Thom Tillis: What His Win Means For The GOP’s Future

Political activist Brandon Straka and Newsmax TV’s Joe Pinion and Emma Rechenberg discuss the Senatorial win in North Carolina for incumbent Thom Tillis, which according to some polls was unexpected, and what that win means for the Republican party moving forward. – via National Report, weekdays at 9AM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • Big Jono's channel

    Trumps got this 💯

    • francisco guerra

      @tom vaj will you also accept when trump wins instead, or are you another hypocrite? The counts aren’t in yet and those in charge haven’t awarded the presidency yet.

    • Irma Aguirre

      That’s confidence speaking you fool. If you don’t know the difference stop commenting ignorant comments. Haha 🤣😝😝😆😆😆👎

    • Akira Menai

      @francisco guerra The count was stopped once they had figured out about how many false votes they would need to produce in order to win, then to give them time to figure the best balance between “produced” ballots and other means of counting fraudulent votes.

    • Akira Menai

      @Bill Nevins Bill Nevins is the 8,202,113th person to stupidly imply the election process is complete.

    • Matthew Estrada

      @Cory Burns they finally declared Trump won Alaska shocker there


    Who else is here because they are done with Fox News?

  • Rosanna Flores

    The dems have definitely turned this election into a straight up horror flick…

    • Rilan Hoke

      @Bill Nevins Oh we are going to prove it

    • Majestic Ridez

      @Bill Nevins y’all<- no hablas ingles? De que Diablo’s hablas?Donald Trump el mejor presidente la historia de estados unidos

    • Overt 0326

      They have no clue as to what horror is.
      Let this charade continue and we will show them horror.

    • JF

      @Bill Nevins We shall see. I’ll bet you are opposed to recounts. I actually feel sorry for you that you are so gullible to vote for a man like Joe Biden. Either you are a fool or just a Democrat operative troll.

    • JF

      @Charley Willett He said it because every election has fraud votes and it increases with each election. It’s why Voter ID is pushed so hard by Republicans because the left side of the isle thinks it’s ok to lie, cheat and steal to get their way. Do you even know how to google? Keep showing everyone your ignorance and gullibility.

  • Sam Rossi SpeaksSings&Films

    President Trump once again exposed deeper corruption than we even imagined. Thank you Trump and God bless our 45th POTUS 👍🙏✝️🇺🇲🌅🎉

  • ryyy

    Daddy Trump will turn this around also

  • Sam Rossi SpeaksSings&Films

    May God’s Peace and Protection Rest upon President Trump, his administration and family as they claim VICTORY for The USA 🙌✝️🙏🇺🇲🌅👍🛐🎉❗

  • DarkAngel Michael

    Republicans are winning everywhere except for Trump (the most popular Republican since Reagan) against Joe “Nobody” Biden?

    • Jesse Lindsey

      @Bill Nevins your bill tell YouTube to turn off it’s f****** bot machine that you are

    • Jesse Lindsey

      @Marc lawlessness was in Democrat ran cities not Republican ran cities get it right stupid and stop blaming the president he’s still the president and he will be the President Biden is a two-bit Chinese hack

    • Jesse Lindsey

      @Bill Nevins every time you comment I’m going to call him at the same thing you’re a bot you’re a fake account stop tell YouTube to stop they are on this too

    • Jesse Lindsey

      @My friend mic bill nevins is a computer program made by YouTube to antagonize citizens on YouTube

    • Mr. Censored

      The most popular since Reagan and the most popular republican with minorites since Nixen.

  • Jake Smith

    Fox News (history), hello Newsmax!

  • Tim Reilly

    As long as Pelosi is in Congress the people are fed up with any Democrat. It is time all of them start to see the light at the end of the tunnel if they want to stay alive.

    • Summer Wind @

      You better get rid of AOC , Omar,Talib, Pressly, Harris, Schumer,Nadler, Schiff & Romney along with Pelosi and Waters.

    • Sawa Simply

      Yes and all the far left “the squad.” AOC just planned to make some kind of Gulag list for her political opponents.

  • Crissy G

    It means that the GOP Senate will be the only thing standing between the Communist and Freedom!!! 🇺🇸

    • Janet temajo

      @guess who? I agree with 💯. God have mercy on Trump and America.

    • Killing Joke

      @Janet temajo we love trump

    • Madison Daily

      Things are tilting toward Trump right now. He has slashed Biden’s lead in Arizona and is within reaching sistance. Tom Tillis was not projected to win it was so close (fake numbers though there was a red wave but a bigger blue wave of cheating happened) but now Tillis has won so that is a critical seat we picked up. Trump was projected to win Alaska ( it was too cold for the cheating poll counters to go up there) so Trump picked up 3 electoral votes. It is important to realize that even though no one knows who will win the 2020 election, the MOMENTUM is definitely going in Trump’s direction.

