We’re adding 10 more of THESE to our homestead!

We have some HUGE news today regarding the animals on the homestead.

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  • Kathleen Conte


  • ShortOrderCook1

    Hope is such a beautiful colour and has such a lovely nature. Hudson is a great name for the other little fellow, and congratulations on your new bunch of 4 legged surprises (trying not to spoil it for other readers LOL). I laughed when I noticed Myrtles curly tail – so cute! Thankyou for the animal tour – I’ve been missing them.

  • Jackie Kitchen

    I love Hope, she has such a sweet spirit.. Hudson is perfect..

  • Diana Growing Lillegården Small Swedish Homestead

    I predict in the next 10 years most likely you will end up buying the land next to the new farm. With Kevins parents moving down bigger food supplies will be nice.
    Quite sure good fresh air and good grown food will make a big difference in his dads health. The whole farm growth is a good thing for everyone.

  • WHS Mr Sweat

    Dam I wasn’t expecting the cows that’s a big move

  • OR Scrub

    as i’ve said before, i’m living my (dream) life through you all. to be surrounded by such lovely animals and beautiful sights, has to be fantastic!! best wishes for all!! ❤️

  • Maggie May

    The new baby calf has put on some weight. At first you could see his ribs. Not anymore ! I love your farm ! XXOooO

  • Jackie Kitchen

    Cows are so curious, I just love them.

    • Keachybean

      I watch the Hoof GP and had to laugh because he said, “Cows have two modes, ‘oh, what is that?’ and OH! WHAT IS THAT?!!”

  • Ernie Stocker

    Hudson has gained a lot of weight!! Thank you! Love ur channel.🙏💖🇺🇸

  • My Wool Mitten

    So many good things in this episode! I’ll bet little Hudson thinks he won the calf lottery getting mama Hope and brother Henry and a lovely big pasture to live on 😉 I imagine the grain is important for Hope, too, as pasture fades with fall coming on. Such a good decision you made with beef cattle and also shipping the bull to later get a new one. My Dad raised Limousin cattle, nice to see them! Anyway, well done! You continue to inspire!

  • Deep South Homestead

    Great move purchasing the cows. You will enjoy the journey.

    • Living Traditions Homestead

      Thank you!

    • Sandra Finney

      I love all your animals. Hope is just beautiful and her babies. I think your new cattle and pigs feel loved and quite at home at your homestead. I missed seeing the ducks this time. What’s happening with the fish pond and orchard? We/you have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months. It sounds to be a mild winter for us in NE Arkansas and ya’ll too. I really enjoy watching your videos, the gardening, animals, preserving, canning, and freezing. I enjoy seeing both of you cook/bake. I hope preholidays we can see more cookies, candies, cheeseballs, food gift ideas and such. I saved both of your favorite cookie videos and look forward to more. Possibly some yeast rolls, biscuits, bread, cornbread. I appreciate all the time you devote to your homestead and channel. You’ve made some wise decisions and investments that will pay off for you in the future. God bless

    • Kathy GARBEŔ

      Hey Danny and Wanda Deep South Homestead !

    • Helen Rideout

      @Sandra Finney There are some recipe videos for bread, cornbread and others you will enjoy. They both make cooking videos so enjoyable and easy to follow.

  • Joanne Aschenbach

    Just lease a bull for 60 days to breed. You can lease a very nice bull. Then you don’t have to purchase a bull.

  • Paul Walton

    Have you considered “renting” a stud bull for a month or two? That way, you wouldn’t be committed to a particular sire indefinitely and your calves would all be born fairly close together.

    • Paul Walton

      @Stanley Pennock I didn’t want to assume that this option would be available. So many old traditions have fallen by the way side.

    • Stanley Pennock

      @Paul Walton You’re so right! It’s sad that the old traditions have fallen by the wayside! The summer of 1957 when cancer claimed my Dad, the neighbors baled our hay, picked our corn, ran Dads milk route every day and helped mom with the milking twice a day until my sister and BIL could get moved back home to take over! Three of the neighborhood men even went out of their way to give 6 year old me strong male role models and a work ethic that Dad would be proud of! Now days you are really lucky if most neighbors even wave when you drive by. I’ve enjoyed talking to you! You have brought back good memories!

    • lieuwina lee

      @Larry Anderson Could you give us the link to the story of Trinket…… Thank you for sharing your story, it was very interesting. Your dad must have traveled many a mile.

    • Renee K

      @Stanley Pennock what is typical in renting a bull? What is the renter responsible for? Food, medical bills, ? I suppose this is all worked out between the farmers, but just wondering what is typical? How do you know that the bull is proven? Thank you.

    • Stanley Pennock

      @Renee K I’m not really sure about renting a bull, but when we borrowed one for our beef herd we kept him for 2-3 months, pastured him with our cows and took responsibility for any vet bills while we had him. It didn’t work out great for us because it moved calving season into late summer due to the neighbor needing his bull for his herd! It was well worth the hay we gave him that winter when ran low. Neighbors were much different back then and we would shared our hay if he needed it anyway. Oh, a proven bull is one that has definitely fathered calves in the past.

  • Bill Byrnes

    Great vid! The pigs look grand. Your success is directly proportional to your hard work. If you keep this expansion going , soon you will need farm hands lol. Some one said that prayer will make you prosper. My grandmother told me 60 yrs ago “ if you are going to pray for potatoes you better have a hoe in your hand”. Your family is an example of grandma’ life style . Hard work and prayers. Thanks !

  • sbayles

    Hope is awesome. Such a loving mom and so gentle.They are all adorable. Congratulations on purchasing the cows. The pigs actually look pretty sweet too.

  • Elizabeth Wilson

    Congratulations on the new cows! I’d say they are the luckiest cows ever. You take such good care of your animals! Hope is a gleaming example of the care she gets, and all the animals by their behavior show that they are happy and satisfied. Absolutely love this channel and I look forward to each and every video. Thank you for doing what you do!

  • Afdraftsr Mandy317

    Poor ole Charlie…two women must be wearing him out!😜

  • swianecki

    I love all the animals. Had to laugh when one of the white faced ones walked right up and looked in the camera. Kind of a photo bomb! God Bless.

  • Robyn McKerley

    Okay at this point we have to discuss what is the difference between a homestead and a full-fledged Farm?

  • David E Pool

    Hope has really taken to your new calf. She actually adopted him quicker than I thought she would. She a good mother.

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