Two DIY Mouse Trap Alarms for SHTF

Sensible Prepper Presents: Mouse Trap Projects for SHTF. Using household items in various ways can save money and get's you to improvise. Here are some uses and two DIY low tech alarm system projects using a Mouse and Rat Trap.

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • Ballistic Bedlam

    For the glow stick it might be worth mounting the trap much higher on the tree say 10′ or higher the use a small eye bolt down lower to run your line through. The idea being at 10′ or higher you can see the glow stick from farther out and it also takes more effort for someone to remove it.

  • datastorm

    Thanks for the video.

    Have you thought about ‘stacking’ two primers in each corner, instead of one each?
    What if you gorilla glued two primers together, in a little stack, and put one stack in each corner where you had previous. Sticking out higher, they ensure good strong striking by the trap bar. All four should ignite. This might also create a louder sound. What do you think?

  • David Amschler


  • MrCctvtech

    I love the idea of using this as an early warning system so you don’t walk into an ambush. Keep these awesome videos coming.

  • Gary Townsend

    small head nail an muzzle loader primer work better

  • Howard Johnson

    I thought people only got rat poison so if you want to do away with¬†their wife or husband.¬† At least that’s what I see on all the true crime tv shows.

  • Kitty VanDuser

    Very interesting! How would you combine a large rat trap with a cheap dollar store door/window alarm to REALLY make some loud, long-time extended noise? I guess the window alarm would have to be draped/wrapped in plastic, to protect from moisture…

    • Lauraly Wyatt

      It appears he’s outside using them for trip traps, hence painting them camo. You wouldn’t want too much noise but enough to alert the person keeping watch. You don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself if you’re in a bug out situation; like he’s said before, the 2 legged predator is the most dangerous.

  • Drake_Stonehold

    You could just pull the spring off of the trap so it can’t come back and hit you, it’s not that hard and you can put it back on.

  • Erik Baran

    So you have a power drill in your bug out bag?

    • Lauraly Wyatt

      He said drill the holes in advance in the video. Your multiple tool for screwing in the screws. The large one could probably be placed in a tree for squirrels and birds.

    • Mermaid Man

      +Lauraly Wyatt id tie it down to the tree, wouldn’t want the squirrel and trap to fall off for some scavenger to come along before you

    • Lauraly Wyatt

      +Mermaid Man That’s why he said tie it down. With pre-drilled holes, all you have to do is tie it to something so the animal doesn’t get away.

  • mixflip

    good idea with the primers. the glow Sticks don’t seem easily defeated by simply taking them after the pop.

  • Caleb Newton

    My favourite one is the 30 rat traps at the front door and you hear them scream

  • J. Saygo

    nice….making a few for the blind spot at my garage

  • 144:1

    attaching a fishing bell might work better.

  • Mermaid Man

    in order to be efficient you must have the alarm alert you without alerting the intruder.

  • dashmow

    Braided fishing line would work better because it doesn’t stretch

  • iwantosavemoney

    this is cool I like it if you put them up high in tree cem light would be great.

  • Slim Stickly

    cut down the yellow pad with some side cutters

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