Today we do the morning chores with the family, and discuss the benefits of pigs on the homestead!

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  • lonestarr

    Family time. love it!

  • David Kolar

    I always look forward to watching your videos and when I grow up I want to have mini jerseys.

  • JB Brown

    I kept two sows for 15 years, fresh sows every year. I was the farm people came to for their feeder pigs
    I found having one litter from each of two sows in the spring worked very well for me.

    • boss lady

      how’d you breed em?

    • JB Brown

      @boss lady
      I kept a “rent-a-boar
      A duroc cross that I rented out for puck of the litter for each sow bred.
      I kept my boars for one year each.
      I also offered to nut all males in a litter for my pick of the litter. I ended up with many pigs to choose both my sows and the boar from.
      Boras traveled all over New England doing his thing.
      I got about a dozen piglets from Boras.

  • Mike Daugharty

    gotta slop the bacon always!!

  • Joanne Ganon

    With all the Children you have it sure is worth having a pig or two around. What goes around comes around.
    It may be a waisted bowl of Cereal until you feed the same Child a Pork Chop👏.
    I love that your kids are interested in Gardening . At least that’s one thing you don’t have to love doing LMBO xx.
    I noticed yesterday as soon as the Heat wave broke that the Fall was in the air.
    JO JO IN VT 💕😄

  • My Big Year

    I live in the city and miss being close to farms. I grew up on the Fraser River delta so it was lush farms and cows, birds and beaches.
    My heart yearns to be around more nature

  • Monique M

    That basil is starting to bolt. Pinch out the new flower stalk-y bits and you’ll extend your harvest. They’ll try to grow back, keep pinching them out. If you let those flower stalks grow, the leaves will get bitter as the plant puts all of its energy into producing flowers and seeds.

  • Wild Fyre Farm Life

    Love the pjs. Even my 18 year old will do his farm chores in his pj bottoms and his work boots.

  • KitCaat12

    Wow how precious! I’m so excited for my husband and I to start our little homestead and have our children help and learn. Thank you for opening your home and family up to us online; y’all are a true inspiration.

  • All Things Maloney

    wow your daughter giving the garden tour sounds so much like your wife haha

  • Sandy Rees

    I’ve been watching you for years. This kind of video is by far my favorite. A little bit of day in the life and a little bit of family. Your children shine and a little education. Thank you

  • Shari Taylor

    Wonderful to see your kids get involved ❤️❤️ this is my dream . Love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Dyana Mullican

    thanks for letting us tag along. I enjoyed that.

  • Renee Learman

    never mind I found it!

  • Richard Thompson

    Love to see the kids involved. They are learning so much and don’t know it. Great job.

  • Big Daddy Pound Cake

    Awsome video. Thank you for representing the real fathers.

  • Mary Paziuk

    I really enjoyed this walk through the chores. Thank-you for sharing many of the hard realities of farming and life. There are so many that are looking at the homestead lifestyle (I didn’t even know it was a thing), especially this year and they need to know the ins and outs as well as good and bad. You need to make a shirt “Compost is good, but BACON is better”. We are semi-retired and have an acreage, down from a beef ranch and when we were younger along with the cattle we had feeder pigs, sheep, goats (60 does) and chickens. May get back into some of them again. Take care.

  • Linda Greene

    My new motto: “compost is good, but bacon is better” 😁

  • MM GR

    Send me the cold weather, I’m here in Texas and is miserable 😩 😭 my husband like it I hate it, grew up in a hot weather place centroids America and I do not like it.

  • Silly Pet Farm

    Great video! I love the way you are with your kiddos, soo sweet! <3 🙂

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