    • Janet temajo

      @Killing Joke we love him too from Africa ❤️❤️ God bless you

    • A. Wyatt Mann

      @Tyler Brock That’s not what I said at all, I inferred that a majority of republicans are turncoats and whimps who won’t stand up for themselves or their voters. Stop being a mouthbreather.

  • Loraine Lu

    We need honest news like this one


    Go away forever China Biden!

  • Trees Happen

    That’s because they weren’t actually polls, they were voter suppression propaganda.

  • Mike Ock

    We will get more seats when all the fake votes are tossed out.

    • Kevin S

      @Jacco Bastings It’s more insane to want a 5th Stage Dementia patient as president. And, this Corona virus thing is being blown far out of proportion.

    • wabblewater

      Daniel Badeaux there is that many dead people though

    • Carrie Steel

      @Jacco Bastings It’s insane to blame covid deaths on Trump. The whole country is not dying of covid. He helped us get the vaccine as he promised. People are dying of covid everywhere in the world, not just the USA. You are just repeating the lies of the lying media. Read more books on the history of other countries like the USSR, China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, and you will wake up. Until then, people like you shouldn’t be granted the voting privilege. My parents fled here from 3rd world dictatorships. Ignorant and brainwashed voters like you are whom we are most afraid of. People like you voted my parents’ homelands from prosperity to utter hells, and they suffered tremendously too. But too bad, the harm couldn’t be reversed, ever.

    • Johnny Tyronne

      I keep seeing this comment. How are they going to tell the fake ballots from legal ones? The only information is on the discarded envelope.

    • Kevin S

      @Johnny Tyronne Across America, there has been hundreds of thousands of ballots presented with only one name marked – Biden. Doesn’t that sound suspicious?
      Check out some of the infiltration videos presented by Project Veritas.

  • Rebecca Hoffman

    No More Fox News with our Family and most everyone we know

  • Russell Sova

    Ever notice they never “find” Republican votes?

  • JJ Lockerman

    Trump wins Alaska, it has been announced, trump now 232, yeah, we getting this, slow and steady 🎉🎉

    • Access For Homeless

      @Quagmire Warrior Alaska doesn’t really matter cause it’s only 3 to 4 electoral votes I believe. They need to concentrate on getting all the transparency in the world for all the high electoral states. To me the most important is a warrant for the providers of the machines and softwares.👍

    • justame smith

      @Access For Homeless it matters because of Senate, house, and local elections. Think straight ticket.

    • lasest2

      @Jeana sun103 Corrupt Associated press is refusing to call North Carolina for Trump, despite him leading by 2 points with 99% reporting. Yet they have AZ called for Biden with 0.3% lead 99% reporting. What a joke publisher.

    • Access For Homeless

      @justame smith Okay you are thinking as a whole and I am thinking about deadlines and the fact that Trump has to win the high states 1st before it’s too late. They can pull another fast one on us and say. See his electoral votes are still low and we have a week left before December 14, surely Biden won. That’s an example, if we don’t focus on taking the States with the highest Electoral votes. What you talking about won’t matter. Cause once they get Trump out the way, they’ll have America. Folks it’s time to Wake up. We are not dealing with regular Citizens. We are dealing with Communist Democrats and Sell outs. Trump must put all his legal teams on these States to make sure not one more Vote is Lost.👍

    • Johnny Tyronne

      @Quagmire Warrior A lot of marxist morons left Calif. for Az, they will eventually turn that state blue as they are still bailing on Calif.

  • Craig Simson

    God is moving in his power..Biden and his cabal will be disgraced

  • Stephen Anderson

    TRUMP is the reason why so many Republicans won across the UNITED STATES

    • Tim A

      @tom vaj No, that would be China. Notice he didn’t control the many other countries where people died. You really seem to be stupid.

    • Vudu

      @Tim A Yeah he’s a dumbass. It was predicted up to a million people or more would die from Corona in January. Now these clowns wanna put all the blame on Trump when they fought his travel lockdown in February, when 40% of all deaths are due to places like New York and Michigan putting sick people in nursing homes and classifying even people who didn’t get tested as Covid deaths to keep the numbers higher than they would be otherwise.

    • Tim A

      @Vudu 👍👍🤣🤣🤣✔

    • linda jin

      Need recount nation wide. I bet there will be more seats go red.

    • Tim A

      @linda jin It looks like satan will prevail this time. We need to worry about the two senate seats up for vote in Georgia though.

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