Top 3 SHTF Budget Guns

Sensible Prepper's "Top 3 SHTF Budget Guns". If money is tight but you're concerned about self defense and the safety of your family, here are 3 guns you should consider for SHTF.

Personal Safety
Home Defense
Long Range Capability

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  • Adam Frederick

    Freakin Mosin Nagant!!

  • Francisco Franco

    I can’t find a mosin under $250

    • Daniel O'Brien

      Bill Randall by rifle I meant bolt action rifle, as in mosin Nagant, Lebel, etc.

    • Bill Randall

      a bolt action is an obsolete joke. there’s no reason to bother with one anymore. there hasn’t been such a reason for over 40 years now. The AR is plenty accurate enough for crows and prairie dogs, powerful enough for deer to 150 yds, the 30-30 limit. Bigger game= bigger targets, so the Remington 748 auto, in 3006 is the way to go for those, assuming that you really do hunt such critters. The AR in 223 can brain them to 100 yds or so, if you’re a decent shottist and hunter.

    • Daniel O'Brien

      Bill Randall from what I’ve heard, bolt action mechanisms can have an advantage in reliability, however I do understand your point, self defence, oh god no, military scenarios however, that’s the best place to use a bolt action

    • Bill Randall

      no kidding? an AR offers 5x the repeat hit speed of the fastest bolt action. Most shots in combat miss, most hits are poor hits and many x, there’s more than one attacker

    • Daniel O'Brien

      Bill Randall however someone can easily kill you from a few kilometres away using an AWP or an m2000 cheytac intervention sniper rifle, both of these firing methods are suited to different situations

  • Ray C

    If you study  economics.. SHTF is close. Better prep now while you can

    • Rumple Stiltskin

      He means 070, that our economy is about to fall through to hell and when it does there will be people begging at your door, and some who want to smash down your door to get food. The real issues with our economy, is far more complex that we have the space to go into it here.

      You are not going to learn those issue by sitting at your computer for an hour or so in the evening unless you are very diligent and know where to search. I read the news from multiple sites every day and spend a minimum of 4 hours a day keeping track of just what is happening around our globe, from economics to political intrigue.

      For instance; China has set up its own Gold exchange SGE and will start to set their own prices for gold instead of waiting for London to do so at 10:30 and 3 p.m London time. China has accumulated so much gold that the considered opinion is they are going to back their currency with Gold, which America does not. This is going cause a systemic problem for the price of gold in America, and our own currency which has no backing by anything but trust. Trust is not much of a bargaining chip when you have a piece of paper that has lost 98% of its value since 1913. Nixon took us off the Gold standard in August 1971 to benefit the banking cartels, and it has gone down hill every since.

      There you go, as that is a very small percentage of the knowledge you need to know to prep your financial foundation into something resembling a well thought out position to secure your family’s future.

    • Ray C

      +dinotje070 Also if you look up “monetary base” on Google you’ll see that the amount of dollar in circulation has quadruped. Major inflation is on it way. 

    • loganatorgaming

      it isn’t close it’s about to happen any second 🙁

    • dinotje070

      Oh damn :l Thnx for your replies guys!

    • anythingnew

      I doubt it will end because Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 6, and Resident Evil 3 remake are not here yet.

  • Bryan JR

    sks or mosin? I ask from the perspective of a Canadian who can get a tula or izhevsk sks for about $220 and a mosin for $190

  • lee Radio

    Always carry a revolver, ak47 for CQB, and 308win bolt for sniping. Forsake the rest, that’s all…

  • Jim Kunkle

    I love my Khar! Highly recommend!

  • Todd Haverman

    Where did this guy learn to shoot a pump shotgun?

  • Eric Thompson

    I had a Rossi M88 and loved that little revolver. Wish I never sold it.

  • Travis Hicks

    where did you get your mosin nagant

  • Marcel arcsh

    wow someone likes the garbage rod

  • Joseph Roberts

    A mosin nagant? Get out of here.

  • Ken Johnson

    You need to make that 4 guns…… add a Ruger 10-22

  • MoparJon

    Agreed with everthing you said except hi-point that’s a shitty handgun.

  • Throttle

    Did you really just praise a Hi Point? That’s cool. Nothing you say matters anymore.

  • axlplayer14

    You can get a whole lot with a cheap shotgun. My maverick 88 runs great and I’ve never had a problem with it. $179 new.

  • Brian Blessinger

    hi point,the best hand ever made.

  • Jerad Weeks

    Where’d you get your Mosin from?

  • Robert Barbour

    I got a 12 & 20 & 410 gauge single shots with adapters as my survival hunting guns.
    I got a Taurus Judge as my conceal survival gun.
    I got a couple of 9mm pistols for concealed carry.
    I got a couple of 22lr pistols for critter getters.
    I got a 22lr Charger for small game hunting.
    I got a Stevens 12gauge pump for home defense.
    I got about 3 more guns.
    But what it boils down to is all my guns is common man guns.
    I got a Henry Goldenboy 22lr rifle because I just wanted a Henry.
    All my gun was less than $500.00 each.

  • Johnny Fuller

    my first fiearm was a FN380, and a hi . point C9mm and the 22 long rifle .

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