WHY is Relaxing SO HARD? | Our Day at the OFF-GRID Cabin

Time for a much needed break from the homestead! The last couple of months have felt like total non-stop work. Between work, the homestead, and YouTube – we finally had enough. Time to take a break, and venture off to our off-grid cabin in the woods. Trout fishing, campfires, and relaxation under the trees. We'll take you through our entire day at the cabin, from doing work we didn't plan on doing, to some river fishing, and cooking our dinner over the campfire. Sit back, and relax – enjoy.

♥ Todd & Rachel

MUSIC: https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/o1clmz/
Sunfish Grove – Unbroken Spirit
Velvet Moon – Queen of Hearts
Loving Caliber – You Set My World On Fire (Instrumental Version)

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  • Raye Renna

    Love your music selection.

  • Darlene Wright

    Relax!! Don’t have to share…. but you did. Thank you.

  • That 1870's Homestead

    Song and artist info:
    Sunfish Grove – Unbroken Spirit
    Velvet Moon – Queen of Hearts
    Loving Caliber – You Set My World On Fire (Instrumental Version)

  • JulieWilliams NewZealand

    i was cracking up right along side you Rachel when Todd got burnt – i know its not supposed to be funny but i always get the giggles whilst making sure the other person is okay…..not exactly sympathetic but i prefer to label it as ‘finding the joy’ in every moment (as long as its not happening to ME of course!!!) because we live in New Zealand and have millions of sheep, lamb is a staple in our diets and in fact everything from a sheep tends to be lamb which is a shame because when we were kids we ate hogget/mutton alot and it is just as yummy but more mature taste absolutley fabulous in casseroles or as a roast. Lamb IS delicious though and next time you have lamb put mint sauce on it, you will have an oral orgasm at the combination of flavours……xxxxx

  • Fire Inthesky

    Talking about relaxing……when I see all these dry leaves I’m just thinking about making leaf composting 😂

    • Captain Evie

      That is exactly where my mind went. I just found out today how they make that Sea 90!!! It’s a byproduct from making ocean sea salt. I don’t know all the exact details but enough to figure the rest out. I actually own part of an off grid island in the Bahamas. They have the Morton sea salt company island there. When next I am on the island you better believe I am going to take a run down there and talk to those guys.

    • Opal Ezell

      Me too.

  • Jackie Horsley

    I did not know you had a cabin out In the woods that’s so cool I love just going and getting away don’t forget the smores awhile your there that’s the best thing to eat around a camp fire

  • Tinkerbell Bo

    that looks like a great area! So glad you get away, canning, gardening not to mention your real job, is exhausting.

  • Ophiuchus Oversoul

    Looks nice, but I love that we can ‘get away’ just by going to one of the picnic tables under the big pine where I hang a light plugged into the barn, light a fire in the circle, have a drink, listen to music, play a board or card game, and relax… but still climb into our own warm clean sheets without any extra clean up of a second property. lol… glad you two have a great little get away though, the fishing would be a real bonus, we dont have that here.

  • Debra Bray

    Ohmygoodness. A cabin in the woods, feet in the water, campfire paradise! My idea of a perfect weekend,(minus the work!). Your dogs are the best! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Angela Peck

    Your babies brought out some sweet memories in me. We had a miniature dapple the same color as yours and a regular long hair the same color as yours. Our dapples name was Sassy and our long hair’s name was Cocoa. They were both 18 when they passed within 7 months of each other.

  • fallenangelwi25

    I have never seen a porcupine in the wild he was so beautiful 😍

  • Kim Winkler

    The hallmark of true love! Laughing at the smell of burnt leg hair!! Lol!!

  • Monica Beck

    I grew up on lamb. Almost every Sunday, my Croatian grandma would cook leg of lamb or lamb chops, after she had marinaded for 24 hours

  • Cotton State Country

    I could’ve watched this all day! Except I was so relaxed sitting by the fire with y’all, I hollered when Todd jumped! I cracked up right along with you when you smelled his hair burning. That was real life marriage right there.

  • TurningBackTheClock

    Your doggies remind me of my 12 yo miniature poodles who also are fearless hunters and protectors, especially when we don’t want them to be! Thank goodness there were no snake or porcupine related injuries!

  • Deborah Brown

    Doxies are the BEST alert dogs ever. My two know the sound of my car and I can hear them barking as soon as I open the car door lol. Living in a condo complex but with a privacy fence up across a creek stone wall, they can only see the tops of people’s heads out the patio door but since they think everyone is a serial killer, they alert me each and every time.

  • C Bowers

    Enjoy!! Love your “pups” I have one myself and she is the best guard dog, lost her sister a few years back so cherish this one all the more! Blessing to have Great neighbors and hard work is why you get to have time to relax again Enjoy!

  • Jona Briggs

    You’re so lucky to have those Dog’s !! And, you’re right, he is a bad Mamma Jamma !! Lol Wow, that Meat sound’s great ! Never had Lamb before, I don’t remember if I have anyway,lol Those Dog’s are just so cute 🙂 God Bless and have a great time guy’s 🙂

  • Emily Neal

    Cooking on and sitting around the fire isn’t favorite part. Be blessed.

  • Kimiye Mendonca-Lopez

    Oh Geez, I smell the hair! Omg I laughed so hard with a mouthful of water, you guessed it, I sprayed it all over the living room floor! “Like the start of a 🐝 sting” I’m so sorry but man I 🤣🤣🤣

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