

  • Tamas

    Can we take a moment and appreciate how good the interviwer is? Knowledgeable, asks relevant questions…

  • john elder

    please help me to understand how a gold chart can tell you anything when the gold price is so manipulated!

  • tim knake

    Just wait until people figure out their cryptocurrencies aren’t immune from gov grabs.

  • PL

    Jim Rogers coaches everyone to pay attention to the Investments that are being ignored and hated. Because those have the biggest Payback

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