Today we answer a question we have been getting a lot lately!
We have full blooded Jersey cows, why did we get a Highland bull to the farm to breed?

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  • deaconlyric

    Is the meat still inedible if its covered/marinated in something with strong flavors? Or does the insulation flavor mean airborne chemicals got in there so it’s not edible?

  • Cindy B

    Praying your year ends on a fruitful note. You are in my prayers.

  • Autumn Eidson

    Such an off year. Sorry yall have had such a year. Farming is hard regardless. We farm and the losses are so hard some days. Praying for you!

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    Not throwing away his shot 🤣
    He seems to be attempting, which is a good sign!

  • CiaoBella

    Kendra, you are depressed from all your unexpected loss. Depression often comes from situations that at the base level are infuriating. All that anger builds up and gets pushed down and we can become depressed. My prayer is that you can identify your anger and in a healthy way, release it. One time when my son was a young teenager, he was getting really depressed. The boys at school were giving him a hard time because he didn’t have a girlfriend (I’m not making this a comparison to your life haha). Anyway, we had a small forest in back, and I told him to get his baseball bat and go at it on any tree trunk he wanted, preferably a big strong tree. Anyway, I could see him pacing and pacing and then wow, he went at it, yelling out stuff and splintering the bat beyond repair. When he came back inside, he said nothing but as he passed by me, he smiled. So, dear Kendra, sort it out. God will help you do that. And your loving family will always be there for you. Sending you a big hug from Italy.

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    Oh no! I’m so sorry about the beef 😔
    Such a heartbreaking turn of events. Not to make light of the situation, but the good thing about being so beaten down is that the highs that will inevitably come soon, will be so much more sweet.

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    The CUTEST little fringey faced Jersey meat cows 😫😆 you’re right, though. The ornery cows, the problematic chickens, the escape artist pigs – they’re always the less “pageant worthy” ones hahaha the cutest ones always get eaten (by you or something else that wants it for dinner!)

  • CiaoBella

    Hang in there guys. Ecclesiastes tell us that there are seasons to mourn and seasons for joy. Sometimes the hard seasons seem like an eternity, but they will end and positive changes will come again. As you know, wisdom comes from living through life’s tough experiences. I’m pride of you both. This old lady is telling you both that you are gaining LOTS of wisdom, that in the years ahead will come in very handy. 🙂 God bless. Hugs from Italy.

  • Panavarr 00

    Crossbreeding in cows is quite common so don’t sweat it.

  • Black Pack Homestead Chris and Marella Ogden

    Cross breeding animals creates hybrid vigor sometimes. Other times you may end up with the worst of both traits. Genetics will do what it wishes anyway.

  • CiaoBella

    Have you thought about a solution so you can eat the beef? How about buying or making a really good smoker with fragrant fruit wood or smoker pellets. Slow smoke/cook beef in that and I don’t think the chemical smell will survive it.

  • Kiran G

    Because Luna and Ladybug were rather plain in regards to markings, it’s interesting to see how fashionable their girls are. I also hear the highlands have a high butterfat content, so it’d be really interesting to see the kind of milk you could get out of a crossed cow, if you kept one.

  • Joanne Ganon

    That’s a Damn shame , I’m so sorry about another great big Yuck 😝.
    Kay you don’t have to justify a thing. You want to get it done and doing it your own way is the way to do just that🙌💥
    JO JO IN VT 💕😄

  • Theresa Steffen

    You need to cheer up. highland jersey should make a wonderful cross. Sad to hear about the other struggles. But God is good. You have much going for you. You have each other. You have your family. You have your home. You are blessed. There are struggles, but with God’s help, you WILL overcome them.

  • Walter Lang

    Sounds like off gassing from the insulation. Are you sure that is safe for your dogs?

  • Jo Lind

    This seems to be the year of fails. Not just you, but many of he homestead channels seem to be having more troubles. You shouldn’t worry about what others think about what you are doing. I would have been more upset thinking you were still trying with the AI. The definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Hope you get bulls this year. For the extra meat for the family. Highland cattle seem to be very disease resistant. I think you made a get choice for the bull. Appears he might work at well for you. Just be careful “Our Wyoming life” got videos banned because = Well lets just say he called it “Penis Gate” People freak out about animals birds and bees.

  • MadCronk Ginger

    Highlanders are cute. Great pick! Nice hybrid likely.
    The rabbit can still make great dogfood.

  • Ravage CalHera

    14:23 looks like your girl in the front is showing signs of pregnancy. Here tummy is definitely wider than the other two girls

  • ARCC Roses

    My husband says you should have called the Highland bull Conner McCow, from the clan McCow. Lol

  • Wayne Lacey

    Me watching the start intro of the video: “Oh okay so they’ve got some pigs, chickens, seems normal—HOLY CRAP IS THAT A CAMEL?!?

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