• Asdgg Ghjhh

    2020 is one dumper fire 🔥 after another and one kick in balls after the next, get prepared people

    • wolfmule99

      I started storing food for bad times ever since I was a child. I read about the bad things in history and said would it ever happen again. This year I am seeing it all and worst in one year because people can not handle it all. I really feel prepare for everything because we still have another three months to go in this year. Take care

  • Anne Otten

    It still has a high 90’s % survival rate, I’m sure he will be fine

  • Louise Floret

    Good morning. Praying for our President & his family and praying for you, Rocky, and your family. God bless.

  • Katie Jackson

    Has he REALLY got it though?!

  • Shelley

    You go girl. I think most of America is agreeing with you. Tell it loud, Tell it proud. Good video!

  • Selena Bailey

    You have to give respect to earn respect!

  • Heather Knight

    Off topic – I was looking at your kitchen in the background. I really like how clean and soothing it looks.

  • L Gibson

    Yes I’m very concerned, it feels like we are standing to a rocky ledge of a cliff.

  • Valerieann Rumpf

    Pelosi for president scares the crap out of me.

    • Lew Speedwagon

      Valerieann Rumpf , why..?

    • halfanewfie2

      @Lew Speedwagon Walk through the Tenderloin District in San Francisco. There’s your answer. It wasn’t like this 6 years ago.

    • Lew Speedwagon

      halfanewfie2 ,
      how did a US Congresswoman, , who effects federal policy hit that district in California…? My Congressman is, Brindisi in NY, but he doesn’t create law in NY… he doesn’t control crime in ny… he doesn’t control policing in NY.. he votes on Federal policy, for the entire country…

    • Mary Shank

      @Lew Speedwagon a lot of propaganda about Pelosi. People are uneducated about economic conditions and fall prey to propaganda.

    • carol carol

      @Valeriann Rumpf, you’re not alone…

  • Jennifer Small

    The combination therapy of hydroxy, zinc and Z-Pak have proven to be a nearly 100 percent cure for Covid patients as long as it is taken early, before the virus has not gotten into the lungs. This has been proven worldwide. Trump will be fine.

  • T J

    Yes, we can agree to disagree.
    You were surprised by the “lack of respect?”
    Nevertheless, I wish him and his family well.

    • VR 0303

      Dana Rzechula sorry but my kids teacher doesn’t have to earn the respect of his students. Nor does my supervisor, nor the policemen and women in my town. They are to be respected because of their position and the responsibilities they have chosen to take on.

    • Sis

      I was glad to finally see someone give the bully some of his own medicine. He’s a disrespectful president. Same kind of disrespectful person and same conman he was before he was president. He was bulldozing over both Biden and the moderator, being as rude and obnoxious as always.

    • Deanne Albrecht

      Yeah, I think Biden held his tongue remarkably well. What a horror show.

    • Radar NJ

      @T J Trust is earned … respect is given. I met you and give you respect. In time we may trust each other.

    • Mary Shank

      @VR 0303 everyone must earn respect.

  • Negan X Army

    Isn’t it ironic that the creators of all of this “GREAT” technology don’t allow their own children to use it. Doesn’t it make you wander?

    • Europa 17

      All the children I know have been into technology for years and are on all the social platforms. I can’t remember the last time I saw a kid outside on a bicycle.

    • Roxanne Jordan

      Yes for sure! We are raising our small children as low tech as possible. They have very, very, very limited access to our phones and tables. I can tell you on one hand how many times they have been allowed to use it.

    • Chic Noir29

      Roxanne Jordan – Very good. Low tech is much better for their brain development. Don’t forget to include lots of physical activity.

    • Lily Bridenbaker

      ALL the tech giant leaders either don’t/didn’t allow or severely limited their own children (when they were young, pre high school) access to cell phones, tablets, and social media. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla limit technology use in their home with their young children. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs admitted in 2011 that HIS children had not used an iPad and “we limit how much technology our kids use at home”. Microsoft founder Bill Gates sets time limits on screens & banned mobile phones at the table and didn’t let his children have one until they were 14. Susan Hobbs, Security Chief of Staff at Cloudflare completely BANNED her now 16 year old daughter from using social media. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai imposes strict limits on his children’s use of technology at home. His middle-school-aged son doesn’t own a cell phone. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and her husband Google executive Dennis Troper LIMIT their 5 children’s screen time. Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian and Tennis chap Serena Williams plan on limiting their young daughter’s screen time as she gets older. Snapchat cofounder and CEO Evan Spiegel LIMITS his 8-year- old daughter’s screen time to 1.5 hours per WEEK. They do this because they KNOW that technology and social media were made to be ADDICTING! Such HYPOCRACY!! It is good enough for you and your kids but not for MY family!!

    • Serjo777

      @Roxanne Jordan Great idea to have them be digitally illiterate in a digitalized world…

  • Lynne Wilkerson

    Absolutely. The thought of Pelosi being in charge is terrifying.🤨

  • Fred Taylor

    God help us if pelosi was in charge

    • Señor MeinKrafter2020

      If Hillary Clinton would have won there would have been fewer deaths because she would not have dismantled the NSC Biodefense team and would have followed the science and would not have promoted false health claims (like hydroxychloroquine). Pelosi would also be favourable to Trump.

  • House of Prep

    Trump will recover. And then hold a victory rally that he beat covid.

  • Nicole Shupe

    I think your right on track. I think the scariest thing in the world would be Pelosi being in charge. They better keep Vice President pence locked up for a while. We all know that people can suddenly end up dead for no apparent reason.

    • Nicole Shupe

      Old Bettles
      i think Pence would be fine but if it came down to pence being in charge I feel like Pelosi would do whatever to be in presidents seat.

  • James Robinson

    It’s disappointing in the number of people on social media hoping he dies from it. We are living in a world full of evil people.

  • KimbaLion5

    Is this actually true or is it a cover to something happening in the background. Fake news?

  • Sherlyn Patterson

    Scary, something is not right when a large number of the top people in USA government are instantly testing positive at basically the same time. Personal opinion is I think the cause is not from the lack of safety protocols. Time for some serious prayers. The top Democrats and other top protective personnel from various branches and agencies are just as vulnerable.

    • T Brown

      I feel they are not ill at all but are aiding in covering the real reason he was hospitalized in effort to not make him seem frail before the election. Trump’s blatant disregard to quarantine while potentially infectious is telling so I’m hoping he is lying and not as self centered as that little joy ride just showed him to be.

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