Vetting: One of the Most Important Tools to Learn and Use in Our Times

subversive attacks

Vetting is probably one of the most important skills and/or tools to develop in the times we’re living in. It’s not perfect (even Jesus had His Judas – although He knew who Judas was, His disciples didn’t until Jesus was betrayed), but it goes a long way toward eliminating the vast majority of infiltrators or subversives attempting to disrupt or take over anything that goes against their corrupt worldview.

I think the most important thing within the context of vetting is having a Biblical foundational framework of truth to work from, including an individual framework, marital framework, family framework, church framework, business framework, etc. When the foundational framework is in place, then it needs to be religiously adhered to by all those committed to a social group of any kind; even more than that, it must be required to be adhered to, keeping in mind we’re talking about foundations and the purpose of the social group or institution we’re part of.

There can be all sorts of legitimate variety among social groups, but they all need to be to be on the same page in order to fulfill their purpose.

Last, always be extra careful of the volunteers who know they can make your life easier. That is probably the first place to look at for infiltrators and subversives.


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