You've planted and grown your medicinal herbs, now when do you harvest them?
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Knowing when to harvest your medicinal herbs is different depending on what part of the plant you'll be using for medicinal purposes.

For some herbs, it's essential to harvest them before they flower, others you want to harvest just as the flowers are blooming, while others you will actually let completely die back in order to harvest the roots.

Follow along as Carolyn walks you through the Cottage Garden, showing you how she harvests each herb or plant and what they can be used for.

For more info about medicinal herbs you can grow yourself, check out our blog post: https://homesteadingfamily.com/15-medicinal-herbs-to-grow/

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  • Lauren Bowles

    Thank you so much for this!!! Would you be open to doing another when it comes time to harvest your root plants?

  • Anmar Beltran, PT

    You inspired me!!! Great content! Love your passion and amazing channel. Just watched and liked, hope u’ll do the same. . Thanks so much and more power to ur incredible channel!

  • It's Me

    I love love love this video! I was taking notes. I’m new to gardening and herbs. Would love more of these . I bought a lot of different herbs that was on your list and didn’t know what to do with them. When to harvest and what part to harvest. Thank you so much!

  • Tiffany B

    The view there is amazing! I wish my husband didn’t have to work in CDA and we could live farther north.

  • chopis531

    Thanks for another informative video! Have you ever used elecampane leaf? The modern herbal dispensatory book you recommended (I think) mentions you can make a tincture e from the leaf, but I wonder if it works as well as the root. Thanks for any info!

  • J.A. M

    ahhh…u stopped right before the hyssop lol….i was excited to hear what to do with it…we have it everywhere!!!… please tell when u get a chance…thank you so much!!!

  • H VP

    I take a lot of inspiration for developing my healing and cottage garden from y’all as well as my regular vegetable and fruit gardens. Thanks for taking the time to teach us <3

  • Patty Meade-Austin

    Such a tremendous blessing to share this information! Thank you so much!

  • Kayla Andrews

    What medicine is the bee balm for and how do you use it?

  • jen m

    I love your videos, and am following your cottage garden closely. I started one myself this spring after watching your videos from last summer. I know borage has lots of great uses but it gives me an intense rash. I have heard others say the same thing. But everything else I have planted in my garden as well, as was just trying to remember what to do with it all. thanks for posting this.

  • You Too


  • Northstar Prepsteader

    Lots of great tips, Carolyn. Thank you!!

  • Erica Turner

    Wonderful and super helpful! Can you do a part 2 (and 3 and 4) when you process them in the kitchen into tinctures or oils? Especially expounding on the mullein and earaches recipe.

  • EcoCentric Homestead

    I have st. john’s wort. I found out that it is basically the same as prescription anti depressant/anxiety medication. Taken together could give overdose symptoms!

  • Lu Wrolstad

    If like to know what i need to do to grow mullein. I’ve tried transplanting it in hopes that it will reproduce and it dies off. Sometimes it will go dormant and return in the spring but only that year. I had 3 flower last year, and nothing return. What soil matter is best. Grows in the ditches here, but i don’t want anything sprayed.

    Also i gave a friend some comfrey one year, she ate some leaves and got sick, someone else told she ate borage and that it is poisonous. How do i know the difference. Mine had white bell shaped flower clusters, not blue like yours. I appreciate all the info. Thank you

  • Sara B.Fraga

    Thank for this lovely video.
    My mother has been making Saint John’s Worth oil for decades and we use it for everything. Bumps, burns, leg circulation, earache… even after chemotherapy when the hair doesn’t grow back i have seen a friend applying it to her scalp and have amazing results. She infuses it over the summer months in olive oil.
    I couldn’t go without it with little ones!

  • Remnant Few ministries ministry

    God bless you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. You have helped many!

  • judy baugus

    That is my favorite thing to sit in the garden and have some quite time. Time to just look and observe. Give thanks etc… your pottag garden is beautiful

  • Linda Burris

    When you collect fresh elderberries and you are going to make syrup, can you use your steamer to get the juice out?

  • Melissa Lockrow

    Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge!! You are such a blessing and I try to use the knowledge or share it with my daughter who has four boys of her own!

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