Why We Believe Defiance to Tyranny is Obedience to God

Watch the newest sermon from Apologia Church. Pastor Jeff Durbin teaches for our "Why We Believe" series. This week, we are studying the Scriptures related to defiance of tyranny. Why do we believe that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. Watch and see. Show someone this message!

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  • Aaron King

    Those tyrants think they’re God.

  • Steve Collins

    Im feeling more godly already! And it hasnt even started yet! (I need all the encouragement i can get)!

  • Caleb Lindsay

    really love his sermons, man. hit home so powerfully.

  • FiringallCylinders

    I’ve had more than one person quote Romans 13 to me regarding lockdowns. I’m sorry but Romans 13 is not a license for the state to do whatever it wants. I don’t know when that verse started to mean do whatever the government says.

    • Spirit and Truth

      @Aggressive Handshakes nailed it

    • Spirit and Truth

      @Taufik Mukti the Bible doesn’t contradict itself. Man’s interpretation does.

    • MansterBear

      @woobiefuntime Even if you ignore the constant flip flopping of “experts” (masks are useless for general public/must wear masks in public (or even in your own home in some places), lockdowns are essential/lockdowns are useless (W.H.O.), etc).

      Remember all this panic was predicated on the absurd prediction of 2.5 million deaths in a matter of months. Well, we are no where near that. The average age of death from covid is 78. The average age of death for all causes is 78.

      If you graph ‘deaths by year’ in the US for the last 20 years, 2020 is in the very center. In other words, average.

      So to continue believing that the costs of the solution (suicides, depression, people losing their business, homes, loss of rights, destroying small business while bolstering massive corporations, on and on and on) is worth the “benefit” is completely incongruent with the facts of the situation.

      I’m not attempting to be condescending or insulting, so please don’t take it that way. I just wonder how long this has to go on before the average person goes… maybe this is not only an incorrect response, but an evil one.

      I do honestly wonder how long or absurd this has to get for the average person to say enough is enough. Will you continue to cover your face, avoid family, and let your neighbors livelihoods be destroyed forever?

      Will you still be doing this a year from now? 2 years? Is there any point that you will say “maybe we’re being lied to and manipulated?” Or will you live the rest of your life this way, and propagate it to your children/grandchildren?

    • Michael King

      @Elaine Fifield same. My interim pastor isn’t explicitly mandating that people wear masks to worship. But he does play shady manipulative/psychological games. He’ll say things like this “we request that you love your neighbor and wear a mask but we won’t enforce it. Everyone just has respect and wears masks. Im so impressed with how Christ like you all are to things that you might disagree with” Insinuating that “we might not enforce it or kick you out but you’re not Christ like if you don’t comply”.
      I’m thinking about going to another church tbh

    • woobiefuntime

      @MansterBear I’m childless because the world is too dark for children. I know too much . At times I wish I was more ignorant about the world. I know that dark times are ahead .

  • ʝuʂt † me

    After this great sermon you might want to consider rumble or bitchute for backup 🙂 (rumble has more backers and looks better currently) youtube censorship are getting redicilous

    • woobiefuntime

      I do agree that they are getting silly. I think the only solution is to have the site broken up. The funny thing is I’m pretty liberal but I have a strong bias against censorship.

  • wendy timmins

    Amen, this is confirming. I’ve been feeling so suppressed in these days. We need a teachers that have courage to stand against such oppression and tyranny. Thank you, God bless you🙏

  • Kyle .Latham

    Praise Gods! Ive been really needing this message since my pastor has gone on a month long premillennial rant that has hardly spoke to the issues of our time.

  • Angela

    Pure fire! Live or die…I will not bow to Caesar.

  • David Amendola

    I serve in the army of the LORD of hosts first by His grace, second is the army of the United States. I took an oath to defend and protect the constitution. Therefore I refuse to take any order that comes against it. All in all, let us draw near in one accord as the body of Christ, building the kingdom of God. In Jesus Name.

  • Discilple Of truth


  • MrSh4des

    Amazing and inspiring to see righteous men standing up and obeying god against all odds.

  • Gl1tchDeclined

    This is how I’ve been feeling/thinking for the last several months. I feel like the Church is being duped like no other time in history. Ever since I was saved I’ve wrestled with Romans 13 and I highly agree, the Christian perversion of the text into “submit to all authority” is an egregious stain on sound doctrine and hermeneutics.

  • Sharon Hargraves

    What UPSETS me more is that even pastors in the church making attendance at a AA meeting is mandatory to becoming a child of God.

  • Sharon Hargraves

    Jesus was there when you robbed me of my innocence. He was there

  • Leonard Denure

    Tyranny exists in after thoughts and becomes presence, blessed reality is our prize. I stay hopeful in the now, because tomorrow may never fail, and perhaps yesterday never did. God’s holy prayer is the gift.

  • mrdochelpme

    Sitting back and accepting them fraud and steal an election isn’t loving your neighbour

    • Edwin Mejia

      Stop loving a false entitled self proclaimed gift from God. He is a liar and the trump vaccine used fetus cells for testing

  • mlauntube

    The most important sermon of our age, and the key to revival if we can have it at all.

  • J Wright

    Thank you, Pastor Durbin. This is a timely message and we must all hear what the Lord is telling us. Our allegiance to Jesus must be above all else.

    Live or die: We don’t bow! Thanks be to God! Give us the Grace to be fit vessels for your use, Oh Lord!

  • aribbonatatime

    “Don’t now the knee!” Love it. May God let it be so.

  • Alexis Harris

    Did YouTube originally delete this? I was looking for it.

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