Wall to Wall: Mitch Roschelle on Possible Stimulus Deal

It is looking less likely we will have a stimulus agreement ahead of the election despite a thaw in negotiations. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with Mitch Rochelle, a founding partner at Macro Trends Advisors, to discuss what a possible deal would include.

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  • Brandon Eva

    Trump 2020

  • Knc Delivery

    Hey people clean out your UTube History on your computer or your phone


    Thanks for the update. Trump2020 KAG ✝️

  • Knc Delivery

    😅😂🤣☺️🤣😂😜😂😜😜Democrats run extortion bills NANCY already said she would loose leverage she used Americans as pawns for her agenda the Stimulus could have been done ✅ the Democrats lock down and Block stimulus the Democrats are playing games

  • Knc Delivery

    Has anyone noticed how U Tube takes old Videos and puts a Time up to show as new 😅🤣☺️😂😅🤣😂🤣🤣

  • suzanna Rosanna Danna

    I want no stimulus deal if it’s going to result in billions of dollars for failed corrupt Democrats. Especially if they’re on their way out after losing in the election

    • Nancy Stratton

      …I live in Illinois. Unemployment is at 10% higher than other Republican states. Demon – crap Governor Prizker (multi billionaire and heir to the Hyatt hotels) has AGAIN locked down many areas of Illinois for the BS reason of increase of positive virus. Even though death rates have fallen, hospitals are empty and the survival rate for the the Chinese virus is 99.98%. Prizker is killing businesses, people are losing their jobs and going into debt. However, I still wouldn’t want President Trump to send federal monies to dig out this corrupt state.

    • Book Nerd

      I need help and my family could use the money but I’d rather starve than have us use tax payer money to give to non citizens, and all the other crap in the heros Act. Help the American people only, just give the money to them. Trump Best President Ever ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸

  • MoTheCat3

    The stimulus package will include indentations from Pelosi’s heels being drug across it as she is hauled screaming and kicking from the floor.

  • Richard Miller

    The entirety of our economic system doesn’t really benefit a large spectrum of the population. The machinery only trickles up

  • philipbrit13

    What does less unlikely mean. That it’s more likely??

  • Maven Nicole

    I live in California. Ive been unemployed since March, those of us on unemployment need more stimulus. Pelosi gave orders to her nephew, our Governor! Nothing happening in Los Angeles except record homelessness!!!!!!!!!!

  • D. L. Austin

    The American People can wait. We have waited this long, we can wait until after the election, and we refuse to bail out the fat cats (Dems & RINO’s alike), because they refuse to return that money they pocketed and only want more. NO MORE BAILOUTS!

  • Jonah Hirschmann

    PELOSI IS STILL HOLDING US HOSTAGE… no funds for government bailouts…. give immunity to businesses…. give us regular people more stimulus money….greater than $1200… how bout $2400. Give these employers and employees money to have the ability to have a job/business to return to …. its harder to start a business from scratch than keep going after it’s mothballed

  • suzette Walker- Becker

    All well and good until fu ding for states that tried to destroy their own and America they deserve nothing in general, only should get individual stimulus checks

  • Stephanie Denny

    The best stimulus package they could offer is to stop lockdowns, reopen the economy and get rid of masks!

  • Gifton Wright

    It won’t come before the election

  • Gifton Wright

    It won’t come before the election

  • Gifton Wright

    It won’t come before the election

  • Dawn Campbell

    No funding for the states! They just want to bail out democrap terrorist states. We have done without this long another 11 days is all we have to hold out for. Vote Trump!

  • M M

    Vodka Nancy wants too much pork in the stimulus bill not related to helping the citizens.

  • International Harvester

    Borat 2 deleted scene shows Borat’s daughter getting into the White House

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