Wall to Wall: Chris Markowski Progress on Stimulus Talks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says lawmakers are close to striking a stimulus deal… but the legislation could take a while to pass. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with the founder of Markowski Investments, Chris Markowski, to discuss the progress in stimulus negotiations.
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  • Brandon Eva

    Trump 2020

  • Forgiven 212

    Shabbat Shalom. Trump 2020 💗

  • Michael Swenor

    Nancy is waiting, in hopes of Joe winning in order to give him all the credit….

  • Tommy Dulin sr.

    Makes me mad as hell I can’t share on the edge of getting kick off facebook and twitter. Suppression is real. So i am looking at getting people together to start protesting where they live.

  • PelhBHVN

    Thanks actual news , vs the lamestream propoganda.

  • Susan Ibarra

    You know this is so sad. Ya ya elections are coming. But whats happening after election. Thanksgiving and Christmas. So beside worrying about bills, now families are also worrying about the holidays, chain reaction will be happening.

    • One Voice

      It’s what they’re counting on. They need us demoralized, willing to accept any change…just to get out of “here”.

  • David Adrian

    President Donald J. Trump is going to be re-elected again on November 3rd 2020

  • Michelle Rhodes

    Can someone help us Americans need help

    • One Voice

      We can do it ourselves….if the damned centralizers and authoritarians would stand out of our way and let us get it done how America knows to get it done!!!

  • Jaq Gator

    I would rather go without than give in to the left (PIGlousi)

  • M&G Wood

    If they think charging stations, all over the country will not be out of date by the time they finish the project they’re insane 😂 by the time they finish delete the update everything 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 these people are dumb

  • Joyful Noise

    Republicans won’t pull back in lame duck situation, the Dems will.

  • B ATe

    Commiefornication, New York and Illinois were a fiscal disaster long before the sweet and sour sniffles gripped them into further authoritarianism.

  • Hard truth hall

    Just here for Greta. Shes a doll

  • grahepo

    you should provide congress contact information which Americans can write to if they wish to have their voices heard regarding the stimulus bill

  • chris barbera

    Forget the stimulus until after the landslide election of Trump.
    Drunk Peelousie is hiding funding in the stimulus for her treasons partners. Folks stimulus will be larger after election! We have waited this long, with all of drunken peelousies antics, a few weeks longer is worth the wait!

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