Victory in Jesus Christ and the Way Forward

Jesus is already victorious

God is fully contained; outside of Himself there is no truth or reality.

Satan rebelled against God, separating himself from God and truth.

The consequence is Satan had to create an alternative to reality because he rejected it as it resided in God.

The human followers of Jesus Christ and Satan reflect those facts in how they think, speak and act.

For that reason, throughout history, there have always been culture wars.

The reason for the wars is to determine the dominance of God’s reality versus Satan’s unreality.

This is why many people in our day speak and live lies, such as asserting genders are how you identify yourself, rather than biology, and the host of other lies they embrace.

The good news is when Jesus Christ defeated Satan on the cross, it was a definitive victory; it was total and complete.

Our job now, in the power of the Holy Spirit, is to work from the foundation of that victory; thinking, speaking and living the truth or reality as it is revealed in Jesus Christ by the revelation in the Bible.

Like Satan, his totalitarian followers reject that reality and fight tooth-and-nail against it. Even so, in spite of the media giving the impression of the left being dominant, the truth is those that believe in and follow the truth are making significant progress at this time, and through the decades and centuries ahead, will enjoy the fruits of victory already accomplished by Jesus Christ.

Our job at this time is to learn God’s truth and live it. From there we are to speak it to those that reject reality and point them to the way of salvation.

At the same time we are to build alternative institutions, businesses, churches and charities in all areas of life so we can protect our families and children while laying a foundation for future generations to live and breath freedom once again.

Remember, Jesus Christ will reign until He puts all enemies under His feet.


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